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Casey Jones And Casey Heinzism - Story

Casey Jones

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DNatureofDTrain's - Casey Jones and Casey Heinzism

Disclaimer:I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals and places, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties, occupations and places of residence. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Recovery and Threat

by Casey Heinzism "DNatureofDTrain"

September 25th, 2017

Note: profanity was edited into more decent words for publishing.

September 25th, 2017


The worker stated I got the key… I got the key.. I got the key with a little bit of sunlight…

The phone team said,

"Do not give it to her. Keep it.."

He said,

"No .. I am not keeping it..

It is hers..

We are ordering her to be independent and self sufficient so she gets her key back…

and then he grabs my lanyard and pretends to be hanging an invisible key on it..

Says now you can choose any of these old keys to be the one if you want..

I just kept looking at it then I sat with my arms crossed..

I felt really confused...

He said what does the X mean to you..

I said,

"Many things he said crossing your arms like that.. does that mean you are feeling insecure..

I said sometimes.. but it like grounded in reality, secure, safe..

I naturally sleep with my arms crossed it also just helps me to relax, focus.. and I said well it also means..

He said,

"the crossing of them means and stated a masonic meaning..

I said,

"never thought of it that way sounds masonic…

He replies,

"It is.."

He said,

"We know you are Illuminati..

I said..,


he laughed and said you are real blitz-man aren’t you …

I laughed..

Worker asked,

"Are you a Mason?"

I said one of my doctors was the grand mason and said I could affiliate with the Janesville, Wisconsin Lodge..

Eastern Star..

But I had not officially went through any initiations or been to the lodge, but they did welcome me in as a member to at least affiliate.

I would love to at least give a try someday.

Oh she welcomed you in then.

Your Dad here must be a Mason then.

I said no my Great Great Grandpa.. W.. Was.

Curator and sister said that is not true.

I said,

"I know it is true."

Phone team man responded,

"They will welcome in any relatives but usually to be allowed in that fast it has to be a parent, grandparent, sometimes aunts or uncle....

another man on phone team stated,

"His other family was.!"

Worker asked his Curator and Sister Val,

"Do you hate Masons or have something against them?"

"Both replied yes, I really hate them and Curator went on a rant about hating them."

I said,

"How can you say that?

What have the masons done to you?"

I was really disgusted by this.

The Masons helped me escape..--

Worker Said,

"What about your other father?"

I said Yes,

"T. C. Was a Mason, and I enjoyed interacting with the other Masons at his funeral and other occasions.

A Phone team member said,

"Yes, He Was! I Remember him from the lodge.. he was also a World War II Vet!,

So his other caretaker is D. C!..

Oh No,

the sister,

Emma..issue.. is A. C..."

I Replied,

"Yes... and Yes."

I also said through numerous groups online I have been honored into numerous secret societies, although since they are online hard to verify for sure if all are legit or not..

Golden Dawn, and other mystery schools, and magick schools, secret societies...

The worker stated,

"You are a real blitzman aren't you."

I said,

"Not sure what that is.. "

He said by the power of thunder.

... blitmanz man power of lightning.."

I said,

"That silly cartoon thing?"..


As I imitated pounding my first down on the table.

I said..,

"Oh the power of thunder and lightning is definitely there…

You would not believe me if I told you.. but if I showed you you might never come my way again … "

He then started to sing my song,

"Don't judge me based on my family.

Don't judge me based on my friends.

I am my own darn person don't striking judge me on them.. for lightning!…"...

He said,

"That song takes on whole new power and meaning for me now.. that I see what you are going through."

Phone team replied me too.. as they all agreed and one stated it does for all of us.

I was surprised in person for the first time to hear another person sing my song to me..

...and to understand it's true meaning...

I know I had tears in my eyes..

He then said how are you feeling?

I said,

"I feel OK .."


I stated,

"I am feeling very schizophrenic..."

He replied,

"Oh so you are?"

I Said,

"Of course, I am not. Hypnosis abuse, Dissociative identity disorder, Post Traumatic stress, Is NOT Schizophrenia...

But it seems that is what the goal was here..

To make me feel like I was or to try to force me into the hospital and if it was, your a bunch of hide holes"

I then sighed...

The worker stated some number codes at me. I did not know what they were, and

I Yelled,

"No! I am Not Feeling or Going Schizophrenic!"

I yelled and stood up did some hand gestures, and threw them upwards...

There was then this mysterious roar like thunder really loud circled us three times. The rumble then traveled across the sky away from us. Then it grew very loud over the phone.

Then even louder and ended in a loud crashing sound. As the phone team all yelled in panic.

The worker and phone team said,

"Woe, that must really be against her inner core values and system."

The Phone team stated,

"The Investigator says he knows she did not know that code it is not written down in the manuals we have seen her or Chaca access."

Then I started to uncontrollably stutter..,

"Lightning lightning da da dat lightning I hata that lightning da dat lightning.."

I said,

"Which alt keeps muttering that nonsense that is annoying.."

Then I started to yell,

"Just as some tracks are nice!

Just as some tracks are nice!

Just as some tracks are nice!…."

They all started to laugh as my sister said,

"I am not sure why that is bothering me.."

The worker said,

"back mask what you just said..

Your sister is getting the message loud and clear.."

"They had you they had you they really had you …"


says the worker.

The investigator says,

"I am suppose to say they did not had you they have you..

They really really raily have you and you have no choice…

They have you and they are not letting you go no matter how hard you squirm…

My Curator and sister Val looked at each other my sister said,

"OK that is enough that is starting to really scare her and it is not funny."

The worker continued,

"This is not a joke.. this is real they have her and they are not letting go..

Worker resumes,

"About ..Jones..

Is he in the proper state to be running a train?..

If you your alts or anyone messes up on the system again, or Jones if you abuse the controls..

...or harm the train in any way PTC will be fully activated..

full switched on….

and Just as some tracks are nice means I really hate my sister.

Which sisters do you hate?

I said,

"all of them …"

He asked,

"Who was that about?..

I said my biological sister

.. Is that her I said no A- C– or J- or WTF her name is now..

My biological sister..


"Who is Emma..?"

Jones: My Sister.

She will not talk to me anymore… accuses me of being a delusions and fake…

I miss my sister..

Phone team member stated,

"She will not give them a chance at all.

She has been trying for years on face book, I been monitoring this."

Jones states,

"I do not want to discuss any more with you.."

Worker says,

"Jones is very very very broken.

He really really raily really needs help…

I state,

"I know but every time he has sought help or trusted someone they have hurt him or made him worse he does not want help…."

You are strong all your alters are very strong, but he is the one that is suffering and needs help.

You guys need to really stop hurting him and joking..

I said it has been almost a year since any plays like that were done and I had no idea how bad it was when I going to Thirty Three… for help..

Worker asks,

"Who is Thirty Three.. ?

I nod, "yes."

J E…?"

Worker says,

"Was this Aaron Ericson too..

I said,


and who was Greyson Black?"

I replied,

"Same person…"

Worker asks?,

"Lord Mortose?"

Casey replies,

"Same person… Serpents… from yahoo.."

Wow so you go way back and playing with that one..

So you do not run around playing with people who do not know usually.

I said,

"No… We just liked to study mind control and NLP stuff together for fun and play dark games in chat which for years was fine until she last year and year before started to push to far into illegal territory.."

".. no one that does illegal activity is allowed to work my system my system my alts and everything turned on her when she was promoting SRA against children and and pedo shit… now promoting changing age consent laws is one thing but she went to far with that…

Curator asked, "what is that?"

I replied, "Trust me you do not want to know.."

...I hope it was just, Shock jock, crap talking dark fantasies.. but I am ordained as minister and by law if it sounds to serious if someone is going to harm themselves or others I need to take action or report it…

Does this apply to your alters about you too? ..

I said,


He replied, "Good, Good Good, That is very very Good. Good Girl."

::Rolls eyes at Girl::

Phone team member stated,

"Wait Aaron.. Her original handler was named Aaron too..

This explains why Jones sought her out so hard for handling at that time..."

Worker resumes,

"Are you taking proper care of Jones?.

Is he getting enough rest away from the train?

When is he not running the train?

I said when I sleep…

But.. you sleep about 3-6 hours a day that is not enough time for a locomotive engineer to go home get rest…

Have some family time and return to work… He needs time off…

Worker says,

"How much are you paying Jones?"

I replied,

"He is not paid."

The investigator states,

"What! you must pay him?

Worker goes on you must pay him or it is a direct violation of the Bacon Davis Act.

Worker asks,

"What are his Fringe benefits?""

I reply,

"What are Fringe Benefits?


"states I volunteer...This is volunteer..." he is confused as to why they are threatening to shut the railroad down

It seems they did not hear him.

How much time does Jones get away from the train?

When I sleep, or when automatic dancing kicks in, or when a non railroad alt comes through.

Is that at least 10-12 hours away from the train?

I reply,

"No, We can't do that."

You need to train some of your other alter passengers to run it then, so he can.

I recommend he helps trains others then is promoted.

Who owns this railroad?

And who is the superintendent?

I reply,

"I don't know."

"Who is the railroad clerks and why are they not hiring?

You do have maintenance crews etc right?"

Yes, the mechanics and maintenance crews do not interact with outsiders unless requested to do work.

Worker asks,

"Jones, Who owns the railroad." Jones replies, "Casey Heinzism.

" Worker asks,

"Who is the conductor?"

Jones replies, "Dna L."

Phone team all laughs,

"of course.." Who is the fireman?,

"It is automatic it is low fire."

What kind of engine are you running?


"Some new fangled thing.. but it operates like a steam engine, just more efficient."

Worker replies, "I thought it was a steam engine."

Worker turns to me,

"What kind of engine is it what powers it?"

... "It is a solar powered steam engine."

Do you haul any hazmat?

No, Mother Nature would not allow that in her territory.

This is an environmental friendly Solar powered steam engine, also runs on sound...

and electricity in the rails..from the motion.

Worker says,

"Wow how big are those fresno lens to run that? or is the engine really tiny?"

I reply. Lens? What lens?.. There is solar panels.

Do you just run in circles around Mother Nature's territory or do you go other places?

We run mostly in her territory but we go through portals at times all over to transport passengers between realms.

The worker stated,

"Come on guys his railroad engine and equipment is more advanced than any of us can understand... long as it is well maintained and run properly this is what matters.."

How often do you sleep?

I said,

"once a day and once a night usually...

That is a lightning strike survivor and common in fibromyalgia not to sleep longer than that..

Worker says,

"You really should sleep more than this."

I reply,

"No Thanks. I can not function on more sleep than that."

Phone team replied,

"How can you function on that? Most can not function on to little sleep, you function best sleep deprived?

The other members stated..

Severe sleep deprivation..can kill you."

Worker stated,

"Do you at least rest longer?".

I replied,

"I sleep less cause I go through less stages of sleep,

I am usually in Theta wave state..

My old therapist explained this to me.."

Worker said,

"You need to sleep more."

I replied,

"No, I don't these days all I do is sleep I can not stay awake or function these days!"

Should we turn on PTC and ETMS …?

I said,


"I hate PTC I am against it..

Worker says,

"You already have PTC installed in your system…

I replied,


Worker says,

"What about ETMS..?"

I said,


He asks,

"Do you have this installed?"

I said,


Worker says,

"Yes, you do you have some of it..

I state,

"No I don’t.."

The worker states,

"I would not be able to just work your controls if you did not…

I replied,

"That is ATC controls."

Phone team laughed as one stated.

"PTC is ATC."

Casey replied not ATC is Not Wireless PTC.

I am against Wireless PTC.

Worker says,

"How is someone so much for railroad safety so against a system that prevents speeding and collisions?"

"Wireless PTC is a major security risk,

"Do you really want wireless hackers stopping trains in the wrong locations triggering collisions, or how often a wireless signal drops?..

It is one thing when used as a back up... and making the train crew to have to look and read a tablet for orders and instructions when they should be focusing on the train controls and the tracks...?"

Phone team all responded,

"Woe, Wow. I did not think of that, asked if that was possible?"

Investigator stated,

"it is and has happened in other countries."

Worker stated, "I never thought of that."

What is the average speed you should go with the speed limit?

How many miles over or under.

2-3 miles.

What should the speed be in going into the

average track curve.

10-12 miles per hour.

At what speed does the train leave the tracks in a shape curve.

25 mph.

How fast is your fastest long term fast walk.

I laugh 25 mph..

Is this or lower your average train speed?

Yes Sir..

They kept asking further questions, and stated it was strange as if I was literally reading the answers off the FRA manual.

A phone team member stated,

"Maybe she is standing behind you and reading it or remote viewing it."

The investigator stated,

"She just might be, she can bi-locate, and remote view."

He said,

"remember the chip…?"

Chaca: Sir..,

"Do not bring that up she does not know..

Chac cha..,

"She needs to know.. The chip is still there and can not be removed.."

I yelled,

"Bull that is some hair brained bull crap that Thirty Three tried to make me believe..

Worker asked,

"Is it?"

Then made some sound on the tablet and I felt a strange twinge in my head...

I rub my head.. yes..

or symbolically there….. I guess..

The investigator says,

"You do have a chip and it says you are Total eclipse bubble gum, and a number.. Have you had your wisdom teeth out! You need to do that as soon as possible!"

I said,

"What? What are you talking about?..."

He said,

"You know what I am talking about get your wisdom teeth out, immediately."

I replied,

"I would not leave anything like that in there... if anything is there then how the hell did it get there you seem to know it all tell me!"

Worker says,

"If you or any of your alters cause harm to your system or anyone else..""

We will turn on PTC and ETMS..

Do you know what this means?

I replied,

"Yes, I do."

Worker asks,

"What is PTC.. ?

I reply,

"It is positive train control..

Worker asks,

"What does this do to you…?"

I reply,

"I do not want to talk about it…

He says,

"382 mode.."

I reply,


Worker looks sad as he asks,

"What is 382..?"

I reply,

"The engine Casey ran when he wrecked.. the train…

Jones: Grumbles..

I stutter,

"Cuff ti.."

Give a confused look.. Then realize I said F.. it backwards.

Worker states,

"You may want to think about how you just worded that."

I replied,

"Sorry, Jones."

Worker resumes,

"What happens when you are in 382 mode.?"

No thoughts,

No feelings,

no emotions…..

total void..

automatically respond...

Worker says,

"You think that is bad..

Just wait until you feel ETMS on…

You have only three months to secure your system and make it full autonomous you can still have outside workers and such for fun.

...But three months.

Then we are stepping into to turn on ETMS to fully control you by automated aviation skills..."

I Yell,

"What the strike. there is no aviation on this system this a striking railroad for striking crap sakes..

Railroad trains, Tracks, Steam engines.. no gol darn airplane smairplanes or striking thirty three airship crap…

He said,

"oh the original old system good..

That makes more sense, anyhow..

Still we will turn on ETMS….

You have three months…"

Do you know what this is?

I reply,

"Electronic Train Management System"

The Worker says,

"No, Electronic Transportation-"

Phone team interrupted,

"No! She is right she is right!"

Worker resumes,

"If you do not do this.. We will do this,

and what will this do you to?

I reply,

"Monitor my every movement,

and control it.."

Worker states,

"Yes, like the hyper loop game..

Go to the Station..

Grab your ticket..

Sit in the train …

You will have no choice but to do this or that or what you are ordered to do..

But do not worry you may enjoy this.

Casey shakes head,

"No..thinking How can I enjoy when I can not feel?"

As worker continues,

"We will make you function to your full potential.

You will still sing,

and pray,

and care for cats,

and all that you enjoy..

You will just have to do so at our orders..

and on our schedule…

You will have to move around and hang around town.

Since so many are afraid of you...

Do you realize how much crime we could prevent just to have you walking through and hanging out in certain locations in town?

We would use you for this purpose, and to help and approach people, that you maybe able to help better than us.

The investigator says,

"You would really enjoy this, and living this way.. would give you more social activity, and productivity then you family obviously allows."

If both of these are turned ..

You will be totally droned…

I replied,


He asked,

"Do you want that..?"

I state,

"No, I do not want that."

Then you better secure your system.

I reply,

"I can't"

Investigator states,

"If you are not going to try we should do it now then."

Phone team and workers pleaded..

"No, Please.. Please give her time, please give her a chance.

The worker had tears in his eyes looking at me.

And You better comply with meeting the standards to the

2014 railroad safety act.

You have no choice you helped push that into law..

So you should comply to it..

I replied,

"The fish turds added that PTC crap to it after my friend Robert Sanchez died in the LA train wreck…

The surprised worker asked,

"You were friends with the La train wreck engineer?"

I replied,

"Yes.. until two years prior to his wreck I turned his hide in for texting us railfans on the job..

Nothing was done..

Since it ended this way we were friends for years on train orders..

I left the site when the chat closed, and some crazy crap went down.

Phone team member replied,

"Crazy crap being when the men started to fight over wanting to talk to her, and outed her as Casey Jones."

The investigator said,

"Shh. listen to her."

I went on,

"When I worked in depression support at ..

One of his friends asked me to give him support and help him..

So that is how we ended up as friends when his partner killed himself, and people gave him crap for being gay..

So I was there for him for years but he had this habit of testing Positive Train Control system, and we got into a fight about it being installed or not on new line he was working for..

It was not installed there.....and then later it was.. but it was not on all the time…

I believe that lie factored into this wreck but nothing is said about that or about how the signal lights on the line were so screwed up that green and red lights tended to always look green

.. but enough about that crap…

Phone Team member says,

Facts… Facts, Facts, Facts, all she just said about La Train wreck engineer and this are Fact Checked true….

The worker states,

"We will turn ETMS on if you do not comply with securing your system do you understand?..

I replied,

"But.. you know.. crap"

The worker stated,

"I am your system's Federal Railroad Administration, you will comply, Fully with FRA laws."

Jones next time

We come,

You must have your block book,

hours log,

and a list of any and all Fringe Benefits you are receiving.

This railroad will be shut down if the employees can not supply the correct paper work to prove the railroad is functioning well and employees are not being abused.

Worker states,

"The investigator states you must go to the Federal railroad administration site and study the videos and save and listen to on loop the Risk Management Video."

Worker Laughs,

"Do you know what this line says backwards."

I laugh... and state,

"What Sue says is crap!.. Serve the community, be of good service."

Worker replies, "How do you know?"

I state,

"We back masked them years ago on Train orders..

.. and made fun of it.

I particularly remembered it for the first line made me laugh hard.

As everyone asked who is Sue?

Worker says,

"We want you to listen to it forwards and backwards on loop if you can save it download it or record it if you have to...

I can not believe I am saying this is this legal?..."

I state,

"Should be,

I was told that is public domain..."

I was really curious why they were pushing this video and that so hard...

as well as all this Federal Railroad Administration rules stuff..

My internal railroad is out of Federal jurisdiction is in Mother Nature and Heinzist Tribal territory..

Also ran by spirits that can often bi-locate so Jones is often running the train as well as spending time with his family simultaneously.

The Worker continued...

You will obey and follow these laws and orders.

You will also secure your system or we will order you to turn on PTC, and ETMS and if you do not do so, or agree to it.

We will shut down your railroad.

I replied,

"Yes, I understand."

I was feeling hopeless..

I know this can not be secured.

As I listened to the orders continue,

"You will write,

You will sing,

You will dance.

You will work hard,

You will become self sufficient.

You will laugh and have fun.

You do not do this enough..

...and if you do not work towards this we will step in take over and make you work hard…

Your daily tasks,

are your station stops.

He listed the average times I get up and what I do, when I eat and feed my cats, as well as listed master numbers when you see 111.. it will boost your creativity and confidence etc. And 12:12 and 121212 you get often means, Stay on the right track, or Just on track.

Do you understand?

This is one way we will do this is by a timed schedule and triggers.

We will send these triggers to you through anyone.

Including the kids, and your g.., online and offline.

We will slowly move in and do more in person offline as well.

You will work really really hard..

Work is freedom…

I replied,

"Work is Freedom.. I like that...I do feel my best when I am able to work hard."

The worker looked uneasy with my response and asked,

"Do you know where this is written in German at the entrance of?"

I replied,


The worker replied,

"The people would get off the train, enter this entrance and read this..

This was written above the entrance Auschwitz and each of the Jewish concentration camps."

Do you understand the meaning now?

I replied,

"Yes, Literally worked to death."

The Worker replied,


and he looked very sad, concerned, and worried."

I looked down sad as well. Worker asked,

The investigator says,

"You are suppose to be getting a little piece of Auschwitz aren't you."

I said,


You are suppose to be getting that small slice of Rail your other mother left you or your other fathers, we are not sure when.

Do you know about how he got it?

I stated yes he was a world war 2 vet and one of his Jewish friends got it for him as a gift, and thank you for helping them, as they knew it was very important piece of history.

I replied,

"Oh yeah."

Worker said,

"Had you ever touched it?"

I said,

"Yes.. At first touch I had a negative reaction to it, but I energy cleansed and blessed it.. so it did not bother me since.

My sister and I used to sit by it a lot as we read stories and poems to each other."

The investigator made some dirty jokes.. and

I said,

"Hell, "No" if I get it will not be used for that and will serve a part of my Ogun, Altar.

"What does Krishna mean to you?""

I said.. that is a name of a Hindu god I like…

He said,

"Look at when you say it backwards what is is.."

I replied,

"I don’t know… Arishna Ka..

He said what about Auschwitz.

I said..

"ugga holocaust death camps.."

The worker then said,

"holocaust?.. This means.."

I replied,

"means.. burned offerings…"

I do not like anything dealing with the Jewish holocaust..or Red...

The worker asked,

"Then why is Auschwitz in your track words?

I stated,

"What?!" ..

Chaca: said,

".. ow … switch like turning off the ow… But if thrown to many times can be a death switch.."

I asked,

"What are you talking about?"

Chaca said,

"Casey.. T …"

The worker said,

"Yes, the T word backwards is that..

and H word is Krishna..

I replied,

"nah can’t be...Spirits gave me those words..well part of them."

The worker replied,

"Your subliminal back masking skills is unreal…

The h word is not Krishna backwards it it part of my heritage war cry.

. h.. chu Welu!

Have Courage!

When in battle my Lakota side always yelled this.

Phone team member said,

"Fact checked true.. oh this is why she said it is a good day to die."

I replied,

"Every day is a good day to die!"

You should consciously learn what you are doing with it.. those kind of songs sell really big…

I laughed and replied,

"LOL, I am not putting hail Satan in my songs…"

The worker laughs and says,

"No, you just put about hating your sisters and calling them snitches.."

I replied, "What? LOL…"

He replied,

"Cha change change is snitch backwards..

I replied,

"Nuh unh..yer pulling."

He says,

"I am not pulling.."

Worker asks team pulling?

Phone team says,

"pulling my leg, fibbing, lying, joking.."

Yes it is do it…

go back mask it..

..and you hate your sister which one was that about?

I replied,

"LOL I said I usually do not call people snitches I say narc but I did post on my face book this morning about being fed up with snitches ..

I usually do not like that cause of the snitches get stitches saying referring to throat cutting.. or killing..

He said your sister there is your biggest snitch, pointing at Sister Val.

She tried to lie then could not and just glared at the worker.

He then said remember what they said about PTC and ETMS they are not kidding the investigator is serious…

He is going to step in and do this to you…

..and says he still is sure that you do need an offline and in person handler, and controller and it will not be any family or friends that you know, and we will be very strict and cruel with you all for your own good…

When we do this

We will do so in such a way that you will not know it until you are trapped in the current...

No ease,

No release,

No choice..

No escape..

19 yr old runs in from the next room and yells,

"What are you doing to her?..

Why are you doing this? …

Sister Val and Curator state,

"It is OK. please leave the room.."

I state,

"It is OK."

She replies,

"No it is not okay..! What are they doing to you?… and Why? Why? Why?

Why are they threatening to take full control over you and all you do…?

The worker said,

"I bind you securely to the tracks…"

Made a v shape with his fingers held it over my wrists tapped each a few times and said do the same to your ankles…

(symbolically Crucifying Casey Heinzism to the tracks, to keep the track current flowing, keeping him centered and grounded, as well as the lingering imagery to remind him of his orders.

As to also always acknowledge the strength and power of the railroad energy he both draws on to live, and to channel.

Since Casey's life is dependent on remaining connected to the track energy he has to feel it, or he goes into a panic.

The crucifixion symbolism is also symbolic of his passion for the railroads, and also symbolic that he both lives and died by rail.. well as remembrance of the price he paid in Jones's wreck. )

19 yr old yelled,

"Stop it! or I am going to punch you!".

I replied,

"Violence is NOT the answer, We Must never resort to violence!"

19 yr old said,

"But they killed you and are trying to take away all your freedoms and take total control over you!

...Why are you not fighting?

She turns to our Curator, and Sister Val..

"Why are you allowing this?"

She starts,

"slapping her hands in her fist yelling."

"Stop it, Now"

"Stop it, Now"

"I Really really mean it stop it now!"

Phone team asked which child is this?

Curator replied her name.

They all agreed best to end this now as this child never resorts to violence and is seriously scared, and should have never witnessed this session.

Curator and Sister Val stated they had no idea she was watching.

Curator asks,

"How much did you see?"

19 yr old replied,

"The saw entire whole thing, all of it..!!"

The worker said,

"I am counting her out now..bringing her out."

I am counting backwards from five up..

5.. you are coming up..

19 year old pounds fists in hand inches closer to the worker


19 yr old moves closer

4.. suffer you are coming up more..

19 yr old moves closer

3.. you will obey all the orders we have given you and remember what is good

2. you will use your experiences to write more..

19 yr old glares into workers eyes in front of him.

1.. you are up feeling relaxed refreshed wide awake alert aware..

19 yr old throws punch at workers head and slaps her hands inches from his face.

worker sighs in relief...with tears in his eyes..

He said,

"Now I suggest you refuel your train.. go up to your bedroom to your computer turn on the rescue file and just lay there and let your eyes wander and stair as you remember this entire session is as much detail as you can let your mind focus and stare at points to download and process this information and let yourself drift asleep to process this..

This is Brain spotting...

Did you hear it right?

I replied, "Brain spotting."

Many mishear it as trainspotting at first..

...Wait with you it is a form of trainspotting...

You mentioned you just want to go to town and just sit there and stare at the tracks and talk...

I want you to do this when you head up, So you do not have as much PTSD from this session..

.. but you will have some as I did kill you at one point..

...and I am sure the control shocking will stick with you for awhile, and you should be careful as Casey Jones triggers you had not had for a long time will be there again….

Your dark desire has been fulfilled.

be careful what you wish you for…

This session is over..

I sat there in disbelief that this all just occurred

He said,

"I am really sorry I did not realize most of this would be so intense or I would not have done this role I will not be out here again unless they make me do it..

but if it is not met ...the next one they may choose to follow up in a few months may not say no to the investigators… he whispered the investigator said,

"they know there is no way to secure your system they wanted you to stay local..

...but if I was you I would try to move away from here as soon as you can..

..this what they had me to do to you scares me I hope they do not choose me to return but they may..

...but If I do are you fine with me returning..

I said


he said,

"you should never trust like this.."

I said,

"trust no one like the x files.."

He Said,


I said,

"Yes.. I do not trust people I can not fight when the train and track current are both on…

I can not fight the tracks..

He said one last thing..

I really really raily really need you to sign these forms…

He hands me the form I read it in detail really fast.. look at it… then sign it he said wait do you know what you just signed?

I nod,


This is important did you read this?

Do you know what you just signed?

What is it?

I said,

"Yes a medical consent form.."

He asked,

"You read it that fast..?"

I said,

"Yes, HiPPA….for your organization to read my medical records."

Phone team member stated,

"Wow she is like a real life.. Mentat!?"

I said,

"What is that?"

Worker asked,

"Have you watched the movie Dune?"

I do not watch TV and movies... hardly..

Worker says,

"Investigator says when he tries to the family always sends him out the room to do things... bring them things from the kitchen. or take it to the kitchen..

When they are home they do not let him sit and watch TV with them."

I looked down,

"and nodded.. "Yes.."

Sister Val,

"Stated I watched it was a good movie."

Worker said,

"Casey you should watch it. You might understand it better than the rest of it."

(A Mentat is a profession or discipline in Frank Herbert's fictional Dune universe. Mentats are humans trained to mimic computers: human minds developed to staggering heights of cognitive and analytical ability. source: )

Phone team man stated,

"A Mentat has these abilities: " Here is a basic outline of the Mentat "feature list:" Extraordinary capacity for conscious information acquisition Rapid computation skills Near total recall Unshakable concentration Calculates human and social costs without emotion Wide-ranging analytical talents (social, financial, military) (Mentats source: )

I reply I am good at most things accept for Math, and Algebra..

The worker said the investigator says,

"You could get the answer in that but did not know how..."

I replied,

"I used to.. I can not now."

A phone team member,

"She has awareness instincts too, or she would not been able to withstand the pain we just put her through. All the team members agreed."

Worker agreed too.

I looked at him still confused.. and shrugged.

I replied,

"No thanks,

..."I don't watch TV or movies other than my for credit stuff online..I would watch movies more but I rarely do.."

Worker said,

"The Tracks are her Spice, and Saphos is..

What is her Saphos?"

One phone team member replied, "Milk!"

Investigator stated,


Milk is her oil for internal, then her lotions and essential oils for external.

You have some good new healing oils your old teacher is sending you.

If you abuse them remember ETMS and PTC!"

I ::growled.::

The Worker Says,

"Coffee, Coal Black Dark Coffee. It is Jones's Saphos..."

(Sapho – "High-energy liquid extracted from barrier roots of Ecaz. Commonly used by Mentats who claim it amplifies mental powers. Users develop deep ruby stains on mouth and lips."[2] Source: )

Worker says,

"What? I can not believe I am saying this.

They said you must drink 5-6 cups of coffee a day for the next two - four..

No they want four - 6 weeks if you can.

Dark Dark Coffee..

Not.. Nancy? ..

Coffee.. What is that?"

I reply laughing.

"Oh Come on.. I do not want to do that...And Nancy Coffee is basically light and mixed coffees I like.. Jones calls them Nancy Boy Coffees like we call things sissy girls lol..

Then I went to take a deep breathe.. and relax but instead my Voice acted nutty made some odd sounds. ie ie ie .. o o am like WTF?

As the phone team replied you sure you did not see the movie!

She has the Voice! the Power of the Voice.

As his sister val laughed and said it just just sound like that scene...As one quoted it...

The worker replied,

"What we just did to her with the track and train current is like the pain box

... others stated

.. Yeah.. odd..

Are you sure you did not see it?"

I was annoyed..

No, I did not see it. Unless I did a long long time ago and just do not remember.

The worker stated you need to drink less juices, More Coffee and More water.

You are a steam train, you need water, lots of water.

I am very concerned the one juice is really really not good for you is it.

I replied,

"What Mountain Rain or Mountain ICE or or Vita ICEs are not good for me?

He said the investigator says,

".. No the pickle juice is not good for you."

I laughed I only drink that as a last resort when my fibromyalgia and muscle spasms are horrible. I do not consume that a lot.

The worker replied,

"The Tracks and Ogun state you should not have one ingredient in that.. should you."

I said,

"Yes, I know but that does not bar for legitimate medical reasons.

I prefer to self treat mostly with healing foods, and herbal supplements."

Worker says,

"Drink more Coffee, and Water, and keep the train well fueled.

You are a steam train you must consume tons and tons of water to keep your steam up. Do you understand?"

I reply,

"Yes, Sir. I understand. I must keep well fueled and maintain proper levels of steam."

His family said,

"Come on now.. That is not right..

The Worker replied,

"No he is a train and needs to keep his water and fuel levels right.

I said,

"Yes. Sir."

The worker says,

"The Investigator says that big soup bowl you drink your tea and coffee in is enough have one of them once a day. Do you have any dark coffee?"

I reply,

"Yes, my other Caretaker Brought Dark Sumatra coffee by mistake said

I could drink it... Just seems weird that every so often this happens to him when shopping also accidentally buys my favorite spicey cheeses once in awhile..

..if she points at if Curator does now throw them out before I eat them.

I do.

"He replies,

"You will not throw them out anymore if that happens she must eat them. Helps with the steam."

Curator replied,

"This is nonsense pure nonsense."

Worker replied, "No you throwing out food she will eat is nonsense, when you are complaining her eating is costing you money."

I state,

"That things sounds like some form or AI .. Artificial intelligence..

I do not want to be that.. Turdy Tree can have program."

Worker asks,

"Is is true around the time you met Mistress Valkyrie you were eating only 200-400 calories a day and did not realize it?

.. and they would not let you have anything else?"

I replied,

"Yes, it was one complete a day for supper.."

The Phone team said,

"And when she was doing all those horse chores and yard work she was living on milk and green onions mostly.. having a good meal a couple times a week on the weekends, as her Curator did not believe her when her sisters and their friends kept stealing and would not let her have the food they brought her.

She was down to 130lbs and is not suppose to be under 180.

The weight is documented.

Her Curator kept saying she was going to be in size 20 by fall if she kept eating that way.

She was size 13 womans, 32 mens..."

I replied,

"Yes. and tried to wave away from this topic. I found out they hated Garlic I ate very well after I got everything Garlic flavored..

I also enjoyed my wild edibles.."

Worker said,

"Do you know at the Jewish Concentration Camps they were allowed to eat twice to three times as much.

They were eating 700 calories a day."

Worker looks disgustedly at Curator and Sister Val.

You will not limit her food intake or diet anymore.

For as much as she does when she dances and works, she has to be able to eat. And You will eventually start to buy some of your own food too as soon as you can afford it.

Do you understand?

I reply,

"Yes, I understand for me and for my 8 cats."

The worker says,

"Investigator wants to know what happened you used to have more than that..."

Two of them got old, The rest keep turning up missing. They are either getting killed or stolen..

As they always hang around the family community and do not go to far most sit out the windows and watch me and G.. all day in the windows napping around the yard.

Worker said,

"You often can not taste spices or feel the hot can you?"

I replied,

"No, my sinuses do not drain right and I have chronic dry mouth as well so I often can not taste as well I should."

The worker stated.. the investigator claims that will help with that, and you will be able to taste and feel the burn of the spices much better if you intake the coffee.

Phone team member said,

"Fact checked right! Do not drink coffee to cool off hot spices I learned that one night from a spicey burrito!"

He said,

"Now I want you to sign one for your Curator I said I do not want my Curator or my Sister Val involved in my health at all anymore..

Not after this darn stunt… this is the second time she lied about what a meeting was..

At least the play part of it although scary and painful seemed maybe partially worth it.. the rest was striking bull and I do not trust them..

The worker replied,

"But your Curator wants to help you she wants to really raily really wants to help you, your Curator wants to really really raily help you… sign the form… ::boom .. hand falls down and signs the form:: (post hypnotic trigger railroad crossing warning sets off and Casey is alerted to the trigger.)

I replied. " … Crap.. I was triggered.".

Worker said,

"You just said you were triggered?"..

I said,

"yes.. he said do you know how?

I said my temples twitched and I did not want to sign that form and my arm just signed it

.. He said,

"Do you know the trigger?..

I said,

"really really raily really.."

I said How did my rails group saying turn into a trigger used against me?…

The worker said, "Do you want to revoke the form..? I think you should let them have it so they can see you are telling the truth about the lightning strikes."

I replied,

"My Curator already knows the truth. She argued with the doctor trying to get the doctor to hide it from me.

The Doctor said she told her I am a big girl now and have every right to know.

I said,

"don’t striking matter.. I never had a right to my free will with my family anyhow. They give me choices then say,

"no . no no no no and yes to what they want..

The worker smiled… and asked,

"Where do you want to go for your bday.. out to eat..?"

I replied,

"Somewhere near the tracks......

But they would ask that too...

This restaurant no that ..

Liberty Station no you can not go there has to be Mexican..

I know it is not called that anymore...the place burned on Halloween... strike it I don't want to go then… act like I have a choice then say no to what I chose…

... you do this chore you can do this time comes

... no you have to stay home and clean your room when my stuff was clean it was their darn boxes that were not…

... do this do that strike em….

The worker states, "family slave deactivation seems to be functioning good…..or well.."

Now you can not use the really really raily against her now..?

Now what you going to do..?

Oh wait let me look close at these signatures…

He said you said you do not do illegal activity..

I said I do not… unless I really do not know there is an existing law, or I am tricked or forced into it…

He said yes, no tiny messages about being forced.. like those ::edited out for safety reasons::..

Curator said what?

I said do not tell her.. or I will not be able to do that again if she does it to me again…

He said,

"When did you stop going to town? ..

I said oh .. maybe that is why I stopped going to town..

He said thought so… but I also stopped as I was just along to carry the bags and do this and that for them move stuff hold stuff watch their purse… there was no fun it it.. no one to talk to and only socializing,

I got was negative crap like go out to eat for my B-day and a cat died then my B-day dinner turn into all about killing cats..

I said I had a cat die every damn year but one the day before me B-day since 1989..

Isn't that suspicious I will go the whole year not losing one then boom my B-Day one gets ran over by my family, or the school bus, or suddenly gets sick and die with poisoning symptoms… striking crabs…

..then I stay with my dying cat on my bday and then never go out and celebrate it later..

He said you really do need protection not from yourself but from your...your Curator home and Sister Val and I think, that investigator as he pointed at his phone...

Is it okay if I talk about your case to my coworkers and all that I know..?

I said,

"yes." He asked, "Even the play stuff?… he said I might risk getting into trouble talking about it but you need protection and if you do start going to town I want to make sure people know when to step in and help you if they see something strange going on or you acting bizarre what to do to help…."

I said,

"OK ...

My Curator and Sister Val said, "bull. "

He said,

"No this is serious over 100s of people in the community are after hurting every success attempt she makes..

It is not just here we have witnessed this online too, and you are all being used for this as well and do not seem to realize it.

You need to wake up and stop letting others manipulate what you are doing about her and start to realize she is not lying…

and protect her like she has you..

I said,

"Yeah I protected your hides..... more times then I should even helping keep striking G.. here when all she does is torture me… it would be nice if you ever stood up for my hide.... and stopped listening to bull people say about me…

...and stop saying I have illnesses I do not striking have!

You want money from me then stop striking spreading this bull and this is what is keeping me out of work..

...and I do not qualify for this government bull and I am not faking it to do so…

I work my best online selling my books and songs and earning other ways.

Worker asks,

"Do you have any other questions?


He said,

"You do to are just nervous,

Yes you do..,

You do you do


I said,


Worker asked,

"Swag bucks?"

I replied,


I said yes but I do not want it to interfere with my insurance..

He replied,

"They do not interfere with anyone's benefits they are not taxed…

My Curator said how can we stop her from working online?...

Singing, stories, and earning on those programs.?

He asked why would you want to?

Curator states,

"I do not want her working them at all or working outside of the family."

He said,

"Oh so this is true you have been keeping her out of work.?"

and you had her write SSI on applications..?

Curator said,

"Yes, How do I stop her from working outside the family?"

He said,

"You can not, and you will STOP trying to do this and you will stop interfering.

You will not interfere with her internet at all, her friends, her work, her relationships, she is already monitored heavily so she is safe you do not have to do this anymore. "

You need to back off and stop interfering….

The worker listed all the songs I had listened to sharing in chat and private message that morning as well as private conversations, and stated.

She is monitored all the time.

Heavily monitored for her own safety do to all the death threats she has had.

Besides.. why would you want to stop her from working online?…

She can earn more online than any of these programs she is or is not qualified for…

And besides…

It is.. Free ..Tax Free Money!

I asked,

"Are you sure it is tax free My Points and them?

He said yes and you can turn it into money and not just use the gift cards, you can turn it into actual money.."

I replied,

"I could buy gold coins, and I had tried the master card gift card lately to refill my domain name register."

Phone team member laughed,

"I love it spending in that and gold coins like the National Treasury

.. Illuminatus.."

Yes. I am sure.. Are you really really raily Sure.. ?

He said,

"Yes, railroad track totally train moving sure..

I laughed at hearing my own words thrown at me..

Saying I used to state years ago.

He said,

"You need to talk more, You need to laugh more…

You need to let your alts out more…

You need to have fun with your creativity.. more

.. And they need to let you just be you and do your things and no longer interfere and let you roll move forward and take off…

...and it is your choice if you roll away from them and never talk to them again or keep them in your life.

If they want you in their life and helping still they need to stop controlling you and stop taking you for granted and pay you what you deserve…

..or they no longer deserve you in their lives… most of this community to be honest does not deserve what you have given to it over and over

.. just please give more to yourself too…

What do you usually buy with your money?

I said usually just music cause I earned so little 3-5$ a month and my web pages.. But recently my earnings started to really pick up on Swag bucks and them..

Do you only buy silly train songs?

No I brought only one of them other I got for free…

..buying them for free on amazon..

he said,

"oh good I was fearing you pirated music."

I said nope and I saved the receipts too to make sure I had proof I thought.

I was getting them legally if it turns out the copy is not legal.

I told you I am big on being law abiding…

It is part of my rails and Heinzist tribe code…

My Peace Keeping Rails group is like our tribes version of law enforcement accept we consider ourselves more of a values encouragement group.

Although the original group stood alone precursor to the tribe..

We were all about, support helping, uplifting people… telling people not to do something if they talked about breaking the law and asking them to think about the consequences…

We did not turn people in for stating they broke a law unless we knew for sure it was done..

This however was rare... but even then we are not snitches we only did so if something was harmful to oneself or another.. Vandalism, Theft, Stealing, physical harm to self or others...

We did all we could to promote unity and peace and to try introduce different tactics to neutralize conflicts…

I still wish we had better conflict resolutions skills..

We want a peaceful world, with free expression,

people accepted to be themselves no matter, race, religion, heritage, ethnicity etc.. both the rails and Heinzist Tribe is about this…

Worker asks,

"Why do you call yourselves New World Order?"...

I reply in my, playing evil, voice,

"We is taking over de world muwhahaa.."

and then state,

"just kidding.."

"That is the Amish part.. Old order Amish do not live with modern technology..

New Amish accept some new technology.

..and most Amish stick to their own traditions and shun the idea of worldly…

We Heinzists accept world religions traditions and cultures see all as part of our own..

This is not to do away with individual religions, races, or cultures.. but acknowledging we learn from all of them and do our best to walk our path out in truth.. and accept all as our brothers and sister unless those brothers and sister force us out the door..

::throws eye darts at Sister Val::

::Looks genuinely at worker stating,

"You can look up Heinzism or Heinzist tribe online to learn more about that..

This is my religion my heritage my spiritual culture.. what is has evolved into.

Are all your alters the same religion?

No.. Charless is Satanic..

Nature worships her Mother.. Mother Earth..

Jones is Catholic.. but only that to marry his wife he grew up protestant…

Worker asks, "What heritage is Jones..?"

He is full blooded Irish..

And you?..

Irish, ...Lakota, Cherokee, Amish.. actually 9 native heritages total I do not know them all..

I had a Dine grandma… my mom focuses most on teaching me about the Lakota she spoke mostly about the thunder beings thought it was so important to emphasize my working with them..

She dreamt about thunderbird when pregnant with me..

This usually symbolizes the child will grow up to work with rain and thunder spirits…

I said so that is biological.

Then I accept my 11 adopted heritages then my 2 other adopted heritages from my Greek and polish other Curator's family…

The worker replied,

"You sound like a Heinzist alright in more ways then one.."

Where did you get the word Heinzist..?

I got it from my Grandpa, my adopted grandpa here.. he used to say,

"We are Heinzists a little bit of everything not Heinz that is ketchup .."

I then coined the term Heinzism from this..

I did research to make sure Heinzism was not used any where before us…

"Heinz ist" means is Heinz in German..

So some old stories about in robin hood they called the men in Sherwood forest that… but who the hell knows..

Is why the family did not want to use the name.. but Heinzist, and Heinzism is one word not separate like Heinz IST/ISM

I tried to register my DBA as Casey Heinzism sent it in never got a word back if it went through that time but the notarized paper at the bank holds up enough…

I to my knowledge fully own Heinzism DNatureofDTrain and Heinzist terms..

The worker asks,

"Are you sure it is legal? I replied,

"Yes, but I get sick of having to disclaimer everything.."

Worker asked can you state it for us?

I rambled off in TV like voice,

"Not affiliated or associated with any Heinz companies, corporations, or family names..


We are Heinzists of Heinzism Not Heinz.."...then said. cept Casey Heinzism name of course.


They all laughed.. as the worker replied,

"Good, that is pretty good. OK. enough about this…."

The worker says,

"The investigators are perfectly comfortable with your plans and ideas and what you are trying to do…

They want you to make the grade.. and not fail…

I said if people striking stop derailing me I will make that grade just fine…

The worker replied,

"Ooh you said the d word.. laughing.

I laughed really hard as I state this in chat as joke at times with my DNatureofDTrain name..

His Curator and sister val was confused.. then sister said oh.. derai..

The worker said,

"Not nice to say that to a train."

He said,

"I hope you do not hold the rough stuff against me I was just doing my job.

I think you will be OK and safe but please secure your railroad system…

No matter what these people,

::As he was pointing with his pen at his Curator, and Sister and the phone, :: or anyone says you are capable of living on your own if you want to.

I expect you to take the steps to do so, and if you do not take the steps this is your choice too…

I am hoping you really take those steps after all the work I put in to trying to help you do so today.

You rock keep on rolling.. any song plans?

I said yeah going to add a background to oh no a spider..

Seriously keep the writing and the singing up I know you struggle with grammar but I am sure it will eventually start generating some income and I think if you keep writing on your controversial topics that will may even make you earn more than your Sister Val and Curator combined and I want you to succeed he said also have fun with the reverse speech back masking stuff … it seems those type of songs end up very popular…

Worker replied,

"I untie you.."

I looked at him confused. Worker stated she is confused..

Worker said,

"Oh Right, You are not longer tied down you may now proceed."

(Hypnosis cue that allowed Casey to finally leave the scene.)

So you are free to go now..

but you are still firmly bound to the tracks..

and you feel the tracks like a train…

roll on…

I stand up half bow and say thanks.. doing the namaskar.

Then I immediately run for a glass of milk and slap a bowl of left overs in the fridge.. as I watch them all walking out the door…

I then yell,

"By the Way, Sister Val if I have schizophrenia for talking to the cranes and geese then every hunter in the state of Wisconsin does too.. they use bird call instruments I just verbally do it..

It is called animal vocalization skills!.

I then said in sand hill crane warning you to be on your feet..

...then made a loud crane call….

The worker laughed hard said,

"that is a really really raily good impression sounded just like a crane…

His mom and sister yelled back that is not funny as they opened the door…

He said,

"ooh someone pissed off Mother Nature..

... lots of flying things….

Do not mess with Mother Nature.. as he pointed with his thumb back at me…."

I laughed…

Then three people yelling at each other..

All Casey got out of it is he said,

"No, you will not try that with her...


You really need to pay attention..

You have no idea how close you are to losing her right..

We all are..

You both owe her for what you said about her today.."

Proceeded by more yelling doors slams two speed off,

Curator and Sister Val, one drives off calmly, The Worker.

I drank milk ate left overs went to bed.

Played the rescued file on repeat but immediately fell asleep.

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