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Casey Jones And Casey Heinzism - Story

Casey Jones

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DNatureofDTrain's - Casey Jones and Casey Heinzism

Disclaimer:I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals and places, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties, occupations and places of residence. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

The System

by Casey Heinzism

I have been diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder,

Post Traumatic Stress symptoms, and Dissociative identity disorder Traits..

In my case they stated traits and not the full blown syndrome, because I can control it, in ways many others can not. So it rarely causes conflict or disorder in my life.

For many until I point things out to them very rarely or notice this.

It is also rarely a disorder or an issue with my life, as long as I am allowed to express myself, and allow Jones, and my other alters an outlet.

Our most common outlet is in our music, writing, talking, jokes and humor.. and role playing.

Our so called disorder is nothing like the stereotypes people make it out to be most of the time.

However, in my case is unusual, as I switch alters unusually fast, and it is not to uncommon for me to have more than one alt out at a time interacting with other alters being fully aware of one another, each other, or what we are all doing at once, or only one being aware.

My old therapist and I agreed in most cases it was best to have it this way so that all of us internally understood what was going on and could step in to protect each other as needed.

When certain threats or dangers happen, one may push forward and push the others back for safety reasons as is common with DID in general, or others just may not choose to participate with us all in certain activity.

When we are all out together collaborating and cooperating together, this is called cohabitation or co consciousness.

One way we have agreed to get along well with each other is to follow the principles of Heinzism and the Heinzist tribe.

We are all technically different forms of a Heinzist. Jones is Catholic Heinzist.. Mother Nature is Pagan Heinzist.. etc..

Many also believe the only answer to DID is for one to have to full integration into one persona.

They tried to do this with me, and you always ended up with Mr. Jones, or Mother Nature.

I can not run around being Casey Jones or Mother Nature all hours of my life either.

So it is best to leave it as is.

We function better through cohabitation anyhow.

We are also all part of a system. DNatureofDTrain...

The name DNatureofDTrain itself is an very powerful integrated name to refer to us all as a whole.

Most of my alts see themselves as passengers riding a train with engineer Jones at the throttle, and conductor Dna, and C. Casey Heinzism...

Running through Mother Nature's territory, although not restricted to just here, and then the Charless in the subway underground of hell in his little demonic territory, of hell stories and basically items dealing with inner fear and shadow self.

Charless is the alter that writes the dark, and evil stories, twisted humor, and content.

He is the one interested in horror stories, and movies as well.

His outlets is exactly that, writing dark and evil stories...

and dark humor nothing more, other than the creepy freaky jokes.

This section however is just about Jones, I, and, spirit guardian learning along with us named Chaca.

Some of these will cross over with other personalities and other constructs at times...

This is a constant work in progress, and any and all pages shared on this are subject to removal, change, and or deletion unlike my other pages, that remain static and unchanged.

Jones and I prefer to see our self as one individual living one single long life...

This does not mean, that Jones and I can not and do not approach the world at times as separate distinct people, as we do like to keep our lives and histories correct to the correct time period.

Also there are times our personalities will separate to interact with each other as if separate to survive a trauma, or for one to protect the other.

...or just to debate and try to come to a compromise of different values, needs, wishes, or wants..

So many many factors played into how my system formed, and how I ended up to be who and what I am now.

DNatureofDTrain refers to my entire system and all in it.

My Human name that makes me feel integrated and whole is Casey Jones Heinzism.

Casey was my past life and present life nickname is bridges the gaps of both Jones is my past life last name and Heinzism is my current life religion, culture and spirituality I had founded it.

It is distinctly who I am. I have so many alters I can not cover them all here.

I react faster to one calling me Train or Casey than any other name.

I also own the Doing Business As name of Casey Heinzism.

So when I stated.

I am Casey Heinzism DNatureofDTrain you now see why this is very important to me, to hold and keep both names.

Going back into DNatureofDTrain system you find it in Mother Nature's Territory this is where all the nature and animal critters are, then the train with Mr. Jones and the passengers that all step up and have a say in where to go etc at times.

The railroad system in the entire system that connects to the physical railroad system strongly psychically bonding DNatureofDTrain system into the actual railroad.

This system can activate any and all existing past and present railroad technology within in from low speed teapot kettle units to high speed Mag Levs...

But Mr. Jones and them/us prefer a simple basic dark territory American type class 4-4-0 engine running through magnificent wilderness.

As the evil or dark alts live in a subway system underneath it symbolic of hell or the cave of lost souls.

This system has various hypnosis programs as well, to carry out specific functions.

382 mode is a certain level of void

Symbolic of Jones's train wreck. This when activated basically voids the system of thoughts, feelings, and emotions put it all into purely automated response

This can be turned on and off at will for Casey to handle his extreme pains.

This also can be done without the no thoughts, no feelings, no emotions to basically run him symbolically like a train.

"You are a train on the tracks..

Keeping moving"

But you must make sure when you use this that you always make sure after any no feelings orders.

You always state Feel the tracks like a train as not feeling the tracks shuts off a major source of function.

If he can not feel the tracks one must encourage him to Astrally Grab the Rails to re pull the energy into his connection. etc. If he is to week to directly grab the rails he will pull it through his connection wires.

ETS Exist to Suffer program.

This program has a couple purposes.

The main purpose of this is to drive steam, and drive hard functioning, and negative reinforcement for positive changes.

This program allows dark fantasies and experiences to be experienced through hypnosis, subliminals, all with the goal to sacrifice old self or behaviors and bring about a new change or motivate towards a new goal.

This program is usually ran by Charless, and self done.

But it does require some authorized workers and some outsiders to randomly throw some triggers.

I will not be discussing program and system triggers here for safety reasons.

Positive affirmations this is self explanatory.

The energy connection from Casey to the actual trains, and tracks has a dual purpose as well.

The main purpose is to increase physical strength when needed to do things normally impossible like in middle school when he alone pulled backwards and won tug of war against 14 guys twice as tall and big when a friend threw open his h track word to see if he could do it.

The other purpose is to channel it for energy healing and balancing.

Then like a normal railroad, the trains, the tracks, signals etc. have to be maintained as well.

Many Alters and other activities do this as well.

Then there is the Music system..

The system at times was having serious issues with pulling the energy correctly from the physical railroad lines into the internal system and this is very important or the system starts to shut down and everything weakens and separates.

So Music in the system is to naturally, to the speed and beat of the music draws the railroad energy into the system as well as into his body, but the down part is some music can really throw him for a jolt, and sometimes you will see him signal by touching or tapping his right ear as the energy surges strongly or as Jones is throwing the brakes to keep the train at a steady speed. If you see this happening a lot ask him if you can help, or encourage him to a quiet location to sit and rest.

Certain types of music also have a track repair effect on the system as well this can really stun them if not careful.

Casey Heinzism is symbolically crucified into the tracks, to symbolize the passion and dedication of the rails, as well as to make him always aware of being bound to the system.

He goes into major anxiety if he is not feeling the tracks.

This binding, at times, causes him to feel the sensations of a metal spike reacting to sound vibrations of other cues in his wrists and ankles.

You will notice him grab his wrists at times reminding himself. "On Track" To steady out the track energy.... or to self sooth.

There are Five Track energy points on his inner arms...

He has the same sensation on his ankles as well but of course it is easier for him to just cup his hands around his wrists at times.

He also maybe feeling the braces that steady the track binding.

The system symbolically has numerous control panels his authorized workers can access through post hypnotic triggers, or by symbolically doing gestures over them.

Do to this Casey usually do not want to be touched by anyone for any reason.

Some of this system was self done and designed some of it was added in by people that are still unknown.

It is illegal to throw any post hypnotic triggers on Casey Heinzism or DNatureofDTrain without Casey's consent unless it is commonly known as open system.

I will not be covering open or closed system triggers other than the reminder of one.

"On Track"

Which encourages and helps Casey to keep at a task and to keep going, as well as to remain balanced.

Track Words: Special words to trigger his track energy and channel.

H word used to throw open the energy channel and other commands with it can combine and switch up the current of the entire system.

This however should only be done with the guidance of Chaca involved so you do not over stress the system and Casey Heinzism's physical body.

T Word is used to shut down the train temporary for maintenance if said three times, never state more than three times, can slow the current down to much and lead to totally shutting it off.

Casey can counteract it, and he will if one is throwing these triggers and cues against his wishes.

If said once can immediately pull Casey Heinzism out of trance or hypnosis..

It is not to uncommon to hear him state the word as he crossed railroad tracks to prevent him from going into a track trance, as he calls it.

As the railroad crossings pull him into a trance and he sees railroad events past or present or other visions.

The T word once can also be used to pull the brakes on Track energy surges...

If others cross the tracks stating this special word they can resend the energy back to the tracks they naturally absorb..

So it used to be considered a good luck thing by many to state The t word while crossing the tracks.

Railroad crossings all increase Casey's manifestation abilities. So making a wish while crossing the tracks can manifest the wish.

So when Casey is not throwing the track words he is sometimes stating om money money come.. thank ye.

People all laugh at him.

Metallic sounds also ping the system within..

he can literally feel them in ways most can not.

When Casey relaxes his ETMS system kicks in automatically dancing to music in reaction to the energy flowing into him through the tracks

...if he tunes into this strong enough he will not be aware of his dancing and just automatically go.. has lead to some of his best dance shows..

When his energy is low, drained or the connection snapped and is not flowing right he must Grab the Rails and draw or is it like a form of energetic suffocation.

You can visually see in him if this is going on.

Listening to Train Songs, Train sounds, all is programmed to help force this energy to flow when he is struggling, a big source of this energy is from riding trains and crossing over and under the tracks themselves..

Train videos can help with this too.

He needs to make sure the track current he naturally draws always remains very strong, and very steady.

Like and Actual railroad system there is far to many other systems to mention here but these are the main ones that are noticeable.

Then you add in the psychic connections and other energies he works as well, it is a bit more complicated to describe.

One thing is for sure you can never turn off the Train and Track energy to this system it is kills the system as well as Casey Heinzism literally. Train And Tracks shut off to him = death.

So it is very important as well to be very careful about how you word things around him, with his railroad programming..

Casey may reply with things like. "ooh you said the d word! You never say this word to a train."... derailment...

You want to be an authorized worker of the system?

Sorry, all positions are closed for now.

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