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I am no longer on facebook, I am done.
"./c Facebook what you have done to me! You have done to yourselves. This Train don't stop here anymore! You promised I could have two accounts. Then you said I could not, then you promised to reactivate my other account, if I told you which one I wanted permanently deleted. You did not keep your promise. So since you have now interfered with my business and friendships with your lies. I am done with you and joining boycott lists. This Train don't stop here anymore! I will miss my friends and family.. But I am not putting up with social networks that do not CARE about their members who are making themselves rich with all their little ads. It is official, I am done with facebook unless they restore my Casey Heinzism account. Otherwise from this point on "DNatureofDTrain Casey Jones Heinzism" is not pulling into the station and stopping here anymore. I hope and pray all my friends family and fans have a good and blessed journey in life. It's time I move on. I will miss you! Hopefully we will connect elsewhere, or facebook will reconsider and actually take action to restore my other account. Until Then as this song sings.. I am not stopping here anymore. I am moving on - Dana Ludeking....


You can connected with me as DNatureofDTrain on Zurker.com and on twitter.com or caycejones on care2.com..

My facebook wall activity will resume on my own pages:
http://wall.dnatureofdtrain.com .
As well as on these blogs:

I am sorry I had to leave facebook, but I can not continue to support a service that refused to restore my account so I could at least get my material and archives off of it.

-My other Blogs which will replace my facebook activity as well.

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.. I still have not decided on a replacement for the Casey Jones fan page, if I am going to make a blog for that or just make a webpage with the shoutbox.. but for now that activity will be on my wall, and many times the archives of the shoutbox activity the best of them will make it to blog posts.

Until facebook restores my Casey Heinzism account, I am no longer doing business with them, and I am in an official boycott.
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- DNatureofDTrain ...

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