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Casey Jones And Casey Heinzism - Story

Casey Jones

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DNatureofDTrain's - Casey Jones and Casey Heinzism

Disclaimer:I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals and places, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties, occupations and places of residence. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.


By Casey Heinzism


Tonight into Early Morning .. Is the 110th anniversary of Jones wreck.

In the past between February 14th and April 30th yearly I would struggle with emotional triggers and flashbacks, and even automatic typing dialogue at time used to heavily interfere with my chat room social life.

.. Because, of heavy stress.. and just plain feeling nervous and insecure...

But, One of the Most interesting things about my personal challenge of secretly living and dealing with Mr. Jones..

Is one.. trying to keep him a secret for so long

.. and two dealing with not only the memories and emotional triggers from my current life in this time.. But also his.

Many times I without thought will not even realized it, When I state things out of time period.

Like when I see Old telegraph poles, with Modern day telephone lines.

I will call them telegraph poles, or lines.

When Mr. Jones first started his railroading job, after doing things like cleaning the station floors.. mainly sweeping.. and simple chores like this..

His first real paying railroad job was a cub operator..

Working the Telegraph, and writing down messages, as well as relaying them by telegraph....

Also running the telegraph messages to various members of the train crew.

In year 1989 ....

With a Grade school trip. We went to old world Wisconsin ...

And they had a telegraph.. and they were tapping things out, and I automatically knew what they were saying so well ...

That they were convinced I already knew how to use the telegraph.

I however, I did NOT know how to use the telegraph..

But, Mr. Jones does know, and their are times I can shift into his persona willingly or I just naturally draw on his knowledge to know things..

Then there are times neither of us can recall..

Jones does not like using Morris Code or telegraph, as he said the way they did it changed and trying to stay just with the old or the new system confuses him. I tried to learn some of the new system but did not do so well.

So sometimes from his experience... I can draw from and I can do things like tell people messages on a telegraph...

I remember during that trip feeling like it was a dejavu watching the blacksmiths, and looking at the cabins....

.. All felt old fashioned but comfortable..

Although much of that slightly predates Mr. Jones time period but not by much.

He was born in year 1863 and died in year 1900 ...

Today's anniversary is the day he died..

The Casey Jones museums and many will celebrate this as a Casey Jones day.

Odd for me I do consider it as one of my favorite holidays.. but I tend to celebrate it alone..

Although when I used to go to Yahoo..

I had great friends who would share train songs, and blues music, and older music to celebrate my little Casey Jones day holiday with me, and I do love and appreciate all of those people and those happy memories :) .

Going back to Age 13, that was hard time...

I started to have memories of telegraph, and I had taken interest in it a little bit.

I was surprised when a school project was to wire it and as soon as I had it in my hands I wired it all up and was typing stupid things to my teachers about other teachers..

I was using inappropriate words, as he laughed and asked me how long I have been using the telegraph ..

He thought I had learned from some railroad club or something...

As I was known at this time to check out literally 20 railroad books at once and read them over and over and over..

I could not sleep.

I would dream of train wrecks so I stayed up all night reading railroad history books. Mostly about stories, like the race to the golden spike stores.

I liked trying to dream of nice train things .. it helped at times

.. But I would always skip anything dealing with Casey Jones ..

I wanted nothing to do with him..

I was not aware his memories were creeping into my current life, and that is where the telegraph knowledge was coming from....

I do have dissociative identity disorder and they used to call it Multiple personality...

However, I am not more than one person..

I am one person that shifts energy ..

No more than people who shift into the home personality.


To their work personality


To hanging with friends in a bar personality..

It is nothing like the stereotypes people make it out to be most of the time.

I remember I would be laying in bed at night, and hear my sister or mother typing away on the type writer doing documents..

And I drift off and found my mind making imaginary letters out of those tapping sounds...

I also knew in reality the tapping style sounded like a bunch of A, B, and C's.. randomly tapped out, and not an actual message.

I would dream about wiring and working a telegraph.. and sending messages on...

My brother and I after the old world Wisconsin incident..

Started to have fun engaging in Morris code...

I found it calmed me down in a way...

The Morris code was a little different than the Telegraph..

As Telegraphy system was changing from

... .. .. .. ...

to ... --- ... in modern day..

Jones understand either,.. But if you are using dots and dashes, and not dits and dats, it has to go a little slower for him to process. (He usually will refuse do it.)

He and his coworkers however tended to be a little faster at it then most would use and they also had their own style of abbreviation codes.

Jones uses very little telegraph now since the DNatureofDTrain system changed to Read and Repeat, or just him flat out stating what is needed, when it is..

The technology and power it is running on can shift between multiple forms of power..

I will explain the engine later.

I once also found myself without thought in science class wiring up a telegraph and tapping on it as I discovered I somehow for a moment knew telegraphy.

The teacher thought I was in a railroad club is how I knew I laughed and said what railroad club.

I don't know anyone in my life who really likes trains.

I then took a modeling class sort of hoping I could model a train but because the teacher never said it I made a model of a Nissan Truck.

I found out the last day of class I could have done a train. I was POed...

But at least they were all impressed with my little Nissan Truck I just had glue strings sticking out all over it so it looked like a Nissan caught in a spider web shrugs...

I was proud of that thing. No idea where it is now.

As slowly my belongings got stolen and later on damaged in a flood.

So this along with my original trains collection and most anything else I prized maybe in a landfill.

Not to long after this the Universe started to finally present to me some other good people that loved trains.

I found out my Shop teacher was a big rail fan, our school liaison was too, as he took me into his office and my jaw dropped at the train and railroad photos both had all over their office.

Then I visited my other Mothers home and was delighted to discover she was a long term railroad fan, and the day after Thanksgiving she had my set up her World world II Lionel train up around her Den Christmas tree and ordered me to sit in there and run it for hours then, told me to run it under the family tree for a bit setting it up again.

Did not take me long to announce the speed limit of the curve.

She laughed and told me that was correct, as her and my sister both laughed as I ran it right off the tracks my first attempt and went into my cussing spree.

I felt bad about swearing but when I talked to my train buddies in a new yahoo group

I joined called train orders that later became was a good site for years..

They told me not to feel bad about cussing.

I am acting like a real railroader cussing at this.

As a railroader is always bitchin' unless sleeping or dead, as the old saying goes.

That made me laugh...

I replied but I am not a real railroader..

One said,


As they always gave me hope.

My Other Mother watched me with curiosity..

Then said to me..

I think you would be good in a data entry job.

I said what is that?

She said I am behind on receipts.. Want to help?

I said Sure. There were loads of receipts on these thick single rolls...

She said,

Write the date, Total and amount..

... over here in this book,

and she watched me.. for a bit as there was not much going on.

Then she said come on hurry it up so we can watch this movie.

I was excited to watch our traditional Fried Green Tomatoes, and Then whatever creepy horror movie I could find.

As I moved along in it I discovered if I wound it along my two fingers like a figure 8 I could save time rolling two ends of the rolls faster this way, as I got it going at a good clip and she came in to check on me.

At first at times, I forgetting where I put my pencils by then had one behind each ear one in my hair on the top of my head, as I stopped and said I can not find my pencils.

She laughed so hard.. and told me check your hair and ears.

I then felt silly as I pulled them out and quickly resumed my work...

...and as she watched me and then started to freak out...

Calling my sister in the room!. You have to come see this!...

Look at what your sister is doing?

I said what am I doing?

I was clueless, as I not only wrote the letters down I was stating things like, Charlie, Foxtrot, Alpha.. Beta.. And looks up at her excitedly clapping her hands.

She then said,

"Have you been studying Telegraph?, and railroad clerk videos?"

I looked at her confused.. and said,

".. No why?"

She said..

"Stop! Stop!.. slowly slip them off your hands and go look up those videos..on the computer..."

I said,"Nah, I want to get this done... She said oh come on go ahead."

Then she laughed and Said,"Go do it that's an order."

.. I then grinned and laughed at her and said,

"oh OK .. gave a smart smile as I replied ..Roger! I guess."

As she kept laughing.

As I was in there looking it up she asked my sister what I been doing she said just looking at train pictures and playing annoying train songs as usual, and working in that depression support chat she helps out in.

She asked,

"Nothing on Telegraph or Morris Code, or any of that?"

She said,

"No why, She said I think your sister is right she did have some railroad experience from a past life..."

She did not realize I could hear her, as I heard them talking about Casey Jones, and this made me nervous.

So, I then stopped my research, and lied yelling,

"Internet is down.", and I ran back to resume my task.

My sister then ran back in..

Internet is working fine for me, as she glared at me.. .

I said,

"shh I want to watch the movie."

She then said, "" it's down...""

Then they let me finish the task, and then eat supper and then later we looked up some videos together on it.

I then understood why she was thrilled about it.

There is so few of communication on the line that it does not need as much formal organized systems as it had in their busy days, as the DNatureofDTrain, Train basically only runs through Mother Nature's Territory, and goes through portals once in awhile for soul leading.. astral, or otherworldly travel.

He gets a voice call, no annoying ring, and goes through the portals...

Not much to dispatch there..

Although some places they travel is not the nicest of territory, as the train travels through both dark and light, positive, and negative territory.

The railroad he was running on was a fairly good railroad, but the train itself is a complicated unit, since it is so entwined with the human body .. of Casey Heinzism...

This makes some things normal railroading engine running, and others items in ways that even in imagination by most used to the technical railroad ways may not be understood.

=To Be Continued

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