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Casey Jones And Casey Heinzism - Story

Casey Jones

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DNatureofDTrain's - Casey Jones and Casey Heinzism

Disclaimer:I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals and places, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties, occupations and places of residence. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

What engine?

by Casey Heinzism

One day I was on a trip. With my brother and a small group of friends, my brother, and one silly old man.

This group of 18 people and I enjoyed The Chicago Museum of Science.

We together toured the museum.

I was in total input, educational, heaven bliss.

I enjoyed the interactive exhibits all through the museum.

My brother and the silly old man then wanted to go look at the train displays with me.

The rest of the group returned to the 15 passenger van waiting for us.

It felt odd to me as it was the first time I been to a museum with trains and I was actually not interested in seeing the trains for once.

...But, I did not want to turn it down as I was not sure how long it would be before I saw trains again.

So we walked display to display reading the history of the trains, the cars, etc.

I stood for awhile staring at my personal favorite unit, the American type Class 4-4-0... I always liked this one...

It is the eight wheelers too and 10 wheelers..

Not sure why these particular old wood burning engines draw me.

The coal and any steam engine I tend to like really even non trains, like the old steam tractors.

Started off as any normal walk touring the trains reading their history in the displays, and I call it drooling..

Some get offended by that and they say foaming.. to me it is just as bad as drooling Laughs...

Then my brother and I branched off looking at them..

All of sudden I saw the silly old man point at one that did not have the do not climb on this engine tape around it like the others.

Said come on lets get in and play..

I thought Oh Lordy here we go again...

I thought oh no as I knew he was about to climb on it and mess around, and he had a history of accidentally releasing the brakes, and I reapplying them...

I saw him and my brother climb onto one engine...

I quickly climbed up after him with my Brother onto IC unit 201...

It felt like a very odd dejavu...

.. and I had not read history of it..

I normally climb up slowly and they jokingly call me granny grunt....

But this day it seemed so familiar I had climbed up fast with confidence, even found myself looking down and around as if I climbed this many times before.

They were surprised as I yelled do not touch anything until I get there.

I said to them you want to play around although we should NOT be on here at all.

You can touch all these but do not touch this one..

They were surprised as I yelled do not touch anything until I get there.

I said okay you can play with this and this, but do not pull this lever... they said OK. and played pretending to run the engine ...

So at first they listened, and Then the silly old man whispered to my brother get ready to run!...

I then saw him pull the lever and the engine rolled backwards a bit.

I am not sure how but by pure instinct I did at least three maybe four things to stop it from moving.

Then I slapped the back of their heads knocking their baseball caps to the ground stating, in a different male vocal tone.

Alright that is enough you clowns. .

Get out, Get out now.. Get off my train, Swat, Swat as I hit the backs of their head simultaneously until they climbed off then as they were climbing down..

Get off my engine before I lick yer g... da.. hides..

Get off it now... you gol darn chowderheads.. ya idiots...

As we climbed down I continued to rant ya morons!...

They replied,

"Do not worry",

"They always have those cement things by the wheels so they are not rolling anywhere...

There is no danger there is cement things by all their wheels so they will not roll far."

I said,

"bull... this engine was rolling..."

That is when my brother yelled, "Oh My God!..

No cement things!..

Look the cement things been moved from the wheels!..".

..and pointed how close it was from rolling off the track,, I said,

"See you idiots!..."

Then I said,

"lets go, the rest of the group was waiting in van to leave already..."

My brother then said,

"I wonder what engine you just saved!..."

My brother yelled,

"Wait! Don't you want to see what train you just saved?"

I said,

"No, lets get the hell outta here!..."

He ran to the museum display card and yelled,

"Oh my God! You will never believe this! You just saved Casey Jones's Train! .."

I yelled,

"What! That is not funny! ..".. My Brother said,

"maybe that is why his ghost is contacting you lately and making you act like him, he knew you would save his train! .."

The silly old man was laughing really, really, hard.. and I said,

"that is not funny.."

I looked back at the train and just had the creepiest of feeling, yet a strong familiarity with it...

Silly old man ran over there and said.. You have to come see this!...

They both pleaded for me to read the display on this train's history with them about it and had me read it out loud.

I was like um.. OK. You are right it was Casey's Train...

But .. this stuff keep happening to me?...

I then said all the more reason for me to swat your heads all the way to the van.

So I did I read it was engine 201 from Illinois Central Railroad, and it mentioned Casey Jones.. at the site of that

I grabbed them both made them knock heads and slapped the back of their heads making up fake news headlines..

as I smacked them all the way through the museum and out to the van, up to the doors.

2 clowns and rail fan trying to stop them wreck Casey's Train. Swat..

Rail fan beats up two clowns for ruining Casey Jones Train...

Three idiots cause pile up of historical train engines in Chicago...

As I swatted the back of their heads making their baseball caps fly off over and over all the way out to the van...

They were laughing their hinders off and all who saw it did too.

The group wanted to know what that was about.

I said they climbed aboard a train again.

The group all laughed. His wife replied,

"Not again."

I was peeved, and even more peeved..

that of all things it had to bring in the Train guy that seemed to be on everyone's lips around me as possibly being in a past life, which is why my psychic visions were so train focused, according to psychic reader my boyfriend had talked to...

To Be Continued..


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