DNatureofDTrains Poetry and Stories

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DNatureofDTrain's Poetry and Stories (note: this page will be sorted soon and the other ebooks put on the other page this page will just have the DNatureofDTrain's Poetry and Stories content.

by Casey Heinzism "DNatureofDTrain"

The Last Night of Mr. Jones

The Meaning of Life

Runaway Train

Tracks Washed Out

The Delivered Flower


Silly Eeny Meeny

Hmm.. a storm

Silly Hey Diddle Diddle

Thanks Giving


Sand Crabs


Happiness Behind


Who Cares

The Doo Doo Bird

Mushy Dum Dumb

We Never Die or People Animals and Plants truthfully

She Says


Roly Poly Opposum

Lack of Discipline - not displayed

Rainy Day

If I could Ask

The Run

Amtrak Moon


Depression Chathost

Bad Timing

The Plan


Journey in hope

Railroad Spirit

Here Comes the Train

Life is Like An Express Train

People I do not Understand

Please do Not Say Goodbye

Road of Life

Sometimes Knowing

There is a Time

Writing of the Mind


Feeling the Fall

Flood of Emotions

My Fifth Grade Poetry

My New Poetry & Stories, are posted in the poetry board on this forum

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