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DNatureofDTrain's - My Lamb Dog Petey

DNatureofDTrains My Lamb dog Petey

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My Lamb dog Petey - a true story of growing up with a Lamb Dog (Old english sheepdog).

by Casey Heinzism "DNatureofDTrain"

I was watching TV. . I had turned it on to my favorite channel. Wisconsin Public Television was showing a special on Old English sheepdogs.

At only four years old I thought lamb and sheep were the same thing, so I called them lamb dogs. I saw the little lamb dogs running around. What caught my eye is how energetic the cute dogs were. I also saw their fluffy white and black fur. I fell in love with these dogs as I watched them play and listened to their sweet barks. I also liked to watch how they helped the shepherd herd sheep, and how they would protect their owners and the lambs they had to watch. I knew my fifth birthday was coming up and I had finally wanted something that wasn’t a train..... I darted into the kitchen, and ran right into mom, and tugged on her pants. She stumbled over me as she took the boiling potatoes off the burner and told me to step back. I could smell the boiling water and hear the crackling bubbles in the shiny gray pan. I could also smell the sweet aroma of homemade brownies. I tugged on her pants again, and said in a childish singsong way,

"Mummy!---Mumy, Mummy, Mumy! -- I want a lamb dog for my birfday."

I saw dad come slowly into the kitchen, so I darted to him and said,

" Dadoo---Dadoo, Dadoo, Daddoo! I want a lamb dog!" My dad replied in a calm tone,

"You want a dog, Hugh?"

I shook my head "yes" and smiled.

"What would you name your very own dog?" "I--uh--I’d name my lamb dog Petey!" I proclaimed happily. My parents were baffled; I could hear them asking each other what a lamb dog was.

Finally I grabbed their hands, and dragged them through dining room into the living room. (It felt like it was taking forever, to get my parents in there.) I lifted my hand and made it circle the screen of our old brown television. I said,

"A lamb dog, like TV!--- A lamb dog named Petey! --- I would much very like to have a lamb dog. Please?"

It was quiet; the only sound was the TV talking about how an English Sheepdog would make a good family pet. I heard mom ask dad,

"Are they good dogs for children?"

I looked at mom and shook my head


a couple of seconds after, the TV said,

" A Sheepdog is a great family pet, great at herding sheep, and makes a perfect dog for children even when they grow old." I laughed and said in a rising tone, "See." I asked again,

"Can we get a lamb dog?". My mom and dad looked at each other. They glanced at me and said,

"We’ll see."

Mom didn’t look like she wanted a dog but dad seemed excited about me wanting one. For the rest of the day I talked about how I wanted my very own lamb dog. I told my grandma and grandpa about the lamb dogs on TV.

I listened to my grandpa and dad talk as I stood around the corner and eavesdropped. (I think they always knew I was listening to them, because I could understand what they were talking about.)

My grandpa chuckled and said,

"I hear she wants a lamb dog, ha?"

I could picture my dad grinning as he said in a higher voice,

"Yap, she wants an English Sheepdog really bad!"

A couple of months later, my parents woke me up and mom said, "Come on Casey, We are going for a little ride." It was my fifth birthday so I asked, "What about my birfday party?" My parents assured me that I wouldn’t miss my party, so I got into the old red-brown station wagon and sat for a ride that seemed unbearably long. I tried to stay awake but fell asleep, and didn’t wake up until we arrived at a house in the middle of nowhere. It was a small house. As my parents and I walked up, I could hear a bunch of dogs barking, and howling. I tried to see them through the wooden fence as my parents dragged me to the front porch. My parents asked a lady,

"Is this the place with the sheepdog puppies?"

The lady opened a door and invited us in. The lady was tall and looked like my biological mother. ( That made me nervous.) Mom and dad told me,

"Follow the Lady, She has your first birthday present."

I thought it was strange because I had no idea who she was, as I followed her down the hallway to the top of the basement steps. She opened the door and I could just smell the wet puppy and dirty doggy smell. (I never smelt that before this.) I looked at dad and said,

"It stinks in here." He hushed me and told me to go. That dog smell was so strong, that it was hard for me to keep from plugging my nose. I was even more nervous as we entered the basement. I was thinking to myself, I hope my real dad isn’t here, and I was scared of that thought. I grabbed my foster dad’s hand and felt better as I had walked down slowly to the bottom of the stairs. I looked at the shaggy yellow carpet then at the brown walls. I noticed the lady walked over to a big brown box in the corner. I saw that she was holding baby lamb dogs. I could hear the sweet little whimpers, one had a high whimper, while the other one whimpered in different notes. I sat down and the lady put the puppies in my lap. One started to crawl away and whine, the other cuddled up to me, pawed at me softly and then licked my hand. I looked at her and said,


My parents asked me which one I liked. I answered fast and said,

"I like the cuddly one.-I like this one its cuddly."--- "How come eyes not open?"

Mom said, "Honey, they are still little babies, just like the newborns."

There was a pause as I smelt her nice fluffy soft fur. I never had felt something so soft. I kissed her and whispered very quietly in her ear,

"I’m Casey, -You called Petey-- I love you much very."--- "Someday I’ll sleep with you so you won’t be scared of ---the mare nights.---I love you. Yahweh loves you too. I love you Petey."

I knew she understood me because I could feel her little body quiver and, I spoke to her with my heart also.

"Mom?--mom, Can I keep her in my room tonight." I saw my parent’s smiles turn to frowns. Dad said calmly,

"No, she’s a baby still, she is too young to leave her mother. If we take her now, she will die."

I pouted and crossed my arms and said with a snappy tone, "OK".

I then knelt gave Petey a small hug and said,

"I love you, when you get bigger you can home and sleep with me." I watched as the lady put Petey back in the box. Just then a big lamb dog came in and sat by the lady and she said,

"This is Petey’s mommy."

I petted her and said, "I’ll take good care of Petey for you-- I’ll be her new mommy when she lives with me." I said, "Bye!-- My mommy is calling me!" I went with mom and dad up the stairs, and they reminded me to thank the lady, and so I did. On the way home my parents were telling me, "If you want her to be your very own your going to have to feed and water her and take good, care of her." I replied, "I will Oh!--- I will.!" In December dad and I started to build a little see through room for Petey. Below is a Photo of Petey in her Pen, hugging me.

Dad and my high school sister, T, told me that when Petey comes home I have to keep her in her little room until she gets bigger. T told me that, "Petey can’t sleep in bed with us because she might fall out of bed and hurt her legs." January came and I sat in the car for the long ride, to the stinky place. This time at the top of the steps I could hear a bunch of sweet barks and a puppy started to yelp, and bark. The lady looked around and Petey came running up the steps, right past the lady and looked at me. Her eyes looked funny, they looked pink, and her back was a darker gray. I couldn’t believe how much bigger she had grown. I started walking away and Petey started to follow me. I could hear the lady calling Petey as she was trying to put a leash on her. Petey made it difficult because she just kept on tugging towards me. I could feel the happy tears in my eyes. I said happily, "She knows who I am, she loves me." The Lady then said, "Petey can’t wait to go to her new home, and --- She knows you all right." I smiled and told the lady, "Thank You!" As my parents, my two older sisters walked, Petey and I out the door, everyone told me to hold onto Petey and not to let her go. We all got into the car Petey, crawled into my lap with the help of Sis, my older sister. She leaned her head on my chest and rubbed her cold black lips across my face as she turned her head from side-to-side. She just laid their with her head on my chest, and kept looking into my eyes. She would lick and then look, and when I had stopped petting her or I moved she would make these little squeaky whimpers. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her for a second. I whispered secrets to her all the way home. I also told her that I love her way past the clouds, the sun, moon, and stars. I also told her that I am happy that Yahweh put us together and let my mom and dad give her to me. Each day I would sit in the pen and play with Petey. Her favorite games were tug o war and jumpity- bump-bump. I kept my promise and use to sneak downstairs in the middle of the night and sleep in the pen with her. I got new foster brothers and sisters, but I couldn’t understand why people were so afraid of my kind dog. I couldn’t figure out why people were so afraid of my sweet Petey. (Later I found out that she could get a little over protective of me sometimes.) I understood that dog more than I ever understood anybody or thing else. Petey and I had our secret ways of communicating. I knew what she wanted and when she wanted it. It was as soon as the snow melted that Petey finally could come outside with me to play. Below is a Photo is Petey's first Howl, surprising me.

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