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Casey Jones And Casey Heinzism - Story

Casey Jones

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DNatureofDTrain's - Casey Jones and Casey Heinzism

Disclaimer:I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals and places, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties, occupations and places of residence. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Shocking Revelation -

by Casey Heinzism "DNatureofDTrain"

Note: profanity was edited into more decent words for publishing.

September 25th, 2017


The Worker whispered to Casey,

"You know.. Some of your Dark Desires are not to bad…"

Casey said,

"What did you just say?…"

The Worker said,

"Some of your dark desires are not to bad.. Would you like to play?"

The worker stated,

"You know.. Role play to prove it to your family..


Let's Get Them. Let's prove it to them. Let's get them"

Casey when he worked as an admin in a Dark Desires Chat room, did state he would like to get even with his family,

role playing.. proving to them his dissociative identity disorder,

track energy,

and Casey Jones train wreck PTSD was real,

and for them also to really hurt Casey trying to provoke his family into stopping it or standing up for him.

But he stated they would most likely do nothing.

.. even if he died in front of them...

But he felt if someone did this..

it may also get his family to confess about rotten things they been doing to him..

But Casey never expected this to ever manifest in reality... and was really nervous about this role play Dark Desires offer.."

Casey said,

"play? .. um like.. "

Worker said,

"role play.. 382…"

Worker stated,

"If you need a handler or controller still, I know someone who is very interested and seems to know what they are doing and will take on the job if you want to."

Casey stated,

"No, No Thanks."

As Casey unknowingly gestured

6-6-6 with his right hand...

The worker laughed and said,

"Are you sure? and pointed at his hand."

Casey whispered,"Crap, which one of you alts just signed that?..


Casey sees the serious look on the workers face.. then...

As Casey states a nonsensical line about

Cats and Fiddles..

The worker replies,

"You need to retype a letter?"

Casey said,

"Yes. Wait, No What?"

As Casey smiles like a caught child and turns the 6-6-6 gesture into 9-9-9....

Worker said,

"You need some.. reprogramming?"

Casey shook head,

"No"..and then without thought stated,

"Yes, I need some reprogramming.. then looked disgusted at the words that came out of his mouth.."

Casey then Jumps to his feet ready to run for it..

for stops a moment because he is exhausted, and dizzy, and so does not flea as fast as he attempts..

Worker States,

"You are tied (last word edited out.)..."

(A cue to prevent Casey from running, from the scene... a Train order..Tying down the train means the Train is not able to move without further orders. In Casey's case he can not leave the scene.)

As he states,

"Don't worry I am not a handler or controller..

I really really raily want to help you.

I was asked by crisis intervention to do this to help you..

There is a team of officers on the phone.

Each introduced themselves,

four of them,

and there is an investigator he will not tell us his name."

Casey Said,

"You are not authorized to work the system.

You are not authorized to work the system,

You are not authorized."

.."I am not suppose to role play without permission from my girlfriend.."

Worker said good,

"I see you have some security there, but it is not enough."

Worker said,

"but I really really really raily want to help you… I really raily want to help?"

The worker pleaded...

"She will not know."

Casey said,

"She will know one of my spirit guardians will tell her so there is not a program conflict…."

The worker stated,

"I just want to reinforce you to work hard at becoming independent and working towards becoming self sufficient.. I want you to make the grade.. "

Casey did a double take confused look and the worker replied,

"Well succeed…."

Casey did not want to say yes, as something about this felt like a death sentence..

..but he already knew he was tied down and can not fight the programming..

..and the programs really needed to be worked..

.. He knew he was helpless against this...

Worker asked him,

"When is the last time you were worked?..really hard worked?"

Casey replied,

"By others.. months ago I don't know. I usually work myself and that has been going fine..."

My girlfriend helps me as needed.. running general maintenance and 382 train orders.

You need work don't you.

You really really Raily need to be worked..

Casey kept looking to the side wanting to leave, but could not... and was not happy..

that his programming was being pushed hard into needing to be worked....

When that need was already strongly there..

Worker stated,

"I want to help you. I want to really really raily want to help you,

by role playing 382,

reinforcing for you to work hard be self sufficient..

...and we sort of want to resuscitate your engine...

Reminded him instantly of a song he could not stop playing..

After he left a woman he used to play with for years on and off that abused his system...and nearly killed him.

Casey asked,

"You want to shock me?..

As in.. Shock my connection?"

(in the programming shocking the connection helps clear the channel, and cleanse the connection, sort of like a rail grinder helps prolong the life of the rail. This however if done wrong can seriously harm the entire system and Casey..

As this works hard both the track's electrical currents, and The Train engine..)

Worker replied,


Casey asked,


Worker replied,

"To help you remember and find answers to some things, we also want to know, and to question you."

Casey replied,

"okay.. Just leave Jones alone, okay?"

Worker replied, "We sort of want to.. want to show your wreck PTSD is real..."

Casey replied,

"You want to send me to his wreck?..


It seems everyone does that...

Sarcasm, "ok..."

Casey knew he had no way to get out of this.. so tried to calmly and firmly lay down some rules...

Casey then stated..


Here are the rules, if you want to play with me.

First off no naughty, R, or A Rated content….

..pain is fine but none of that…

keep it at least pg 13…family rated… and

Do NOT touch the tracks, or train energy.. or the controls beyond reinforcement burning…


NEVER shut them off it can KILL me…

His Curator asked about what this meant A or R rated..

Casey said role play Curator none…

of that is going to happen...

The Worker laughed and said he agreed.

Worker Stated:

I got the keys..

I got the keys..

I got the keys,

..and little bit of sunshine...

Casey replied: I like that song...

Worker stated,

"I do too.."

Casey stated,

"but he should stay off the tracks.."

Worker laughed.

Worker asked,"Have you watched the video?"

I replied,

"Yes, but I do not remember it I only know the song cause my girlfriend plays it for me in chat."

Then the man stated..

“You are wired…

Casey stood up and said of course I am wired I am darn right purely mad, about what is happening here!...

He then said,


(a cue to get Casey to cut off the anger for a moment, Casey was also known as Subject 382.)

Casey sat back down and stated,


The Worker replied,

I said,

"You are WIRED."

That is when Casey realized he was throwing hypnosis induction triggers at him…

He did not want to really go under, and just decided to pretend a long.

The worker threw many other induction triggers numerous ones from different programs and ways others worked Casey.

It disturbed Casey to realize how much information these people seemed to have about his hypnosis/mind programming.

Casey stated,

"Yes Sir.."

pretending at this point.. ..

as he then said put your arms down and facing up..

Casey replied,


The worker then had pulled up Casey's sleeves looking carefully at his arms and wrists.. as he said,

"What is this?"

Casey replied,

"A scar from when I accidentally scratched myself as he looked carefully at my arms.."

Casey sighed as he thought,

"figures dumb hide striking chat crabs ."..

As the chatters somehow got his families phone number and lied stating he was deliberately self harming that week.

The Worker then said something

snapped his fingers did some kind of hand signs..

Casey blacked out a moment then heard him state..,

"Family Slave program deactivated…."

Casey replied,

"Yes, Sir, Family Slave programming is deactivated."

The worker said no… to the phone team and said..

I do not think we should delete it…

As Chaca said..,

"I am Chaca and I do not recommend deleting any programming without a professional clinical setting, there maybe self destructs we do not know about.. he stated I am not suppose to be speaking through her but I have no way to type to you and this is important.."

Worker then stated..,

"ok thanks… and then said,

Worker stated,

"You can now turn this program on and off at will, to serve you, you are not forced by this program anymore.

You have the switch and the...

kill switch control to this program.

No one can access this program but you. From this point on."

Casey replied,

"Yes, Sir."

"Train … You are free from family slavery..

..and symbolically imitated scissors on the inside of his arms moving upwards.."

Casey then tensed up..

As the worker was pretending to cut off shackles.

Casey then got an image of someone cutting the cord to the tracks, and said,

"No! .. Do not touch the tracks!" ..

Then the worker tapped the point and said,

"Is the tracks here!…”

(pointing on his inner forearm?)

Casey said,

"Yes, Do not touch them.

The worker asked,

"on the other side of the hand?"

Casey stated,


Worker replied,


He then repeated the gesture on the other side and then pretended to slide off shackles saying,

"You are free from family slavery.."

Casey got emotional and started to cry a little.. and said,

"thank you."

He said you now have the contacts and resources, and if you do not want to be a slave anymore you are expected to use them..

Casey firmly stated,

"I remain a slave to Tracks, Ogun, and my spiritual path by choice."

And then the worker replied,

"I mean your family, we are just freeing you from your family slavery…

As the worker looked confused at Casey's response… and texted the phone team...

The worker said that is ok, the investigator said."..

As Casey stated,

“I do not want that part messed with that is my choice. The tracks and trains keeps me alive.. to cut me from them is death” ..

This is when his Sister Val started to get emotional said she had to get water and go to the bathroom….

He then whispers before his Sister Val returned..,

"You do know who Mistress V was? …"

Casey said,

"My nift, and Sisters pretended to be her..

I do not know which Sisters was involved…."

The worker replied,

"He said she was the main one..

.. pointing at Sister Val.

The worker asked,

"How did you find out your nift, was involved?"

Casey replied,

"I dreamt Shannon told me..

There was a women named Shannon that was involved too who died in a car, bus collision

and another girl named Shannon that had a crush on me from solo ensemble that wanted to be my girl friend also came through.

They told me my nift,, Sisters, and many others were pretending to be them...

So I told my nift, about the dream.

She got confused thinking someone ratted her out..

and she wanted to know who it was she spilled it all.

They did it cause they were bored and wanted to just have fun.

She said but it took a scary turn when you wanted to really move into New York, that is when we backed off.

The worker stated,

"That is absolutely funny. That your dream lead to her confessing this.

It also lead to me to both Shannon's obituaries..

But, I am still not sure who all the Sisters and their friends or how many was involved in this.

The investigator said they know for sure at least 50 locals were involved for sure.

But your Sister there.. Was the main one.

Are you sure this part is just not part of the role play and real?

The phone team replied with,



"I am sure" replies."

As the worker stated,

"I am sure the investigator and the police on the phone know for sure."

Casey said,

"I would so much like to kill her but in Heinzism..

We would have to eat what we kill unless it is a bug or insect or deadly animal..

ick... cannibal..

We are defending against that is not safe to eat..

and well that would be nasty or use every part

I am not..

Eat...and I do not have any use for that nasty old hag carcass..

I would never kill her, let alone eat.. yuck.. ugga.. anyhow that is against my path."

The worker laughed and replied,

"like a duck in a noose..

like a duck in noose..

like a duck in a noose."

(Cue to disable homicidal feelings, or actions of homicide)

The worker looked nervously for a moment..

....gesturing.. please finish it..

Casey then replied,

"Yes, like a duck in a noose he/she will hang herself…"

You think I would kill her?

Nah, I do not want to commit murder..

..that is not on my bucket list.

As Casey immediately calmed down.

The worker then sighed in relief… Worker stating.

"I Know.. I know.. I know.."

"You sure this part is real and not play"

stated Casey... Worker replied,

"Your responses at times seem to real, you must be a really good actor..."

The worker said,

"I am sure I am talking to a team here that is here to help you right now including an investigator they will not tell me the investigators name though they seem to know what they are doing and they are guiding me with this play…"

Worker stated,

"You should ask his name and Badge number he would have to by law tell you."

Casey replied,

"nah it is OK..."

Worker whispered,

"please do that.. please? You really raily..

Casey stated,


As worker finished...


and looked very sad..


"I wish you would to protect yourself.."

Casey shook his head,


Casey asked,

"Do I know you from online investigator? "

Investigator replied,

"Yes, and then a name of one of his trusted friends."

(Casey found out later this was a lie.)

Casey replied,

"OK, he is okay then."

His sister Val returned.

Casey stated,


The Worker restated,

"You are wired".

Casey got a bad feeling, and stated,

"No, I am not going under."

The worker stated,

"Let's Begin"

Casey said,


The worker then reached for his arm and tapped the Track point.

(this is like hitting the Rail and causes the metallic painfully stunning sensation threw him)...

Casey Jumped backward,


"Don't touch me!"

Did his Black Panther shape shift and hissed at him"

The worker ran backwards 5 feet and replied!,

"Wow, I saw it! I saw it! It does look like a big black Cat..

He Stepped forward towards Casey

Casey shoved him with some Chi and gave him a stern look.

Worker replied,

"I felt that blast of strong energy, as he stated,

"She just stopped me from stepping forward throwing energy my way with her hands..."

As he stated,

"Be Nice, putting his hands up in the air walking back to his chair."

Nice Kitty,

Big Kitty

Big Nice Kitty...

The Panther watched him closely eyeballing him, then stepped out.

Mother Nature peaked out at him smirking,

twirled her hair.

Then stepped back...

Casey sat back down.

The worker then resumed with his two fingers reaching to tap the track points on both of Casey's arms.

Casey started to do his fast dancing, moving his arms and hands in circles and dodging him..

Doing his best to avoid him and not claw or get him at the same time.

The worker stated,

"I am going to take a little vinegar out of you.."

How about I throw a little monkey wrench in there, in those wheels of yours.."

The worker through some hand cues and said something that caused Casey again to black out for a moment long enough to slow his hands down for the worker to be able to wrap his inner arms three times..

Each arm on the track points

::stunning him with pain::

As he ordered Casey,


Drop Deep..

Go Deeper and Deeper..

Very Deep."

Casey almost fell forward as he instantly dropped so Deep..

Then resumed sitting in good posture arms crossed over his chest.

(deep into hypnosis.)

The Worker said,

"put your arms back on the table palms up."

Casey does..

As the worker grabbed one of his keys on Casey's lanyard...

.. and turned one over his tattoo as if unlocking something.

Casey being curious at What the worker is doing watches..

He said,

"Oh wrong key,

I got the key and a little bit of sunshine..

As he took an invisible Key, and acted like he was undoing a lock below his wrist, and another one by his elbow...

Then pressed on his arm a couple times and gestured as if opening a door, and said your control panel...

He then started to draw numerous numbers and enter, and did this on both arms..

(mind control access codes..of some sort, Casey did not consciously understand these, but he was responding.)

Then he wrote the word,,

Tracks on one arm, left,

Trains on the other, right,...

He then said..

as he acted like he erased the words...

"Wait that is backwards,

Jones was left handed.. and often

crossed his arms to blow the whistle."

Then he did it again,

Train on left arm,

Tracks on the left.

.. as Casey looked at him oddly, and confused..

He then Said Look...

As he acted like he was pushing buttons...

and Casey was dropped in a very submissive hypnosis state.

Casey started to pull himself out, and said,


The worker then gestured closing the Door and wrapped Casey's Track points again ordering him to

drop and

drop deep..

The sensation overwhelming his nerves as the tapping of the tracks stunned him with extreme pain...

He then immediately dropped deep.

He reopened them added some more codes, and then closed both panels but did not lock them...

As again the worker repeated removing the shackles in front of his Sister Val and this time he started to cry some..

As he said,

"On this day your family slavery has ended you now have the contacts and resources to now move forward with your life.

You are moving forward.

You are making the grade,

you are becoming more self

..sufficient and independent…"

To Be Continued..

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