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I apologise to my readers..Discontinuing.. News sharing on this blog


I apologies to my readers, but since copywrite about sharing news articles are getting so strict. I am just going to discontinue this news blog, there will be no more archives.. unless I share about a psychic prediction unless I share specific aricles. This news sharing blog is going to shift into sharing my own writings and stories, links to my own centent, and sharing advertising of my store products, items, ebooks and songs.. I do not have time to play with contact each individual website to see if I have permission to share each individual article so this blog will be linked to the news.dnatureofdtrain.com page, and the page itself will have automated rss feeds to the railroad news, medical news other categories I normally would be sharing here. But I will no longer contain a archive of previous shared links. I'm sorry.. This upsets and depressed me... but nothing we can do to change how they are interpreting and carrying on these laws. They really are killing freed of sharing, choice, and free speech on the web. This blog will be updated soon to the new content if you do not like it I apologize and you can unsubscribe and I will be sorry to see you go. - DNatureofDTrain

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