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2/3/2013 3:44:00 AM

Oh Look.. .. I refused to apply to this company awhile ago... I had no idea all this was going on though... and again I been so busy with ework and self improvement mental work and my bad eyes I keep neglecting to update this blog... I will resume eventually the main issue is my allergy eyes.. not quite sure how I am gonna change the blog format when I put it onto my website but I will eventually... I am Desperate to earn money but not so desperate to run a foster home... I know I would fail at that.. But, I am good at my blogs and stories... My news sharing blog may eventually tone down how many railroad news and other news articles to share.. so I can focus on writing my ebooks and working on my story blogs... All my life I been mistreated abused and even considered to have a disability cause of my "bizarre stories" So... If anything I can do is life is share stories... and try to turn my failure into a success then that is what I am to do.. Disability my caboose! ::) ..I may have poor grammar and setence and paragraph structure.. But the I can couple to your train of thought and take you places you have never been to before.. and I will test the water to make a living off that and my songs.. I pray I succeed since I can not work on the railroad... and I do not see myself social enough to run a normal ministry.. and my tribe is a flopping project.. I can at least write about what I envisioned it would have been like...
- DNatureofDTrain.
Wisconsin Accuse Foster Care Agency of misappropriating funds....


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