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Archived from dnatureofdtrain.wordpress.com posted: 2013/10/28


Casey Heinzism account has been hacked
Everyone who has my Casey Heinzism facebook account friended.. Please unfriend it and change your passwords immediately.

My Casey Heinzism facebook account was hacked and stolen last night. I used security lock so .. not I can not seem to unlock it
because when it tells me to identify friends its showing my friends I do not really know or its showing me images of Trains and
dogs, like I can identify my facebook friends on that. And Because Casey Heinzism is my writers pen name I can not really post
identifying documents to get it back at this time...

Also my namecheap.com has been stolen.. so I can not access my domain names dnatureofdtrain.com, mothernature.us.com, and heinzism.
com .. I have notified name cheap and hopefully they can help me get my domain names back.

I have also reported all this theft to the authorities. They also stole my yahoo and gmail but I managed to get them back.

- Casey Heinzism



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