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Casey Jones

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DNatureofDTrain's - Casey Jones and Casey Heinzism

Disclaimer:I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals and places, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties, occupations and places of residence. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Wisdom Teeth They really make an Impact -

by Casey Heinzism "DnatureofDTrain"

Wisdom Teeth They really make an Impact

Date: March 6th 2018

Aw man my tooth hurts...

I need to get this corn dog sliver out of my gum.. but until then I will just take Garlic to prevent an abscess...

Two days later.. good it feels better... my face is swollen a little... leans left a little massage tea tree oil water into the swollen part of

my face... not near the tooth in the skin on the outside of my face..


burn sting..


What the heck?... runs to the bathroom rinses mouth out..

looks in the mirror...

huge crack down the center of the tooth...

That ain't no corn dog stick sliver now....

Brushes teeth burns...

sees Crest Sensi Repair toothpaste..

opens that and tries that...

instant relief....

sits trying to wait until morning

... the pain getting worse then throbbing and stabbing...

..cries a little...asking

Caretaker's to take me to the hospital...

Hospital will not do anything call the dentist....

asks for an Aleve.

. as Garlic makes ibuprofen not work

.... is told here try this... You may have one, only one... shakes head no and pushes it away

.. then my hand is grabbed I then ran off fast...

...100 milligrams of Tramadol..

Grabs Aleve and goes upstairs asks spirits if

Tramadol is safe.. thinks..

...they said no,

I have a bad feeling about it so sets it aside...

I decides to ask a dentist... and later she said not to take that.

Before that I Called around trying to make an appointment the next afternoon....

beep - beep busy signal.. calls another relative gets a number to try gets in right away....

Moments later my other relative tried the previous number I got busy beeps at all day scheduled in for another relative.. I said really.. oh well...

And is happy to have an appointment at 4pm

.. hurrys up washes up gets into clean clothes in hopes to getting the broken tooth out or sealed immediately....

rides in the truck.. making jokes about how the land has changed

I have not left the house since June 2016 the day my DBA got notarized at the bank....

Then had to deal with my ride trying to talk me into getting on a gov support program again....

I rolled my eyes ignored it...

then said oh that building is finished now..

It's a Honda place!...

riding around Janesville, Wisconsin....

Looking curiously at the cars and trucks not recognizing any of the new styles since I been out last...

We pull in a parking place..

Snow still on the ground, and I step out in my red and black sandles.. only footwear that fits me....

Wiggle my toes look around...

I then do my trademark train walk to the sidewalk, and stop and look back at my ride and wave..

I smile and wave back... thankful for the ride...

And then walk a little on the sidewalk, stop my train walk, and think OK.

Act natural do the I be cool..

human walk ....

Before I turn I look up to about a dozen young boys jumping up and down at the window waving at me, seeming to do my spider song hand gestures.

So I smiled back at them did the hand gestures back smiled and waved at them.

As soon as I came inside they said,

"you here to sing the spider song with us?"

I said,

"No, sorry not today... One said oh no you got a tooth owie?

I said yes, I have to two tooth owies.. and I said,"They know my spider song? I said, "oh no a spider anh" and they went nuts with joy, and she said lets go play it in the playroom I said that is neat.

So they all ran to their play room to play and sing my spider song...

I then said,

"I am D. L.. Here for my appointment... They all looked at each other confused.."

I smiled.. I said,

"first time.. they said okay here is your paper work.." I said,"yeah paper work.. no one likes that.."

They laughed I filled most of it out but some wording confused me then my vision got blurry from mucous...

One said I think you do need glasses.. I said no I need to get my eyes to stop making mucous..

It goes from tiny and blurry to big and blurry.. gol darn sinuses they giggled...

Then I said,

"Here I am not sure what to put I am sure I am getting my tooth pulled but they had not looked at it yet.. "

They said,

"put in other"

then I said,"OK.."

Thinking I got it all I missed a couple more signatures... Not sure how

Then I was done...

Moment It was verified I was called back...

Thought it was strange the woman stood there and said I want you to walk really really raily fast from here and into the first room.. I knew by their smirks somehow they heard about my fast walking.

I said,"sure..."

And I showed off and went weeee! as I sharply turned into the room to the left and, jumped ran backwards and slid to stop.

I stood at the doorway.

She ran in laughed and said I thought you that sound. I said no it was stomp a slide and I wiggled my lanyard full of keys. And she yelled,

"Nope, just the brakes."

We then laughed...

I thought that wording was a little odd.

So then we discussed what I was there for.

I told her my tooth broke and I think it needs to be pulled.

I also mentioned other broken teeth I had for years that did not bother me but two of them were.

So I had my two teeth X-rayed then waited..

I thought I liked this newer tooth X-rays the old ones like biting oh phone cords were annoying,

These were better.

(reminded me of Track inspection equipment.)

I found it odd to be watching TV while waiting...

I seen flat screens before but it looked so strange and flatter on the wall of dental office by the tooth posters which I always enjoyed looking at more than the TV..

But some strange bizarreaardvarks show was on about felony hair that steals things..

So I laughed as I watched it then saw this strange fan sabotaging her favorite artists things hoping she would write more and better songs..

They were about to get away when she got set up..

I said man.. I do not mind crazy fans but I hope I do not have fans like that sabotaging things for me I got enough famous ills whys to do that for me...

I said ooh chase scene.. usually have trains...

The dentists people looked at each other worried and came in and turned it off a moment as we talked.. then turned it on mute.. As one said safe now... I was like... ok...

Then the dentist people came in..

Talking normal as he introduced himself.. and then he Talked like Ozzy Osbourne.. telling me about my teeth...

He then talked really fast and all I got was loop de loop...

I then said.. hey now, now... now.. Ozzman slow it down a little I got the first part but not the second....

I then paused and said, "oh my.. sorry if that is how you really talk.."

I am a big Ozzy fan and you sounded just like him...

.. him, her, and three others standing listening all broke out laughing their butts off as I stated,"I mean no disrespect..." ,, and then rambled more embarassing things.

I really love Ozzy, he's my Faaav. As I looked at them all who stated it in unison at the same time I did..

I said,


They said we know..

Then they clapped and said,

"yay, you got the impression!..

You got it fast too... you really are an Ozzy fan."

I said,

"how did you know?

They smiled...""

He then went on to say,

"Now why are you trying to keep those wisdom teeth, those girly girl teeth are nothing but trouble..

You should get rid of all those girly girls as soon as you can..

.. they are nothing but trouble..."

I at first laughed

.. and he resumed did you want to keep all those girly girl teeth for?

I was confused about why is this man calling my wisdom teeth girly girls?


He then said, "Well, You did not inherit stupid from your Grandpa did you.

You are a very very wise person."

I laugh and said..

Well, I did inherit Stupid, but Stupid was his cats name.

His arm pumped as he said,


and they all laughed...

I was scratching my head confused like.. How do you kno....

He said Missy, Missy listen here Missy we want you to get rid of them girly girl teeth...

I said are they that bad?..

are they really unsalvageable..?

He said,"yes the one is impacted..

...and other ones roots, are curved out really far upward and twisted around at least 3-5 times...upwards he was fearing major damage if I did not get rid of that one too..."

I said,

"okay.. lets go... lets yank em..."

He laughed his butt off so didn't the four woman....

He said, "Now Missy Missy

Mister Casey ...

Mister Casey Heinzism...

Mister Heinzism I know you! .. And

Mr. Casey ain't afraid of nothing....

It is so true what they say..!

Mr. Casey is afraid of nothing!..

'oh okay, lets do it.. let's yank em..' as he imitated me.

So casually said as they all laughed. "

I said,

"Aw you got me.. What gave me away my email?"

Then I heard happy squees.. and saw three women run off...

I said,

"Uh oh who let the helium out of them....?"

They laughed and said,

"Those are your fans.."

I said,

"I never heard people react to me like that before."

He said,

"You have no idea how many fans you have around here, or how many people you have helped do you?"

I said,

"I will never know these things.

I hear people talk about me all the time, but I thought that was just people saying that to me to be nice."

He said,

"No people all over this town and next towns do talk about you a lot..."

I said,

"I usually hide so I do not know how people are reacting or responding..

So we gonna pull the tooth?"

He said,

"I would gladly pull them right now but your one is impacted below the gum line, and your loopdeloop tooth would be better done by an oral surgeon...

As he has better tools...

I know your pain thing.. but I do not think you want this pain..

I responded,

"yeah.. I'd rather pass by that one.."

I want you to do your best and call around and try to get these two teeth out within two days...

I said if I can get in I will...

He joked said,

"Well you want to get in right away but you can wait until April 30th if you want.."

I said,

"heck no.. He said your Casey Jones day.. I looked at him curiously.."

and Said


He said told ya I am a fan...

He said one called this place and this is the soonest they could get in so I recommend this guy he is really good and has a lot in common with you.

He then said.. Trains... and smiled. I smiled back...

We talked a little more I thanked him, as he said I am big fan of yours again.

I said."thanks.."

He said,"You look confused to have fans.

I said I am...

I had not been to town since 2016...

I said I am used to the Mother Nature run treatment and people tiptoeing away from me."

He said,

"Mr. Casey promise me you will do your best to come out in public more?

Pleeease... "

I said,

"OK.. I promise.. He said all those little boys you saw today are fans of your spider song.."

I said,

"how do they know it."

He said,

"a customer was playing it for her son, and others heard it and we started to play it in our play room for the children, and It has to be at least the 3rd most requested song, many come in on their breaks to use the play room... and this one child had not smiled in years was so excited to see you.

I said aw that is cute.

I never imagined myself to sing children's songs..

.. but I do know they love it. I drive my parents nuts all the time sharing my songs with the children and teens.

They go nuts for that and stories.

We started to walk out I habitually followed the woman and she laughed..

I was told you would do that..

I said,"yeah sorry.."

She said go straight through the hallway, and then meet me at the desk so I can give you the referral sheet for the oral surgeon I said OK..

So I walked through the nice dark hallway not very long about 14 feet turned the handle and opened the door...

As soon as I looked up an extremely bright light flashed, as I heard someone say,


The flash of light flickered I closed the door turned around was dizzy... thinking

I was fine I then black out and the another bright flash came.. and I come out hearing Jones and Nature complaining out loud..

Jones stating,

"Gol darn good for nothing bastards, some help ..they are and they want to just steal my tooth.."

Mother Nature replying,

"Yeah my tooth I don't want to give up my tooth.."

I replied,

"My teeth you nima dimwits.. Jones yours is in your grave natures yours is in animals all over creations..go play with the weather or something...

Nature: hmmm beeza...

Nature, back to the woods...

Mother Nature says, "kaaaaaay"


"but they did not fix the issue with the tooth... I don't want to..."

Looks over realized the dialogue is out loud....

Jones, Nature.. your out and your in public..

Do you not know what public is?..

Ya know not at home... You are embarrassing me.. shut it...

Jones: Fix the tooth now...


Jones stop it.. or Ima fire you...or well at least suspend you....

Looks over people people mortified..

As they said please do not fire him....

Jones: said.. oh well... I am sorry oh .. oh awe .. ow kay then....

I then said sorry... My tooth pain and I guess that bright light combined got to my head I am sorry

.. I hope I did not scare any customers..

looked around the room was just us for a moment..

They looked around too I said how strange..

The one said they just walked out before you opened the door...

but it was really strange that truck sat there for a long time..

no one went in or left... then it turned on ultra bright lights on you .. then flickered them then drove off....

They said that is strange its like they were waiting there just to do that to you...

The one man said to me..

"Are we on track now? "

I said,

"Yes, thank you..

He said that website someone put up about you with the Casey stories said in the how to help you section if we see you struggling to say on track to see if that helps.

He said who put that up.

I said I did the

I said how did you find that?

He said I was searching for something else unrelated and it came up in the search so I was curious.

The other woman said that happened to me too a few days ago...

other one said me too..

....That is odd..

I said yes..

I said the Casey Jones topic alone does that and I landed in some groups at the odd times..

The one woman said so this obviously is true these stories...

I said yes it is..

We talked a moment about that...

I said sorry embarrassing my alts came out like that.

They said do not be embarrassed we got to see the truth of what you deal with from time to time.

Is Jones, and nature always like that..

I said they usually are pretty quiet but they do react to extreme stress...

They take turns and are out a lot without issues most do not notice it but I am sure since you read the story you probably noticed it more than others.

It says you are going to publish this into a book.

I said yes I am not sure if I am ending it here or adding in my psychic track record I might make that as the sequel..

They were so excited when I said it will be available on Amazon when I finished it.

I said I have some e books and two paperbacks there now just look up Casey Heinzism...

I said if the site goes down do not worry I have to log into once a month to keep it active I plan to keep it up as long as I can.

As I talked looking around for my ride...

Not seeing it...

I then gesture and say oh I see my ride's truck see you all later.

.. they said make another apointment first

I said its best I call so I can get things arranged for a ride... they said OK..

I then walk out thinking I am reaching for my ride's truck ...

I get five inches from the handle and look up...

I see this little boy yelling,


No Dad she want's in she really wants in now! .."

I hear a man on the phone replying, "no do not let her in."

I said,

"He is right do not let me in and I run away... saying sorry! .."

I then get to the sidewalk and I see this child bouncing all over the truck cab so excited like a ping pong setting off the car alarm.....

I laugh my caboose off and quickly walk back in...

I said I mistaked-mistaken this truck for my ride's and

I think I scared the crapola out of this lil boy..

He was so excited he bounced around the cab like a ping pong...

A man stood up.. and said, sorry my son...

You did not scare him...

He thinks you sing his favorite spider song.

I said does it go

like,"oh no a spider oh no a spider oh no a spider anh! as I noticed he held his phone at me as I sang it I heard a child yelling I told ya so dad I told ya so! .. and they both laughed.

He said he is a fan of most of my songs too but wanted to know if

I was in a gang..

I said no my group first year when I was 13 yrs old used the gang name meaning railroad track laying we had no idea how it would be taken but quickly changed the name to group.

I have two versions of the song up to remember my group members most died in Iraq and Afghanistan serving our country in army navy and marines...

I said we do not condone illegal activity.. hoping I am using that workd correctly... and we will never support it and doing such is against our group rules would be 30 day suspension...

We are to support each other, our group and values... and to give positive encouragement. It is like law enforcement, but in my tribe instead of enforcing laws we encourage good values and choices

... No illegal

activity allowed..

...unless it was

civil disobedience against racism or unfair discriminatory laws would be the only exception...

We encourage people to do What is right.. the right thing and good.

He smiled and said,


He said my son,

"Oh I do not have a lot of time he reached into his coat and said I'll pay you here."


I said for?

He said go to the window and wave and smile to my son as we pull out.

I said,

"I will"

He said,

"I can not find my wallet."

I said waves and smiles are free, but if you feel you need to pay me.. you can look up my books under my Casey Heinzism on amazon or buy my songs on reverbnation. Just look up the DNatureofDTrain word.

:) "

He went out and I stood in front of a the windows where a paper ad was just the right..

To show me almost neck up like my videos..

And I did the oh no a spider anh gestures waved and smiled did my fast spinning hand wheels..

Did a tutting box shape and heart and then I made heart beating gesture and threw it at them.

The Father and his boy cried happy Tears..

I then went back in, and saw they all had happy tears too.

I said wow that was awesome.

Dentist Man then said,

"Mr. Casey this is why you need to come out in public more, look at the happiness and all the smiles you bring."

"You can stop in here any time too, and visit the children or bring some in to our play room."

The woman said he was in a bad car accident and witnessed the death of his relative...

This child has not smiled in months...

To Look at his reaction to you today!

It was unreal!

I said it was really really raily awesome! ..

They repeated Raily awesome! ..

I then said sometimes...

Wisdom teeth...

They really make an unexpected impact! ...

They all laughed and I said See ya! did my Rails salute I closed fingers at first as they went awh you don't trust us that's okay I then shook the pinky and symbol ed Trust

.. I said you are all really fans hardly anyone catches that detail! .. :)

I saluted them.. and waved and walked off with my train walk stood at the door antsy finally spotted my ride by a faint glimpse of his shadow silhouette..

... and I train walked to the vehicle next to it then human walked as I turned and winked the waved got into the truck as

I could tell they were laughing.

My ride said what was that about all those children running to the window when you got out.

I said, they are my fans...

My ride was like nuh unh ..

I said yep.. my spider song fans,

and I sang the song as my ride was like not again ...

I thought to myself I just got told I am getting two wisdom teeth pulled and have to lose all four and I am coming out happy...

Happy from this dentist visit...

This is different.. I like this. :)

...Next day call for oral surgeon...

beep.. beep beep 5 hours later

beep the busy signal...

2 days later again... three days later

try a different one...

Soonest we can get you in is.. April 30th... at




oO(joins Jones and Nature in ranting..)

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