Spirit Said and It had happened

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Spirit Said and It had Happened - A small true story surrounding the event of taking a lightning to save the life of another experienced, and written by:

by Casey Heinzism "DNatureofDTrain"

It happened on September 29th 2002.
On the morning of September 29th. I awoke at 3:00 am. I had this feeling something important was gonna happen. So I closed my eyes and asked to know what it was.
I then opened my eyes and looked at my TV. It appeared as if it glowed. Then I glanced outside and saw a cloud in the distance, and I heard a feminine voice through my clairaudience.
She Stated, "Go upstairs and wake your parents. Make sure everyone is in bed. Your house is gonna get hit by lightning again."
At first, I sat there and wondered if my mind was not making it up. I looked at the storm cloud in the distance, and new I should get up to at least shut down my mothers computer. Then I found myself unplugging things around the house as well.
I got to bottom of the stairs, and then was arguing with myself... I have always had a fear of lightning.. So I did not want to go up them stairs. But I knew I had to.. and if something did happen.. I knew I would not be able to live with the guilt of not listening to my Spirit friends or guides.
I proceeded cautiously up the stairs.. and tip toed quickly passed the upstairs bathroom.. remembering the last time the house was hit by lightning. I was in the room below it.. then and remembered the awesome fireball that came out of the corner of the ceiling as well as a book falling open.. to a page about the Call to Shamanism... And remember out of all the responses in the world.. my first response was, "Am I dead yet?" stated in humor.
I then proceeded upstairs into my parents room. I looked outside just as the storm was coming in. Did not want to wake my parents as I figured they probably would think I was just being scared again. (I use to wake them all the time as a child or coming leaping into the bed.. always had a fear of lightning.)
I then heard Spirits voice tell me, "Go downstairs Now!" I quickly walked out the room. Passed my little brother's room.. and saw their door close. .. I thought to myself,"unhuh.. they the little sneaks are sneaking" and then giggled.
I walked towards the top of the stairs. Then had a feeling to close the bathroom door... Just after I closed the door. I saw lightning traveling on what I though was roof (turn out to be the metal plant holder on the window sill.), and then it stopped. I shouted at the top of my lungs, "The House was hit by lightning again." Figuring it was done with. Then I started to one step down the stairs. Saw one flash out the window on my back.. not sure if I was curious of what.. but I think after asking a question, "Is this my call to Shamanism?" ..
saying.. no I can not be that lucky.. found myself reflexively.. dancing sideways up 8 stairs to what sounded like spirit drums... and to the stop stairs felt tingles on my feet... although looking out the window I saw nothing... But I suddenly felt my hair raising on end.
I knew immediately that the lightning was hitting, so I jumped into the air.. Attempting to jump backwards down the stairs....
Instantly a Bright flash went a towards me.. my entire body went numb, I saw a blue streak, and it felt like a giant magnet was pulling me forward by the chest. I heard the thunder go from a high pitched eeee... down to that lower rumble in and instant... also with a sound like shattering glass...
Then the bright flash had turned into a sparkly.. pattern as it was so bright on my eyes.. and It felt like I was literally flying backwards into oblivion. With the image of black sparkles and falling backwards and downward feeling... until it appears like I was flying backwards through the universe...
I saw what looked liked stars a bright cloud.. and then what I later learned they call the Pleides star formation.. at the tail end of the cloud I saw another bright flash I knew I was in heaven had my spiritual eyes open for one second then closed them.. and heard the words "Welcome home" .. and I said home? I don't want to be home yet.. this is nice and all but I have to live still. Please, let me live to do Spirit work, and railroad work.. as I then was also worried about how my biological sister would handled my death.. and said.. thought if I do not get to live I hope someone comforts her and helps her.. but before the thought finished...
I felt someone catch me, and I was able to see wing like things... and Sandals. It was my guardian Angels. They caught me and I landed on my feet at the bottom of the stairs. (As when I leaped down the stairs I did a backwards no handed flip)
Either due to the excitement or due to being possibly hit by that lighting. I was literally babbling like and idiot loudly and uncontrollably for 30 minutes according to some of my siblings. (I later find out this is a symptom of lightning strike)
My mother came running down the stairs asking was wrong. I could not talk and was getting mad. Finally. My speech returned and the first thing that came out of my mouth was, "Spir.. Spir... Spirit Said, to go upstairs and wake you as the house was gonna get hit again, and I was suppose to make sure everyone was in bed" My moms response was, "Oh Come on now". Then I told her, "It Did Hit!, It Did!" (I was upset not only cause that was the first words my mouth could make but I squealed them like porky pig in a frying pan..) she did not believe me at first. Then she asked Did you see the big fireball?! .. Between being frustrated and hurting.. and not being
believed.. I cried out loud!. "Yes, Moooom!".
She Told me to go back to bed... And then went upstairs. I knew she had not believed me. (She till this day does not.)
By then it was 4 in the morning.. and I could not sleep. I was burning up skin was blood red.. I did not care if it was still storming I was frying hot and stood in the ice cold shower for 30 minutes.... then got redressed.. as I poked my fingers through the little holes in my shirt and pants wondering where the hell those came from all of sudden... I could not sit still I hurt and paced the house, and Drank tons of water.. as well as tried eating something to get that metal taste out of my mouth.
I finally calmed down and was able to lay on the couch... So I tried to sleep.. but just ended up laying there staring at the ceiling or walls..
I suddenly heard my Dad and brothers come down the stairs. Then heard my brothers asking Dad if they had nightmares.. or if I was hit by lightning last night. They both claimed they dreamt I was hit. But both were silly dreams in description. (About my doing some funny raindances in front of them, and they describing me shaking my booty at the clouds.. going nananana.. they had me laughing listening to them.. as they knew I'd never dance like that.. but were disapointed like most of the world for not being able to watch my entire raincalling process.. Spirits forbid it.. )
One of them noticed me on the couch and ran into the room, and asked me what had happened, as they never heard me cry out or act the way I did.
I told them, "Spirit told me to go upstairs and wake my parents, because your house is gonna get hit by lightning again." Then when I went into there room was told to "go downstairs now"
My little brothers eyes got really Big, and he asked, "That Was You?" "I thought it mom!. I thought she was on her way to the bathroom so I waited. Then I heard you yelling and stuff!"
Then he had a ghost white look and his face,..throw himself at my feet crying hugging my legs.. and thanked me for listening and doing what I did. Never, in my entire life did I meet such a face full of gratitude as I had from this child..
I am glad I listened to Spirit that morning. But I am saddened at myself. As at first I felt hurt and betrayed as I felt they put me in
that position of feeling like I was hit by lightning on purpose. But now I know that they were giving me a gift of experiencing the energy of a storm, as well as gift of saving the life of my little foster brother. (Who did return to his parents weeks later, and from what I last hear was doing great in sports and school, and really going somewhere in life.)
I had many experiences I can share. I am still a beginner but what has happened so far is awesome. I also believe I was hit that night. As of year 2003 When I had an x-ray for a shoulder injury, it was verified I was struck by lightning 6 different times. Below included is photos of the lightning damage:
Close dmage in the woodwork of the doorway and window, and yes some of that is age rotting and not lightning strike related.


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