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Casey Jones And Casey Heinzism - Story

Casey Jones

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Disclaimer:I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals and places, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties, occupations and places of residence. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Soul Leading By Rail -

by Casey Heinzism "DNatureofDTrain"

Wow, I am glad tonight was not to bad for about 10 years on the wreck night strong flashbacks were worse..

I do have a bi-location experience that happens yearly.

I do take a train journey picking up souls and leading them over to meet a train on the other side that takes them to their destinations...

You would not believe how many spirits and ghosts wait to travel to the next world by railway..

Someday I will write and share about those experiences...

I think I shared enough for now

- Casey Heinzism

Soul Leading by Rail.

What is Soul leading?

Soul leading is a process of guiding souls from the physical earth plane, to a destination, or from another plane destination to the physical earth plane.

The term soul leading I learned in Shamanic practices.

I one day was listening to a train tape a friend made and sent me.

I found myself going into a strong vision and as if I was obing (out of body traveling) and traveling into another plane after listening to it over and over.

I was scared at first. So I spoke to some of my Shamanic practitioner friends and found out that I was going into a Shamanic journey.

I learned many techniques of journeying but this was my first unknowing attempt of journeying by train sounds.

I later on practiced and found myself in the form of Jones running trains all over picking people up and dropping them off. also in major events that involved many many deaths I started to journey to did not tell anyone.

Then it was interesting when other shamanic practitioners said to me.. I did not know you did soul leading. I saw you last night at such and such event.

You did a good job.

That kind of thing is awesome validation as I normally did not speak of it when I did this type of soul leading.

I would mention it when a delayed birth was going on, or would talk about one event

I would do on Casey's train wreck anniversary or near it.

Sometimes multiple times.

Soul leading by rail.

First I would have to relax an de-stress, make sure I slept well ate well, make sure I am all clean....

Then I would go and play one of my train sound meditations, and do pranic breathing and relax focusing on the train and my heart rate and breathing.. and focus on the intent of going to my train and running it.

Usually when I reached that point...

First I would see blue color, and then a bright flash then what looked like a four way rainbow colored railroad track and as if I was flying into the center...

Then gentle fog then I would be by the tracks climbing aboard an engine or find myself in the cab..

We would then focus on Memphis, Tennessee... and go through a portal...That again looks like the rainbow colored track fast and then come out what looks like a tunnel be there.

I then would run the engine along the route he died on.

We would make stops at all the little stations and depots along the way.

Then we would go through another portal at Vaughan to another station..

In what I call heaven.

Some directly meet their loved ones..

Others board other trains to other parts in this infinite heaven some liked to travel back to earth...

Usually most that ride with me is his fans,

train fans,

rail fans,

and others that just like to ride trains..

or more commonly people that died in railroad related train crashes, derailments, or wrecks.

Many who also had passed on in train vehicle collisions, and others railroad related incidences.

Also other engineers run their spiritual trains to reach the stations as well. Some also at places I had stopped at.

Other times I am taken to other's train wreck scenes, and see it from a birds eye view...

This however also can happen randomly in vision and dream for me to out of journey..

...but when it happens like that it is usually nothing more than like a spontaneously day dream.

The feeling of bliss, peace, and healing on these soul leading by rail runs is so awesome. I can not put it into words.

But for railroaders and rail fans I can assure you there is no shortage of Trains on the other side... They are even more fascinating...

Some souls and spirits maybe to stubborn to get on a times or may travel through walking into the light, or by another mode of transportation.

But no one is left behind unless they chose to stay behind.

Most destinations are very positive but there are times, We stop in scary destinations as well to take people to a not so good place, or from it.

Usually in my case in one of my songs I mention saving people like you from fiery flames.

When ordered to run trains to a fiery flamey place, to pick up someone to take them to another place. We do..

Those runs never have a mix of passengers though it is all good.

In my experience the fiery places people fear nothing more than purification stops..

No one wants to go to them but we all want to be cleansed, and pure.

But no one is forced there.

They buy their own ticket by their own means.

But from the runs I have done very rarely does anyone stay in the purification places for very long.

I am amazed at how many take the trains in the spiritual and other planes, and realms.

I just hope and pray that most of you, do not buy a ticket earlier than you should.

That you all take good care of yourselves, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Our time in life is short a spit in a bucket compared to what happens next.

We all will be in the other side soon enough, crossing over.

Do not forget to value your time, your live and those around you, and to do you best to make this world a better place.

There is another way to soul lead by Rail....

Rail meaning Real Action in Love..

Live and act in Love.. :) .. then you soul will lead each other's daily into a better life, and a better world.

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