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Casey Jones And Casey Heinzism - Story

Casey Jones

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Disclaimer:I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals and places, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties, occupations and places of residence. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Shakes -

by Casey Heinzism "DNatureofDTrain"

It was around April 30th 1994. I realized in the Month of April my reactions to the tracks and trains were worse, and made me feel so uncomfortable at times I hated trains..

The difference between a walk in and possession is..

..a walk in spirit is in agreement with the current other soul in the body..

They can take turns, entirely for years, or even change in and out, even do what is called a soul braid merger into one being.

I am still not sure what the case really is regarding Mr. Jones

...I however feel like he was my past life, and it has been one very long .. life..

I also with my therapist and friends started to realized the railroad crossings that were triggering me to have visions..

They all had switch within sight as I looked down the tracks..

I realized It was always the "North" Rail in the track that shocked me or seem to flash me into a vision or a jolt, or strange feelings or sounds...

And my hands shaking when trains were near grew stronger and worse..

Partly because I was in Middle School and that school is within one block from the tracks located closer to the actual railroad tracks than the other schools were...

(I think the distance might be wrong on this. As Milton High school railroad crossing was right across the road from the crossing.. So it may have been that I was on the north side of the tracks.)

The closer I am to the tracks the stronger my 6th sense locked into the energy and vibration of the trains and then comes the shaking hands...

"One hand on the throttle and one hand on the brakes, and North Mississippi was a ride awake, and the IC railroad officials said he's a good engineer to be a laying dead" - Casey Jones Johnny Cash lyrics...

My hands when they shake one shakes to the wheels on rails other to the whistle or horn ..

As to which hand responds to what depends on how I am sitting if I am facing the tracks, and the direction the train is coming from.

.... Sometimes the shake is not noticeable at all..

Other times its so strong I could hardly write with a pen or a pencil and remember being frustrated about it during school tests

One particular time, years later, when I wore a Lionel train watch.

My shaking hands and telekinetic response to a passing train was strong enough to set off the sounds in my train watch without pushing the button..

It was also not to unusual for the light bulbs to burn out above me as a train passed, or clocks to tick backwards I always tried to get a seat away from computers, clocks, and away from florescent light bulbs. I preferred to be able to see the clock as well as out a window.

This shaking usually made me so mad and embarrassed.

I would unclasp it, the Lionel train watch, and fire it to my school bag or the floor as I did not want any attention on my shaking hands, as everyone bugged me about if I got enough sleep, ate enough, one friend was convinced I was a smoker going through smoking withdrawals...

I was accused of drugs so much I could not stand it.

Being drug free was very important to me.

It did not take me to long to realize I could make bets on what school hour a train was coming by paying attention to those shakes.

People did not have to pay up but many did just to make me smile and to keep me quiet.. as I slurped up a pop.

Dr. Pepper, or Mountain Dew or Kick.

I learned if I attuned right I could sense a train three hours away.

Usually I do not "scan" that far and just pay attention within a hour to a half our distance.

I am able to at will move my sensing up and down the tracks.

I also discovered I can look at a person and tell them how far they live from the railroad tracks by the energy imprint, or sometimes used to live.

If I could visually see the railroad tracks as a train was coming. I could see aura on the rails as well....

The shaking in itself though was unusual and shifted, Sometimes it shifted from my hands to my jaw..

I was not sure what causes this shift still do not know to this day.

If I am close to the tracks I also noticed as cars pass over the railroad crossings I can also feel this...

At first it seems overwhelming until I look really close at the car tires as it hits the rails.. then it seems to ease up...

I also one day when I was helping clean up for Arbor Day..

I had discovered a guy friend kept wandering over to the tracks and tapping the rails with metal bar.

I yelled at him to stop doing that. He looked at me funny and said, it is not hurting the track..

Then he whacked it really hard..

I then fell forward into a bush that scratched up my arm.

I yelled back it may not be hurting the tracks for some reason it is hurting me and I can feel it.

He ran over to me apologized and then took me over to get my scratches cleaned up and I sat down a bit.

My other friend claimed it looked like I had some form of seizure.. and all of them commented about how my hands shook equal to that track vibration.

By this time I could not deny it that somehow I was literally feeling the tracks as if it was part of me...

So I used to joke and say I am the railroad's voodoo doll, or the railroad is my voodoo doll.

My friends used to yell at me for this. I thought their reaction was funny.

Later one person in the psychic rooms of yahoo had taught me the proper term for feeling another s emotions as if they are your own it is called empathy.

So I would say I have railroad empathy, and many say but the railroad does not feel?

I would reply objects feel just not in the same way a human does..

As they looked at me funny.

Then came the usual phrase,

"You are weird, but in a good way."

This made me feel so good when people said this to me.

It also made me feel good when people said to me,

"When I see or hear trains I always think of you."

I am not more than one person..

I am the one person that shifts energy ..

No more than people who shift into the home personality to their work personality to hanging with friends in a bar personality..

It is nothing like the stereotypes people make it out to be most of the time.

I was in denial that this Casey stuff was real until year 1998 ...

When I did a past life regression hypnosis tape..

You are suppose to do the tape every night for 30 days journal about dreams or thoughts etc..

I was on the 30th day.. but

To Be Continued..


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