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Articles shared on: September, 1st, 2015

General News

"I always have been a big fan of Koch Foods Little stuffed Chickens, but after I heard they were funding Scott Walker and some other hideous candidates I asked my family not to buy them for me.. This is good news.. if they are not funding hideous candidated and projects anymore I might resume.. enjoying my beloved little chickens." - DNatureofDTrain

Cutting Losses Koch Brothers to sell Scott Walker...


"Many types of music and sounds have healing properties. I particular like the whirling dirvish dances to quite a few health benefits in that as well." - DNatureofDTrain

In Turkey, Sufi music is used to decrease patient stress...


"This dude cat two cat fishes.. no really.. to cats.. poor things hopefully they found good homes for them." - DNatureofDTrain

A Fisherman Brought In The Catch Of A Lifetime, But It Didn’t Stop There… OMG!...


"I am pro choice, and this does not mean I am pro abortion. I prefer one to adopt instead of abort, but I also know that not every mother in every case is able to carry a child, give birth and give it up for adoption. I am also not to thrilled about the foster care and adoption systems... I however feel that G-d does not condemn most mothers for seeking an abortion. As people used to get mad at me for putting it this way.. but the female body loses menstrates once a month and loses and unfertilized egg, and men lose their sperm quite often as well.. Just because they are not joined together as one... Does not make the loss any less of a loss. When I first found out about this.. I was traumatised thinking the body does abortions all the time.. and that is quite horrible.. but as i grew older I realised it is natures way of dealing with population and just refertilizing not only our bodies but the land around us. But, as far as abortions done on a regular basis for birth control.. I disagree with that, I am also against forced abortions, and I am against forcing mothers to carry children as well. I firmly believe a woman should have full control over their own reproductive rights, without anyone else interfearing, and before someone procreates with that women, they should find out the details on what will happen if they are pregnant so they do not get all upset their wife aborted their child, as a father.. although I would hope the women would also keep this in mind to as the child is both of theirs... As a Heinzist I believe this decision is left up to the woman's free will, and I would rather have abortion clinics then babies found in trash cans, and women killing themselves with coat hangers attempting to abort.. I wish the world was all rose colored good, and every baby could be born to a good mother and family.. but it is not. So I have to look at this in a realistic way that involves all types of people and what a person can both mentally and physically handle. People who seek abortions suffer enough, without other people and the church harassing them for it." - DNatureofDTrain

Pope Francis: Priests Can Forgive Abortion If Women Are 'Contrite'..


"I don't know about you all but the mainstream media irritates me, by not covering all the candidates equally.. I want to see more Bernie coverage.. " - DNatureofDTrain

Bernie Sanders: ‘Environmentalists Deserve A Debate’..


"lol, I totally love the creativity here" - DNatureofDTrain

These mustached Canadians decided to treat older shelter cats like used cars...


"This wall thing is total nonsense, and I don't know about you, but I plan on voting for someone who will uphold our constitution, not something who wants to take away citizen's birth rights, and waste our money on an uneeded wall" - DNatureofDTrain

Nation with crumbling bridges and infrastructure excited to build giant wall...


Railroad News

"This came up in my facebook news feed" - DNatureofDTrain

Three of the Nickel Plate’s classy Berkshire locomotives sit out their final days at Bellevue yard before their inevitable dates with the cutting torches. James Lennon photo. Barry Lennon collection....


McCormick Stillman Railroad Park resumes fall hours
Scottsdale Independent
The park will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Train and carousel rides, and Hartley's General Store operate during these hours. ...


Polar Express Christmas train part of expanded rail plan
Memphis Commercial Appeal
A national operator of short-line railroads and rail excursions is promising short-term magic and long-term results to communities up and down the old .....


Looking At Montclair's Railroad Gates: Patch Exclusive
In April of 2013, the engineer from NJ Transit train #530 reported that “the gates here at Glen Ridge Avenue keep going up and down even though I ... ...


Railroad oil tank discussion put on hold again
Glens Falls Post-Star
Opponents of a proposal to store out-of-service railroad oil tank cars on a little-used stretch of local train tracks showed up at a Warren County Board of ... ..


Virtual Press Office
Railroad trespassing survivor tells story of life-changing accident in Norfolk Southern video MarketWatch
The train severed both of Kalina's legs and most of one pinky finger. ... Twinsburg, Ohio, resident has dedicated himself to promoting railroad safety. ...


Police identify Dubuquer stuck, killed by train
Dubuque Telegraph Herald
Police identify Dubuquer stuck, killed by train ... police press release Monday said railroad employees called police to report a person struck by a train. ...


Railroad News

"Stopped trains cut entire towns in half, sometimes, multiple towns.." - DNatureofDTrain

KWQC-TV6 Stopped trains cause economic and safety concerns in Clinton KWQC-TV6 There might have been anywhere estimated between 5-6,000 people on this side of the railroad tracks and the train was stopped for over an hour.”.


"approved it" - DNatureofDTrain

Construction on Orangeburg railroad safety plan could begin next year if approved WIS "Of course with the railroad issues and the number of train and vehicle collisions that we've seen, it's an issue that we're proud to be able to address ...


Train company in favor of closing Buechel railroad crossing WAVE 3 LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A train company wants to close a railroad crossing where two people were injured when hit by a train a month ago and ... ..


Talking Transportation: Railroad History Repeats Itself Westport Now Train crashes, passenger deaths, grade-crossing accidents, derailments. These are not just the recent history of Metro-North, but events dating back ...


"I do not want to see railroads come to halt, but I do want to see safety improved.. but I am not convinced PTC is a workable safety solution" - DNatureofDTrain

Law could bring railroads to a halt in January Bristol Press In 2008, Congress passed legislation requiring passenger and freight railroads to implement a technology called positive train control, which keeps ...


CBS Local Man Struck, Killed By Amtrak Train In Tacoma CBS Local Man Struck, Killed By Amtrak Train In Tacoma ... Santa Fe railroad spokesman says a man was struck and killed by an Amtrak train in Tacoma.


Washington Township Railroad Fair celebrates 15th year Tri City Voice Travel back in time to the days when railroad tracks crisscrossed the ... and the Antelope Western, an 1889 steam porter engine, to power train rides.


Train Turntable Installed in Bryson City WLOS Visitors can take a train from Bryson City to the Dillsboro restoration shop this Saturday as part of the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad's RailFest going ...


Waseca Mayor Talks Railroad Crossings and Stopped Traffic KEYC There's a train.' And you are told you have to accommodate for that. Well..." When a train comes through there are few to no options to get around it in ... ...


Minneapolis Star Tribune Al Frankin, Tammy Baldwin: Avoiding an oil train explosion shouldn't be a matter of luck Minneapolis Star Tribune While the quick growth in oil trains has meant higher profits for the large railroads and skyrocketing tax revenue for the state of North Dakota, it also ... ...


BNSF feels heat of wildfires in northwestern Montana Progressive Rail Roading 31 service advisory that the railroad's main track though the area was open, but ... Each BNSF train can deliver three 20-person crews to the fire line, ... ...


Vintage Train Cars Come to Denver With an Old-School Menu on Board Westword To make the fare as historically accurate as possible, the Illinois Central Railroad, which owns the Pullman trains, hired historian and railroad menu ... ...


International Business Times UK Poland: What secrets could be buried in the Nazi 'gold train'? International Business Times UK The legend of the Nazi gold train has intrigued Poles for decades. ... in an abandoned mountain railroad tunnel – but historians say it never existed. ...


Legal Examiner Railroad Accidents Up, Despite Industry Claims Legal Examiner The tragic derailment of an Amtrak train makes five train accidents so far this year. The Association of American Railroads has boasted that 2014 was ... ...


St. Matthews train 'quiet zone' work to begin
The Courier-Journal
Work is expected to begin Sept. 8 to create a long-awaited "quiet zone" without train horns blasting at the Washburn Avenue CSX railroad crossing in ... ...


Fuel-Efficient Trains to Reduce Breakdowns, Delays
Government Technology
(MCT) --To overcome a surge in locomotive breakdowns that delay passengers, the Metrolink commuter railroad plans to spend about $200 million for ... ...


Battery Operated Pioneer Early American Railroad Train Set New Bright craigslist
Battery Operated Pioneer Early American Railroad Train Set New Bright 18' Track. Original Box. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers. ...


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