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Articles shared on: 1/18/2015

"I never could stand playing with Barbies but I did enjoy building characters to my toy trains as a child" - DNatureofDTrain

Why Johnny Depp loves to play with Barbies..


"oh lordy, lol at the end"- DNatureofDTrain

Daredevil 'Hangs Out' 400 Feet Above Utah Desert ...


"I notice many times people do not like their best traits about themselves, one of my best ones is being unique but sometimes it feels like pure torture as I really do not fit in anywhere no matter how hard I try.." - DNatureofDTrain

People Confess Their Deepest Insecurities to a Secret Two-Way Mirror...


"as long as the horsemen are doing it right to not injure the horses I think it is neat."

'Luminarias' -- a fiery tradition...


"Also think of any places that need business badly and partner with them to place the homelsss there.. Low income is better than non income. But they also need to make sure their places are not so hard core strict ruled they do not want to be there either. He is right it is hard to sleep in beds, after you got used to sleeping on hard surfaces..for a couple years I choose to sleep in the woods or marsh in the day time.. Then found it interesting to adjust to an really comfortable ottoman chair.. Then had a crummy bed.. but riggered it to stop collasping and put a comfy giant thing on the matress with down feathers in it.. still hard to sleep on it..now I keep pushing my bed off my bed when I sleep lol. Got to used to the slanted bed that I am still climbing uphill in my sleep lol. I am to hurt to choose the floor lately though.. I chat nap at times in my office chair.. that works lol." - DNatureofDTrain

VIDEO: Utah Gives Homes To The Homeless As Arctic Temperatures Bring Suffering...


Brrrr-utal! The 10 costliest winter storms...


This is What Happens When You Decide To Create Your Own Food Security...

This is What Happens When You Decide To Create Your Own Food Security

Cargo Bikes Breaking Thru Everywhere, Even Department Stores In The UK...


Scientists Say Smelling Farts Prevents Cancer...


Jan 23, 2015

Weekly Market Wrap Up w. Hannah Bernard VNN (Jan 23, 2015) ...


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