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Casey Jones And Casey Heinzism - Story

Casey Jones

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Disclaimer:I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals and places, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties, occupations and places of residence. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Shocked on Tracks -

by Casey Heinzism "DNatureofDTrain"

It was not until years later that I through dreams and nightmares started to recall... what they did to me or what bits and pieces my mind could remember of what they had done.

But this is not the first time I was literally shocked on the railroad crossing.

I was shocked on the tracks when I was 8 years old.

I also noticed in year 1989 .. That when Trains that normally did not roll through the area was triggering memories of my standing in other places watching the same logos rolling by this did not make sense.

Well, They had Illinois Central Cars rolling through the area on the way to being scrapped..

I did not understand the deep sadness I felt with watching these cars rolling down the tracks at what would be their last time, as I received visions of them being cut up and scrapped.. again not understanding that I have a strong 6th sense tie with the railroad system ...

Years later on a rail fan group. It was verified this is what was happening at this time.

I found myself as I road over tracks having interesting visions of geometric shapes, and flash images of mini video like scenarios of different things going on. What I did not understand was I was having visions of the past, present, and future.. and also of Mr. Jones's life.

... So I looked at the tracks worried and wondering why I see such things from just crossing the railroad tracks.

I had a vision once of John Henry walking down the track ... By the community House in Milton, Wisconsin behind what is now the Milton Police Station or shop it is some kind of police thing.. ...

The Spirit of John Henry who encouraged me to keep up the fight.

John Henry's message was,

"You ain't gonna win unless you put up a good fight, so do not give up hope any day or night" ...

I at the time had no idea how important and inspiration this little vision would become. I remember being jaw dropped pointing and just staring at the tracks...

This lead my scouts friends and leader to believe that I had a phobia of railroad tracks.. So they had me lay on the tracks for 30 seconds to prove I was not afraid..

Down the tracks, always there was a locomotive switching at the siding by the Milton House. I refused to lay on the tracks until the train was stopped and no longer moving at all. I remember watching the upset female engineer cussing my friends out numerous time as she rolled by.

In the meantime, my friends and I ran all over North Goodrich park having a water fight with each other. I stayed dry until the very end when one tricked me and throw a bucket full of water at me as one used a hose from something..

It was fun ... After that I laid on the tracks to prove I was not afraid.. But I made a very serious mistake (As if laying on the tracks was not bad enough) ...

I choose to lay in the spot with the gold box painted around it. I did not realize this box was marking the current to the rails with the railroad crossing signal ..

I laid facing down the tracks, West. As I counted to 30 .

I then sat with my feet on the ground, pulled my feet back to under my knees and I pushed my hands flat on the rails to realize the rails separated and arced upward a little..and has springs under them..

I was curious about it and decided as I stand up I will roll onto my feet and push the rails down to connect them.. I would then jump up springing off of them.

I as I did this however was not realizing I was completing the circuit to the railroad crossing signal which sent an extremely strong jolt of electricity through my arms hands and feet my entire body got a serious shock not only because it is high voltage but also because I was drenched head to toe.

...So I ran around to the back of the community house, Jumped into threw a high window, and locked myself inside I crawled over in the dark and I looked out another window facing towards the railroad crossing signals that kept going..

I saw a police officer and my scouts leader arguing as I got so dizzy I had to sit down, and I passed out on the floor of the community house..

I also not realizing till 13 years later.. That the community house itself is an old railroad depot. I am not sure why I did not notice this sooner.

So when I passed out on that floor.. It further opened memories regarding Casey Jones.. because... when he died he died on the Station Platform ...

Although the station platform is not inside a depot, but is actually outside of it, the depot he died in did have a similar design to the community house.

Although his soul Astral Projected and was in and out.. As most are when they are dying from serious trauma.. so they are not suffering as bad as the body looks to be..

But, they are still going through hell from the transition of Physical form to Spiritual form, and the natural instinct of wanting to cling to life.. For some people this Trauma can carried into their next lives, if they were reincarnated... or incarnated as a walk in spirit. ..

The difference between a walk in and possession is.. a walk in spirit is in agreement with the current other soul in the body..

They can take turns, entirely for years, or even change in and out. I am still not sure what the case really is regarding Mr. Jones...

That shock from the tracks, and my psychic awakening grew, and the past life memories of John Did as well... I then did start to grow afraid of the tracks.. And Trains.

And I got to the point where I used to run track side just to fly the birds at the train crew... Because I was so mad about how I was responding to trains...Sometimes they would slow down and ask me why I was flipping them off.. I would state because I want to work on the railroad so bad I can not concentrate when you come by. They laughed and usually waved gave me a gun salute hand sign or a thumbs up. The encounters were mostly in 5th grade when I wandered around town with a friend.

I was so confused as I found more and more of John/Casey invading my current life...

I finally when I sunk into severe depression stopped fighting him..

Even let him talk to my friends... I by then was convinced I was crazy was trying to get myself locked away....

But Jones was not a crazy man, and he turned out to be very helpful....

I would not have been able to stop my actions of self harm had he not helped, He was against anyone engaging into what I was at the time..

So, it may seem crazy to state it.. But in a very large way. John had rescued me from killing myself....

Also the intervention of a my guardian, trickster, and playful spirit named Chaca. Although that is interesting as Chaca and John tend to not get along with each other most of the time..

As he encouraged me to embrace both my light and dark good and bad. As Jones encourages me to embrace just the good and light.......

I as myself am so darn stubborn I am gonna embrace, dark, light, good and bad whenever and however I chose regardless of Jones and Chaca's intervention. It is all about balance.

But, when I started to have a fear of the tracks.. Because I was shocked.. and my body and memory remembered that so strongly that for years when I crossed those railroad tracks I felt like I was getting shocked..

That is where my Post Traumatic Stress symptom diagnosis comes into play in my current life incidents...

But it also comes into play when I deal with memories from "Casey" Jones life .. that are not my own.

John Henry was not my only powerful Spiritual encounter. His words inspired me and stuck with me for years, and became very important to me. I even pulled out the old childhood tape to listen to at times to inspire myself to keep swinging away at my blocks and challenges.

Remember I spoke about my lunch our prophecies?

I drove the teachers crazy standing their preaching about possible future events. Most of my peers were entertained by it. They welcomed my doing this instead of my former lunch hour hobby describing school food in nasty horrible ways.

They all laughed but I did not realize I was psyching them out so much that they all could not look at school made lunches for awhile as I am such an honest person it was hard for them to see my jokes as jokes...

So the prophesies was a much better welcome choice...

But I had no idea the next series of ones would lead into discovery of my own heritage...

as well as leave a serious new mark on my religion and path and life, and help manifest a transformation in my life and those around me I could not imagine, as I witnessed them manifest.

To be Continued

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