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I apologise to my readers again, We have had thunderstorms, I been sick and busy, and I had just brought some new .coms so I have to work on updating my site too. It is taking me some time to get around it but the blog section is next on the update list.
My New Domain names are:




So I have been busy with those projects, as well as trying to keep up with my other ework.

I happily purchased my domain names At Name Cheap, with some Bitcoins I had: http://www.namecheap.com/?aff=53883

I so far am satisfied with their service.

So here is some of todays news not all of it. The Blog sections here will be for the most current news, and as I archive it will be archived on my site.
- DNatureofDTrain

Baby boy born on Washington metro platform...


Lawyer: Snowden has a place to live in Russia...


AP Interview: USPS takes photos of all mail...


Russia gives Snowden asylum, Obama-Putin summit in doubt...


Visually impaired photographer shoots severe storms up close -Link is missing from the archives.. sorry

The Penny: On the Outs or Here to Stay?...


Spain Train Crash articles:

Spanish train driver can't explain why he crashed...


Spain: driver received 3 signals to slow down...


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