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Articles shared on: 1/17/2015

14 January 2015

FBI 'foils IS-inspired plot to attack on US Capitol'...


"My condolences but some train enthusiasts saw this and was waiting to hear aboutt he Fugitive so found humor in that from.. The Big Train wreck in the movie called The fugitive. But this snow and ice is no laughing matter watch some other articles to after it.. this is crazy crap.. and Mother Nature is saying Don't blame me that is Jack Frost and Old Man Winter's doing.."- DNatureofDTrain

"Awesome, another steam being brought back"- DNatureofDTrain

924 begins to progress towards steam...


"Poor Thing.. Pagan Pentegram Paranoia.. Just like some who think train headlights is NWO symbols.. Fear is manifesting for these people False Evidence Appearing Real." - DNatureofDTrain

Christian mom alarmed that school bus tail lights form ‘pagan’ pentagram...


"Wow, these are awesome" - DNatureofDTrain

These Put Your Wedding Photos to Shame...


"The art of snow sculpture is pretty neat, I thought my animal footprint imitations as a child was fun. used to do giant bird foot print imitations. These put those to shame lol. " - DNatureofDTrain

8 Unbelievably Beautiful Photos From The Harbin Ice and Snow Festival...


"Good doggies, and great bus line for allowing this." - DNatureofDTrain

Canine Commuter Raises Eyebrows on Seattle Bus...


"eek driver less cars, I thought remote control trains were bad.. scary scary world.. but on the other hand can you have one without a driver's licence, would help people like me who do not drive do to health issues.." - DNatureofDTrain

Google unveils first real prototype of its self-driving car ...


"Good Samartian says.'' I only ran over about a half a dozen packages already.'' lol." - DNatureofDTrain

Good Samaritan helps save holidays, as FedEx truck drops packages on highway...


"Yay, Robin Williams deserved it!" - DNatureofDTrain

Can This Kickstarter Project Make You Love Your iOS Keyboard Again? Google Releases Top Search Trends of 2014...


"More heroes! - DNatureofDTrain."

Four Children Saved From Exploding Car By Good Samaritans...



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