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Casey Jones

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Disclaimer:I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals and places, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties, occupations and places of residence. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

The Men In Black -

by Casey Heinzism "DNatureofDTrain"

Written on September 25th, 2017

There was even a time when Jones, Mother Nature, and Chaca publicly talked on a regular basis..

This is what helped form the Peace Keeping Rails, as all were actively out taking turns in leading and suggesting.

... Although all of us did not always talk to each and all Rails members.

They did a lot of typing and writing usually.

We all would be still comfortable with this if it were not for the MIB, and what they did to us..

We have no idea who they are.. So we called them,

"The Men in Black"

Every year in the state of Wisconsin we have what is called State Testing week.

These men are allowed into our schools and can randomly take any of us out of class to do testing on us.

This is suppose to test us for our level of education where we are at. To make sure we are learning to state required standards.

So like any other child I was afraid of these testers. They often showed up dressed very formal in black suits, and administered the tests. Most was normal tests.

We were not suppose to discuss the testing with our peers until it was all over.

When it was all over.. I realized that my peers did not go through most of the tests I had.

They thought I was making it up, but one of them stated maybe I test higher than them and maybe they will have those other tests the following year.

Most of the tests did not bother or disturb me..

But one particular thing that they always did was when they had this really large spiral printed out on this thick cardboard, and they would make us focus on the line as we cut the scissor in the very centers of the line, and the tester would get mad at me and state, Stay on track! and smack my back if I did not focus on the center of that line as I cut it and they made me cut it very slowly very odd speed. My peers all got gently bumped they did not get hit like I did...I did not understand it at the time, but I know as an adult they were training me to go under hypnosis, as they stated things to me.

It was after this test things seemed to fade and I often did not remember what happened next.

Most of my peers that talked about this cutting thing all explained they had smaller circles and they just timed how fast they cut them and encouraged to stay on the line... and they could all remember what the next tests were.

I had that one too but I did not understand why I had to do more circle cutting then they did...

I did not like state testing week as I always found myself acting funny after this occurred

I found myself forgetting more.

I found myself more confused, and more aggressive, and emotions. I felt beat up on all levels.

I also found my eyes and vision acting funny. I would also again have horrible nightmares and dreams about the abusive doctors.

I told my family and friends something was not right with these strange men.

They were doing horrible things to me, I did not know what they were doing but I could not explain it.

From this I started to have some test anxiety and really hated tests, although I usually scored pretty high or average on most things.

I however struggled hard with numbers and math. I often plugged my ears to avoid hearing strings of long numbers rattled off.

It really bothered me for some reason and made me feel really spacey.

Around Third Grade I again had encounters with these men. But for my testing it was strange they took me for a walk outside of class.

I do not remember it all, but we walked around the school yard, and parts of North Goodrich park numerous times.

I went to Milton East school at this time. The other students were jealous they were not taken outside. These men did things to me, as they asked me to do my Mother Nature things

...I however can not remember exactly what they did..

But I knew it was not good, as it made me black out a lot, and I started to do this bizarre excessive hair twirling when I played Mother Nature that I did not do before.

Not to long after that I started to realized when I returned home I could not remember a single thing that happened to me at school.

My homeworker assignments what went on that day.

When I went to school I found the same thing.

I could not remember what happened at home.

Then it even got more bizarre. When I was in class I could not remember what happened on the playground, and on the playground what happened in class.

This scared me and my teachers and parents thought I was lying.

What was happening is my dissociative identity disorder had formed Three personalities, and one construct by this time. Mother Nature, Dna, and Casey Jones.

Jones was coming out near railroads, Mother Nature was coming out on the playground, and Dna in class, and the train showed in my movements.

Dna was not interested in making friends just wanted to learn and work.

Mother Nature was only interested in teaching about nature, singing and dancing, and Jones wanted to see the trains he was missing the trains.

There was also a construct forming.

It may have always been there and I just grew more aware at this time too....

A Train.. and it started to show up in how I was walking and moving around.

By 4th grade the men came again and I clearly noticed my style of walking would kick in really strong and got worse.

Then more strange people would show up to teach me walking lessons dragging me out of class, and the year before they bugged me until I could balance and ride a bike. At least these ones seemed to be legit therapists and treated me very nicely..

My parents were mad they kept dragging me out of class to do these trivial stupid things calling it therapy.

I admit I enjoyed it.

It was very important to them that I learned how to walk and carry myself at times as administrative and formal.

People did seem to have a submissive reaction to this, but I preferred my natural train or just fast walk over that.

But at this time.. I started to demonstrate things that were impossible for me to do..

I studied and imitated the Lakota warrior ways, trying to keep my heritage alive, as I was lead to believe I was the last one left.

I even had a small Popsicle stick that I used as my tiny coup stick, but instead of killing people I symbolically pretended to, and counted coup on it.

My Favorite coup was to touch the heart of my enemies, and my understanding of it was slightly different then what it really meant.

My meaning was to turn them all from foes into friends.

But I was not comfortable enough to go from a shallow friendship into a deep one as every time I tried my small groups of friends or family would step in and state,

"stay away from them and they are not good for you."

By 5th grade When the State Testers came, I knew for sure not all confronting me was real state testers and some were people abusing their private investigators license.

One group that was turned out to be my foster siblings mother doing it just to talk to my sisters. My foster brother and I.

They got caught right away.

The other more dangerous ones not only did things to me but also my brother.

I do not remember most of what happened as they seemed to just say a few words and do a hand sign and I was spaced out immediately...

But I do remember at one point they had me, my brother and another young boy a couple years younger than me doing activity like pinching out fire with our bare hands on matches, and karate chopping thick materials apart..

Then they made me deep spaced and I could not remember.

I did not understand why I took sudden interest in this content.. but I found myself obsessed with pain and torture.. and horror movies as well.

I thought maybe it was from people harassing me or maybe it was my rage of finding out my biological sister was schizophrenic and how everyone kept accusing me of being so too because she was.

I also had very severe depression as the year before I lost my other Dad, Grandma, and Grandma Shaman the same year.

I also started to take serious interest in combat and martial arts and war movies.

Usually I hated TV but in cartoons or movies I was just into watching that and found myself really getting into watching torture scenes.

I however was already a pro in martial arts, I did not know where my training came from.

But I do know my friend's uncle was Pat Morita and had he not stepped into my life on and off in grade school and taught me how to discipline it.

I would have for surely accidentally killed someone.

It was also a hard adjustment as all five years in grade school I had to physically fight for my life daily from my peers, and suddenly.

There was no physical fighting at all. I hated fighting.. but I was itching to fight and did not understand it.

I also did not understand that I was also struggling with an addiction to physical pain itself. All I knew is I had a die hard desire to move fast, and work hard, really hard. I would do hard work any moment I could. I started to played violent video games to keep from giving into the real fighting urge.

7th grade came around and my peers considered me a work a holic and most moved aside for me as I "highballed" down the hallway at top speed as they knew I would not stop no matter even with a sprang, and I tend to stuff my book bags so full

I was going top speed down the hallway hauling 75 pounds of books on average.

My parents weighed my school bag one night..

curious about it.. then ranted about how I was going to hurt my back if I did not stop it.

Stop carrying so much around with me. I had issues with my locker always jamming or people sticking strange things in it so I stopped using my locker..

It also saved me hallway running time.

I was 13 yrs old and my peers started to complain about how I was to obsessed with watching the clock, and being punctual.

State testing came around again.

The testing seemed to have stopped for my peers.

But for me it kept going and going..

For at least 2-3 months until some serious incidences had happened.

This was a crazy year for me.

My Peace Keeping Rails formed. I started therapy and was diagnosed with Depression.

It went from extreme downs to extreme ups.

Strange things happened... Very Strange things.

To be Continued...

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