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Casey Jones And Casey Heinzism - Story

Casey Jones

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DNatureofDTrain's - Casey Jones and Casey Heinzism

Disclaimer:I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals and places, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties, occupations and places of residence. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Sacrificed -

by Casey Heinzism "DNatureofDTrain"

Note: profanity was edited into more decent words for publishing.

September 25th, 2017


Casey had then immediately dropped deep."

He closed both panels but did not lock them...

As again the worker repeated removing the shackles in front of his sister and this time he started to cry some..

As he said, "On this day your family slavery has ended you now have the contacts and resources to now move forward with your life.

You are moving forward.

You are making the grade,

you are becoming more self sufficient and independent…"

He said,

"Turn the track power on and Train power on at the same time..

gradually turn it up to full power.."

He opened the doors, and then Gestured pushing up a button and popping up a control handle on each inner forearm he can slide by holding the handles and moving controls up both his arms from his elbows to his wrists...slowly...

.... "Focus on what I am saying…"....

"Try to Keep the frequency

We are increasing it"....

"He said to keep gradually turning it up as he talked."...

(This order makes Casey feel as if an electrical current he channels from the trains and tracks is flowing into him through locations near his wrists and ankles. As the current rises it increases his heart rate and takes over making his body respond to feeling as if the track current and Train energy vibration is running through him like a train runs down the tracks.

This natural connection feeds into his Chi and life force. As the current rises it feels hotter and more intense. In his programming this is used to deepen and reinforce orders. To burn them into him.)

As the heat, and current rises on Casey, The worker seems to attempt to use his programming to burn into his mind and programs these orders..

The Worker,

"Said you will work hard to become independent.

You are working hard to become independent.

You are more independent..

and free..

Casey shook head,

"No." at free.

Worker asked the word,

"Free" is bothering you?

Worker asks,

"Freedom is? …"

Casey finished,

".. enslavement to anarchy…"

Worker said,

"That Black person really did a number on your thoughts on freedom didn’t she… ."

" least you are improving on that according to the investigator… are working hard to become self sufficient.."....


Suffer to become independent and self sufficient.

You will work hard to be self dependent and not co dependent.

He said turn it up full throttle now, turn the track current as high as it can go..

And Keep it turning up.. going up, and up, and up until I say to stop.

Keep it going.

.. Focus …

Right on Time..

Worker states numerous things with Time in it.

Now is the Time..

(Casey knows Time is suppose to trigger something but not sure what it was doing to him.)

You are working hard to become independent and self sufficient

You are earning money

You will write,

You will sing.

You will open your abilities now

Open all your abilities talents and gifts,

Physical mental and spiritual,

open all your strengths..

Let them shine.

Make the Grade!

Make the grade!

Make the grade




Burn deeply..

Deeply burning

into you these words I had just said..

Deeply into your core being,

You have no choice,

You can not resist

Succeed you will.

Succeed you must

Keep the current rising

and keep it rising…

Feel it strongly…

You are strong..

He sat and watched

said look at me..

Look me in the eyes..

You are strong,

You will make the grade you will


You are starke..

Casey misheard and said what does my Ex bf have to do with this?

The worker confused laughing.. he texted the phone team.

Casey stated his name..

The worker asked do you know the origin of the name?

Casey stated.

"Yes, from the word Starke or Strength in German"

The worker replied Strength.

The worker then repeated this.

Then stated Gehorsam..

Do you know what this is?

Obedience.. I guess..

I do not know..

Worker stated,

"That is correct."

Sprecken Ze Englisch..

My knowledge of high German is very little,

and The Pennsylvania Amish Dialect is different.

Guten Tag verses Gueden Dag, verses Danke and Dangy..

A Man on the phone team said she is right!

I have talked to Amish about this.

Fact Checked.

The Worker then repeated,




You are strong

You serve

You are obedient

Now offer this pain and suffering to the

Iron god in exchange for succeeding…

As the worker stated this it caught Casey a little off guard, as he knew he was hitting on extremely deep programming here, and he was nervous

.. as he knew this usually lead to a sacrifice...

The worker then closed the controls case on his arms, and then symbolized with his hands the scissors on his arms and did an x like gesture cutting on both arms and drawing a line to the track points… Then reopened the panels...

Casey understood he was being symbolically sacrificed...thought,

"OK Hopefully it does not go beyond this"...

Worker asks,

"Can you go to town?"

"I want you to go to town."

"I want you to go to town… now.."

"I want you to go to town…"

"You will go to town.."

You will have fun…

You will do things..

You will cross the tracks..

You will succeed.

Sister starts laughing..

Worker starts laughing..

You will go to town with friends have fun, Go dancing and Swinging...

Casey then laughed with them and stated..

"um.. I gotta girlfriend...No."

I am sure they are not meaning the dirty minded kind.. we agreed to keep this family rated…

Sister Val stated,

"She does not know what Go to town means…"

The worker replied,

"I am sure they are not meaning that.

Casey asked,

"What do you mean..?"

Sister Val said, " .. if you meaning (dirty crap) she is not understanding this…"

Casey replied what in the hell?

The Worker said,

"You feel the pressure strongly…"

Can you go to town?

I want you to go to town.

I want you to go to town… now..

I want you to go to town…

You will go to town..

You will have fun…

You will do things..

You will cross the tracks..

You will succeed.

The worker stated,


As he looked nervously....

The investigator is meaning that too?

…. the dirty crap…"

Casey replied,

"Oh hell No! … that is against what I agreed to.."

and the worker started to laugh and said,

"Yes me too I agree to no naughty stuff that is naughty…"

The worker then got firm on the phone and said,

"No I am not doing that…".. and then said,

"wait?… .. Wait for how long?"

He then counted to out 30 seconds on his watch..

And said,

"The investigator is acting really strange really wanting you to go to town stating he does not believe you can.. and says you have too…"

Casey replied,


The worker said, "Track Kundalini (last word edited out)"...

Casey blacked, "out not aware of this being said"

(hypnosis cue, it's meaning it best to remain unknown, for Casey's Safety.)

Worker then snapped the next few words suddenly,




Worker stated that is not funny!..

Chaca stated,

"no response, nothing, dead as a cold steel rail, as she is meant to be in her natural state."

Phone team stated,

"She is right to say,

"No" then that is obviously what they, the tracks, want."

Worker stated,

"That is not funny, do not trick me into doing things that are not good to her.

I really.. I am..".. "

As he looked worried at Casey."

He looked at Casey shaking hard..

as he started to stutter a three syllable word that automatically stops and resets the connection to normal as well as pulls him out of hypnosis but he could only spit out one syllable at a time.

Sister Val was laughing really hard

The Worker was disgusted and told her this is not funny..

The worker said,

"Wow.. you are a really good actor?"..

Casey was locked in the current unable to turn down the system controls on his own.

He was trapped in the high current feeling as if he was on fire burning up from railroad energy surging through his body.

Casey stated,

"no act.. stop stop…..""

"stop .. stop .. stop…"

Casey's alter Jones started to tap out,

"...---... SOS SOS, rapidly..repeating it as spoke rapidly as well, and then came through and said,

"the ..we have to slow down this is to fast the train is going to jump the tracks…"

He stated it very rapidly.

The worker replied,





You will not do that.

You will burn and suffer,,

Just burn and suffer and take it..

Casey was showing he was in pain and pleading to him to him.

The worker stated,


You are not suppose to show emotions.."




deeply burning…

The worker then leaned and looked into my eyes.. and said,

"If you are acting you are really good actor… you are getting a little to real here…"

Casey replied,

"no … no .. no act…

please .. stop.."

The he could not speak .. just stutters..

Then just stopped attempting to speak when the worker said,

"No take it.."

As Casey gave him a pleading sad look then stopped showing emotions.

Chaca Stepped in and Said,

"Sir the currents are going to high, this is dangerous it will burn out his system and with no one there to quickly repair it.. it may kill her…."

..."Grab the controls and turn them both down to 20% but not lower than 5% She will pass out and if turned off can kill her..

You need to turn those controls down now ..turn them down gradually….

If you do not I will.. but the light bulbs will start to flicker and may explode…

.. and she will come out in a dangerous rage may even give bloody noses as a symptom of the current arc and snap.. confusing her..This is important… This needs to be turned down…


Chaca steps back.

The worker says to the phone team how long do you want to run this..

30 minutes?!!!…

That is to long!!…

Then he said,

"She looks like she is seriously reacting to this and it is not an act..

He starts to take Casey's pulse.. and says…,

"What in the hell?"

"This is really amazing…. How are you doing that? .."

He said to his Curator and sister Val..

No really put your hands here and feel her pulse

.. it really feels like the beat of a train barreling at top speed going down the tracks.. how is it possible your heart to be beating like this…?

He said,

"Wow it is gradually picking up speed..

This is awesome.

. He felt held his hands around both arms feeling his pulse,

.. and Chaca said,

"Sir… this is getting to fast…"

Jones said,

"Sir.. We need to slow it down the train can not take this speed."

The worker replied Jones,

Do not jump Jones

You will not jump…

Chaca said,

"Say stay with the train..

He responds strongly to subconscious cues.

Do NOT trigger him to jump…

The worker replied,

"Jones no matter what you will stay with the train.."

Jones replied..,

"Yes, I always stay with the train you gol darn people why the hell you think I don’t other than when forced or triggered to jump against my will I always stay with the darm train this is what I was known for..

Jones turns to Chaca and yells,

"Close the darn door!

Someone close the bloody gol darn door..

Close the GOL DARN DOOR!

Jones hears mother Nature state something and then echos what she stated,

"Varmint humans.." ..

Then turned to Chaca,

"Varmint cat thing close the door on the varmint human!…."

Jones then refused the order to let it keep gradually increasing the speed,

..and he started to gradually pump the brakes trying to keep it at a safe speed…

As well as attempting not to burn out the brakes at it was braking against a full throttled engine..

It was stuck do to the train controls, in the train panel being locked in full throttle.

The social worker kept pushing Jones about jumping…

Then Mother Nature Stepped in.. and stated,

"I thought you were a good human at first not a varmint stupid human…

::she twirls hair excessively.."

Jones gradually pumping the train's brakes as

Casey taps his ear lobe in reaction to show the brakes are being used.

Mother Nature asks,

"Why in the heck do you dang humans always herald him as a hero then every dang one of you want to patronize him and torture the hell out of him over this train wreck!..

Everyone who has offered to help wants to crash him! ..

Stop doing that to him humans!

Learn to treat your heroes as heroes!…"

Worker asked,

"Mother Nature?"..

She replied with,

"duuuuuh.. stupid human…"

The worker asked,

"Why are you twirling your hair?"

She replied,

"I dunno I always do that…"

The worker said, "Oh you are interested in me?"

She snapped,

"What?!" ..

The worker said,

"Twirling your hair means interested or nervous…"

She said,

"You stupid humans always make me nervous and are always doing this at me telling me I am crazy..

So I tell you stupid hided humans you are crazy back and I just like to twirl my hair…"

He said,

"but that is not your hair is it...."

It is his hair… and He does not like it when you twirl his hair like that..

Why are you doing that to the human that helps you the most… ?

Mother Nature,

"Then stopped and pet and stroked his head a little..

He said that is a little better just gentle brushing is better…"

Then she stated,

"Well I am not meaning to upset him.."

Then Jones smacks her hand and said gol darn it striking stop that twirling crap- this train is hard enough to manage at this speed… ..

He grabbed with his left hand her right hand, and and started to put pressure on her fingers backwards then he jumped, as it also puts pressure on his own hand.

(As Casey with his left hand grabbed his right hand and did this, as the worker reached over and said

you need that hand..


don't and tried to gently pull his hand up.)....

Jones Yelling, "Gol Darn it!

As he quickly caught the Train brakes...gently slowing as best as he could...

Nature said,


Then the worker said,

"See so why do you do that?.."

She said.. ,

"just because and that is all you need to know.."

The worker said..,

"you like me and are interested huh.."

She replied,

"Ewey nasty human body laden with chemicals.. no… oh grossss… stupid stinky stews.. stinky humans…"

Steps back….

The worker laughed and said,

"I really like Mother Nature she is so funny…."

And replied,

Curator disgustedly replied,

"You Would you perv.."

Then covered her mouth.

"Hey Nature if you stopped swearing as much and twirling his darn hair I bet they would let you out more…"

She replied

"I don’t give a crap…."


"Stated the train is going to fast.

I am losing control over the train.."

as he was pumping the brakes on and off…

Jones was now struggling not to panic.

The worker then held Casey's hands and inner arms feeling the pulse.. his right arm spasm ed touching his right ear over and over symbolizing the train brakes being activated..

As he said.. ,

The Worker asked,

"What is going on when Casey's arm is touching his ear lobe, right arm right ear lobe?"

Phone team replies:

This means Jones is tapping or throwing the brakes.

"That is absolutely amazing… you can feel the train braking in her heart rate…"

He said,

"but wait.. the braking seems to be getting weaker.."

Jones said,

"of course it is getting weaker the brakes are burning out..

Slow this down!…."

Chaca: said last warning you slow it down or I am pulling her out of this session and this meeting is over.. and if I pull her out the light bulbs above her head may explode..

The worker argued with the people on the phone and said we are only five minutes into this session and I am afraid this is going to kill her if we do not slow this down…

The worker snapped,

"What? No we are not doing that..".

. I am not running this for 30 minutes....

The Lights started to flicker in a subway like like pattern.

The Worker looked up at them with fear and stated,

"I said no I am not doing that..

I am not crashing their system, and he grabbed the controls and jerked them downward… fast."

Casey screamed in pain …

Chaca said,

"Gradually sir gradually it effects his heart rate… do not turn it lower than 5% he will pass out…

20% is the best level."

The Worker then gradually turned it down to 20%..

As he heart felt his pulsing heart and rate said,

"Wow that immediately slowed…

He told her to relax and drop deeper and then turned the controls down…

He said,

"I offer you to Ogun the God of iron.."

Then turned the controls off…

really fast jerking it down…

Casey wrote in his diary,

“I felt a surge of pain through my body… and I felt my head jerk back, as my eyes rolled towards the back in my head then my hands go limp and body fall forward… and vision go black..

In what felt like just a normal black out…

I picked up my head and body only to open my eyes and to see my head and body leaning on the table as the man said,

"good act.. now wake up…"

Then he held my wrists saying he could not feel a pulse..

He stated,

"grab the rails.."

"Casey draw from the Tracks.."

Grab the rails

and draw the track energy..

The worker was confused..

As the phone team said he usually immediately does this and draws the energy..

The confused worker leaned over my body.

Then felt my neck for a pulse and chest for one…

He said no pulse at all

.. He then ran his fingers around my face nose and mouth in circles, at times appearing to be attempting to tickle my face,

and said she is not breathing… as he touched and appeared to be trying to tickle my little beard and said this is a nice little unique beard you have there…

As he kept patting and petting around my face and head..

I could not feel it I was out of my body…

He turned to my Curator and sister Val and said call 9-1-1!… she is not breathing and no pulse..!

My Curator and sister Val said that is not funny this game is not funny at all…

He said I am serious.. he then got up and went to grab the phone as my Curator snatched it back from him and ran into the other room making mocking faces at him..

mocking.. sticking her tongue at him, going nana na boo boo kiss my hide type gestures dancing shaking her fingers and head grinning saying no no.. and then pretended to twirl hair.

Curator was mocking Mother Nature's hair twirling and said,

"no I am not calling 9-1-1.."

He then ran back to his phone..

..and told the team to call..

They said,

"We can not call either."

He said,


He said she has expressed publicly that she believes in the right to die..

If she passes out and stops breathing and heart stops she does not want medical attention….

She has signed a

"Do not resuscitate order"

If any of us call medical to revive her she could sue us.

We legally can not call medical help for her.

He said but I did not want to kill her..

I triggered this..

A man on the team stated,

"maybe it is coincidence,

"Maybe you did not trigger it she stated she has not been feeling well."

Worker replied,

"No, I did I caused this..."

The worker cried loud in panic,

"Jones come back to the Train!..


Mother Nature!..

Cha cha!

Someone come back tell me in someway what to do to save her…

Oh God!...

Heeeelp! Help!..

As he held my hands sobbing,

"Grab the rails..

Please return,

Please come back."

He was crying hard,

"Please tell me how to help you?"

… As he was stating to his family,

"Come on help me get her on the table so we can do CPR it has been almost three minutes..

As he and his family argued back and forth, and the Phone team said,

"Do not do mouth to mouth,

just chest compressions..

do not do mouth to mouth..

she has expressed she will bite,

more arguing..

to much to all log here... he agreed with the phone team his family should do the mouth to mouth part..

they refused....

The investigator said,

"She always comes back…

don’t worry she always come back…"..

"She is a well trained in Shaman


Shamanic practices..

she has survived this numerous, multiple.. multiple times."

He said,

"How do I get you back tell me how.."

I wanted to walk, but I understood the social worker and the phone team got tricked into this.

I did not want him to deal with the guilt, or karma for killing me and the wrath of my friends, and fans

.. So I tried to return...

I tried to reach my body,

my hands would not connect it was like my body was a ghost I could not touch it...

I told him,

Turn on the Controls!

but He could not hear me..

I wondered how he could not understand all he needed to do was that...

Why he did not seem to know this.. and why the investigator who seemed to know his programming would not tell him, or his Sister Val, tell him to do this....

He said,

"Grab the Rails"..

I can not grab the rails or my body, I can not reach anything!

Turn on the controls!

I wanted to smack all of them before I walked..

But I decided to see if the worker could feel me...

So... I then grabbed his wrists… and he said,

"No Grab the Rails!

Grab the Rails!

Grab the rails!

Come back!

I could feel him so I knew he could feel me so with my ghost fingernails ..

I started to flick at him with my fingers as if flicking a bug.. and he stated wait I feel you!

I grabbed his arms then.. and wrote

Yes on his arm.

He replied, "What do I Do? What do I do?

Write it on my arm show me…

Write the letters."

I am getting good at that my daughter and I draw on each others arms all the time.

Tell me please!

By this time the worker calms down and starts laughing...

and smiling...

As tears come out of his eyes still,.. he gently blotted his eyes...

With a look of disbelief in his eyes...

T - U - R .. I

do not understand.. O .

What is that a Z? ..


Zo! ..


XX ..

Is that a backwards N?

Does she always write her N's Backwards?

I thought she only did that in the Mother Nature Sign...

T - U - R- N

... O - N

C-O-N-T-R-O-L River? .. or S ..

His annoyed sister replied,

"Turn on Controls"

I realized he could not understand my backwards N ..

So I then wrote it forwards..

Oh N!..

His sister said again,

"Turn on the controls,"

His sister,

"Then touched his arm,

and said he is ice cold

I mean Ice cold...

As she went to pick up her arm, and then showed fear and worry.."

As the worker replied,

"Turn on the controls is that what you want?"

The phone team said,

"Turn them on!

Turn them on!

See if it works!.


If so we may know how to help her without medical!"

I kept dragging my hand up his arm and drawing,

Y, Y, Y,

Then YES,


Then slapped his arm.

He said,

"I deserved that."

I then gently

biffed the back of his head, and Yelled, Come oooon!

And started to just walk away...

Walking North..

Towards the Tracks...

Ogun's altar..

The investigator said..

I am worried she is usually returns in 2-3 minutes and is not gone this long..

She can hold her breath for five minutes… it is over five minutes….

It is at least 6 minutes since I started to time, and I know I did not start timing it immediately.

As worker states,

I hope this works.. and he jerked the controls hard..from zero to 5%"

Before he did this as I was walking away...

I went to scratch my own head.. and realized I had my prayer hat on was in my Heinzist garb had three shirts on of some form and some type of arm guards on my arm, and interesting shoes…

very comfortable…


As I was observing this… and looked around not a single other spirit in sight…

Most of the time when I die there is many... and

::boom electric shock feeling::..

The controls were jerked and I snapped back into body.. and hard...

I had a massive surge of pain through out me..

I took a huge gasp for air.. wiggled my fingers and toes to get circulation back in them.. as I was crying and choking.. and catching my breath with my head in my arms..

as the Worker cried,

"thank you for coming back I did not mean to kill you.

Thank you thank you.. I am Sorry.

I interrupted as he witnessed...

I then Grabbed the controls myself pulled the Track Controls on the right arm up to 20%, as I screamed, and then did the same on my left arm, to the train controls, and passed out a moment from the pain...

The Phone team,

"asked what just happened?"

The Worker told them,

"She has grabbed the Controls and fought hard to turn them up. To.. 20% She had to jerk them three times on each arm, and screamed.."

Phone team asked,

"Did she grab the rails yet? She has to grab the rails."

The worker said,


I cried as I was finally able to speak crying,

"I replied you know not what you do… You do not know what you do.. your doing.. I forgive you…"

Then passed out again.

I then rubbed my hands together fast and Grabbed the rails to get the track energy moving again.

(Grabbing the Rails is astral projecting my hands to Grab the Railroad energy and current and to pull it back to me, feels like grabbing an electrical wire, helps replenish my life force and keeps my energy moving.. I am always drawing from the rails, but if the connection snaps, shuts off, or is weakened I have to grab them again and pull the current to get it moving. I also call this rail energy railki when I used it sometimes in healing towards myself or others with reiki to keep the current at the right level for others.

...Sometimes I can grab the wire connection of mine to the rails and pull my hands along it to pull the energy flow.. as I did during this time.)

As I breathed in pulling hard, using my breath to guide the pull. I then nearly blacked out again.

I knew I needed oxygen to my brain more.. so

I curled my tongue and sucked in hard like pulling air throw a straw throw my curled tongue.. to pull oxygen flow to my brain, and pressure as I kept pulling from the rails to regain my strength.

As my sister,

"Shut up! Shut up Now! You never forgive..!"

I said this is rare circumstance he just stopped my heart and killed me by accident at the guidance of the idiot hide striking numskulls on the phone that do not know how to properly run my train and track energy…

I will not hold him to his karma for such an honest mistake… as he thinks what he is doing is just role playing..

He is throwing real post hypnotic triggers not realizing it..

He said what? I am throwing hypnosis cues at you?

I said yes real hypnosis triggers

(He whispered we prefer to call them cues, I repiled no these are triggers.)

.. not just play…

He said I thought you were playing..

I said I was at first until you tapped my rails and ordered drop..

The worker replied,

"This is not a game?.. " and then seriously stated,

"This is NOT a game.…"

he said,

"Who did this to you…"

I said,

"I don’t know…?"

He and my family argued with him about how this it not funny at all anymore and he needs to just stop and told me to stop playing the game..

I said it is no game… at this point it is real…

He asked if I wanted to show them I really am feeling this.

I said,


He said..,

"I do not want to do this next part with you…

This is going to hurt.. they say it may hurt stronger than any other pain you have felt…"

To Be Continued...

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