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Railroad News

August 29, 2015

The Times
Family Fun: Railroad museum's "Great Train Robbery" The Times
Saturday-Sunday: The historical past of Colorado is inextricable from the historical past of railroads, and Golden's Colorado Railroad Museum ... ...


August 29, 2015

Merchants, MacArthur railroad bridges should be top investment priorities, report says STLtoday.com
The Merchants and MacArthur railroad bridges are the top investment priorities ... It's a double-track bridge but is restricted to one train on it at a time, ... ...


August 29, 2015

Preston woman hits train in DUI crash
The Herald Journal
Johnson failed to stop as she approached the train and ran into the side of ... and moderate damage to the train and a nearby railroad crossing light. ...


August 29, 2015

Arizona Daily Sun
35. The Historic Train Station
Arizona Daily Sun
That a train depot sits at the heart of Flagstaff's center is not coincidental. Flagstaff's history has deep ties to the railroad development and the town ... ...


August 29, 2015

Manteca Bulletin
High speed rail crossroads
Manteca Bulletin
ufollowing Union Pacific Railroad's existing corridor through Manteca. Typically in urban areas high speed planners are calling for putting the trains in ... ...


August 29, 2015

Railroad crossing fray goes to judge
Arkansas Online
Attorneys for the city and the railroad argued Friday before U.S. District Judge ... Jones said the trains blew their horns because of the crossing. ...


August 30, 2015

First lady honors Colebrookdale Railroad Preservation Trust Reading Eagle
The Colebrookdale Railroad, nicknamed the "Secret Valley Line," first ran the 9 miles between the two boroughs in 1869. The train winds its way along ... ...


August 30, 2015

"Strasburg holds a special place in my heart.
When I was 17 years old I went on a trip to the Amish Community in Lancaster, PN and was in pure shock when one Amish Gentleman approached me calling me by full name prior to adoption asking for my sister, mother, and making sure my father was not there.. If that was not shocking enough. I was asked.. "What are you doing with all of these English people? Haven't you been on the cherokee or Lakota rez with your mother? This is when I learned my biological father was born Amish but left, and although I am raised by non - Amish and did not join the church I am consider Rumspringa or running around stage.. The Amish still see me as Amish but because of my mixed heritage I am seen as Amish Indian.. That was one of the biggest shocks in my life. They call what I call my Heinzism, Amish Indian, so I found that all fascinating, and Strasburg railroad many Amish do ride this railroad on a daily basis.. so I feel this little railroad is intertwined in my little web of crazy unbelievable family history" - DNatureofDTrain" ... ...

Railroad buffs make tracks to Strasburg Pocono Record
The conductor still points out the turkey farm the train steams past and ... Three train museums sprang up within a mile of the Strasburg Railroad, two ... ...


August 29, 2015

"There once was a criminal running from the police and the little train said Got choo and caught em." - DNatureofDTrain

Police chase ends with train hitting car in Jackson County, Ala.
Chattanooga Times Free Press
Police chase ends with train hitting car in Jackson County, Ala. ... The vehicle in pursuit then lost control and became stuck on railroad tracks, the ... ...


August 29, 2015

Amtrak train hits moving van in San Diego Uncover Michigan
Officials said the van was on the railroad tracks as the train approached and the collision occurred. Natalie Fernbaugh, a passenger on the Los ... ...


August 29, 2015

Rare chimera redwood tree thrives in Cotati Santa Rosa Press Democrat
... it was transplanted to a field further away from SMART train railroad tracks, near the Cotati Train Depot in Cotati, California, on August 28, 2015. ...


Casey Jones TMNT

August 29, 2015

Stephen Amell: 'I lost 10 pounds' filming 'Ninja Turtles' fight scene Chicago Tribune
Amell plays hockey mask-wearing vigilante Casey Jones, one of a handful of characters joining the franchise along with villains Bebop, Rocksteady ... ...


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