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Casey Jones And Casey Heinzism - Story

Casey Jones

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DNatureofDTrain's - Casey Jones and Casey Heinzism

Disclaimer:I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals and places, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties, occupations and places of residence. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

The Engine -

by Casey Heinzism "DNatureofDTrain"

There is so few communication on the line that it does not need as much formal organized systems as it had in their busy days, as the DNatureofDTrain,

Train basically only runs through Mother Nature's Territory, and goes through portals once in awhile for soul leading.. astral, or otherworldly travel.

He gets a call and goes through the portals...

Not much to dispatch there..

Just look at an image of the destination and just go.

Although some places they travel is not the nicest of territory, as the train travels through both dark and light, positive and negative territory.

The railroad he was running on was a fairly good railroad, but the train itself is a complicated unit, since it is so entwined with the human body .. of Casey Heinzism...

This makes some things normal railroading, ...engine running and others in ways that even in imagination by most used to the technical railroad ways may not be understood.

But she mostly runs on solar, steam, and electricity made from various sources.

The sources being, electricity from solar panel, Battery back up, sound, motion and vibration is coming through the tracks into the Axles and up into the battery as well, and the motion of the rails, and movable locomotive parts as well is all wired with a very low current system that feeds into the battery, other than the track current. I will cover more about the Tracks in the System file.

Do to health and well being of Casey Heinzism, the engine's actual shut down is rare and far between.

This can usually only be done a couple of times a month for maintainance, reasons or as part of a system reset.

This is not to ever be confused with the full shut down of the tracks or the whole system.

Turning off both the tracks and Train system will kill Casey Heinzism,

it stops his breathing and heart rate.

Running the Locomotive to hard also manifests in his heart rate, and can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

This train however is designed to take running harder than the average unit.

If the train engine alone is shut down.

This is when the T Track word is stated Three times after a shut down order, if the word is stated three times without a shut down order it just knocks Casey into a 2-3 hour deep sleep.

This however can be a short as 15 minutes.

This was put into place to help Casey with his bouts of insomnia.

When shut down occurs he sleeps for 2-3 hours a really deep sleep before it automatically turns back on, into an idle.

Any time Casey sleeps with or without shutdown..

Mr. Jones is allowed to freely leave the train and do as he pleases.

If the train is not shut down it is very important for Jones to always remain aboard as if he jumps the train, even in idle when

Casey is awake...

unless he stops it for maintenance reasons his mind and system knows this is going on and does not have the bad reactions of what can be the equivalent of a subconscious mind leaping out of the conscious mind..

This is not a very good result, results in either Casey not being able to function, or basically going crazy.

The Train usually automatically goes into shut down if Jones is not on board for Casey's safety, as well as for the safety of his passengers and other system.

The Tracks remain on so Casey's engine remains charging the back up battery.

A couple of other things also charge this engines battery as well as help keep the system balanced.

- Train Songs

- Train Sounds

- Railroad Train contact..

as in riding trains or crossing railroad tracks.

Which is very important one.

That Casey does not do enough.

-He is suppose to be crossing railroad tracks at least twice a day, and having train rides at least a couple of times a year.

-If his energy is well charged within the locomotive..

He can last a longer pace if the tracks and trains in the system are shut off.

The issue is Casey hardly has this very important contact, so ends up having to listen to train sounds and songs even at times more than he wishes too.

Casey calls this energy Track - Strength. or T-S. His T-S levels are very important to balance out. To little he gets very ill, to much in to short of time can cause his psychic abilities to get out of hand.

The other source of engine power is solar panel but this goes mainly to the engines functions and not the T-s Battery backup,


along with the tracks goes to the engines actual functions.

The electricity to keep the passengers happy as they are spoiled with everything one could ask for a train ride.

The solar goes into some of the steam engine working as well so it requires less fuel to run it.

Mother Nature has granted them permission to burn wood in this engine, they can however pick up other forms of fuel along the way as needed,

But passions, compassion, stress, meditation on Casey's end all go into it as well.

The mental and emotional energy of Casey goes into firing the engine as well as the engines firing goes into the proper functioning of Casey emotionally.

The engine does function best if ran real hot under high pressure.

Other things factor into this as well...

The tracks and train is oiled both manually, and automatically...

Soybean based oil as well as some petroleum.. Also when Casey Heinzism takes proper care of his body also goes into automatically oiling the engine..

like example..

Lotion on his dry feet, proper use of essential oils for his healing and relaxation.

Same goes for keeping himself re-hydrated as in keep the boiler full of water, eating right to keep the train well fueled, etc.

The braking system is unique..

As it uses a multiple combination of systems.

The main system it uses is the old traditional Train line air hose system.

She also has ECP Brakes, and built in extra sets of brake shoes, that can automatically switch in when one set is burning on to fast, such is the case if the engines controls are abused and left on or should the controls become sticky or jammed.

Eventually the Engine can be just thrown into shut down as well...

if the speed is not where it should be the T word triggers the power to be cut a couple of seconds, and then both the train and track controls automatically reset to 20%.

This unit also has PTC, and ATC. Although most of these systems are not turned on as it is unneeded, and can cause issues issues if ran for no reason, as well as issues with how Casey Heinzism functions and interacts in his human life.

There is also ETMS system as well.

Both ETMS and PTC used to be very good systems for the system and the train, but an abusive NLP and hypnotist crossed the wires of these systems and it has created some very dangerous situations in both how the train runs, Jones behaves, and Casey Heinzism behaves and functions.

This is still gradually under repair as we try to balance out the damage done.

This engine in its normal state appears like a

American type Class 4-4-0 steam engine.. Does not go very fast, Max Speed 25mph, tends to match Casey Heinzism's max fast walking speed..

but if more work is needed for a tougher job.

Since this is on a spiritual energy plane..

It can shape shift into a larger or smaller, modern or older type of engine as needed, this however uses up large amounts of T-S, and can only be done when the track channel is thrown full open activated by the H track word.

So it usually stays as is and is reserved only for special spiritual soul leading, or last resort for survival... runs.

This engine is equipped with multiple train horns, and various whistles as well.

There are times when one can hear these sounds manifest in Casey Heinzism's voice.

Many who are close to Casey can hear in a passing train how ..

Casey is doing, emotionally as well.

He is big on honesty but he will lie and say doing good or OK to not burden others with his troubles.

The railroad will not hide this of him.

There are also some back up traction motors that can be switched out automatically or as needed, do to the importance of keep this engine rolling. Quite a bit of amazing robotics..

The rest of the engine is the railroad equivalent to a human body.

Casey Stubs his toe.. most likely a train wheel got stubbed.. Casey loses balance.. most likely hit a bad section track.. etc..

It is still not understood what exactly causes this intertwining to occur, but his has been there for most of his life..

However, at this point to separate this is not possible.

In fact Casey often seeks to further merge with the system, to remain as one with the railroad is very very important to Casey...

The Nature of the Train ..



is who he is and what he has become and always will be.

This engine and railroad usually has very little issues as long as maintained properly...

and as long as Casey takes proper care of himself mentally, spirituality, and physically.

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