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I am sorry for not updating this as well lately... i been busy with some new old projects..

I have decided to revive the discussion area on my webpage.


and http://wall.dnatureoofdtrain.com

And I also found on archives.org our old news blog archives as many had been requestion access to this, and I have not had time to go through and recode things: http://web.archive.org/web/20130707112340/http://dnatureofdtrain.zzn.com/zlog/writeblog.asp?UserID=12556330&Cat_ID=105768&Archives=2012-5

But, now we have an issue of Associated Press is starting to get a little rude about who posts news snippets, and who posts links to their material and content. I still want share news.. of course.. But we need to make sure we find sourcest that want their content to be read and saved not sources that get made if we increase their readership and views or keep little clippings in our own nostalgia railfan scrapbooks.

So if anyone knows good sources for us to do this.. Feel free to share so I can keep providing good readable information and also continue to respect copywrites laws.

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