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Casey Jones And Casey Heinzism - Story

Casey Jones

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DNatureofDTrain's - Casey Jones and Casey Heinzism

Disclaimer:I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals and places, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties, occupations and places of residence. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Qualified or Not

by Casey Heinzism "DnatureofDTrain"

September 25th, 2017

Note: profanity was edited into more decent words for publishing.

September 25th, 2017


The Client hears downstairs his Curator and Sister Val talking to a man…

He realizes he overslept.. as he slightly panics, while getting up ranting about his alarm not going off.

..When he slid off his bed almost he had almost slid down falling on the floor…

He ranted about the bed on the way to the upstairs bathroom…

He Does morning preparation..

...bathroom, washing face, waking up… gets some shirts on, clothes changes, back braces and shoulder braces as he is aching...

As his Curator's words burn in his ears,

“Do not look healthy. Look as sick as you can, and as disabled as you can..

.. if you get this it is tax free money…”

As Client starts to repeat over and over.. out loud in a rant

“Just as some tracks are nice! Just as some tracks are nice!” ..

Then he states why in the Hell am I saying this,..


He then goes downstairs pours a glass of milk..

...walks in slowly..

..clearly signaling to the man he was not interested in this meeting.

Client sits their staring at the glass of milk, as he is listening to the man introduce himself.

He turns a moment smiles trying to be polite but is purely mad..

Especially ...

...When he hears… the worker state,

"This meeting is to see if you qualify for a program that would require you to live in a nursing home, or institutional living…"

As Client says,

"I thought this meeting had to do about applying for SSI? .. .."

He looks down and bites his lip fuming, feeling purely mad…

Then slips into his visualization of being a static engine number 382 sitting on the tracks, shutting off his thoughts, feelings, and emotions..

.. as he then is just processing and listening to the worker, and his relatives.

Listening to his Curator stating a bunch of lies about how he is to afraid to go outdoors or leave the house. How he never bathes, showers or washes his hair…

Making it sound like he did not know how to cook, clean, and never did anything but sit at a computer all the time doing worthless things like singing silly train songs.

Client had refuted all she said stating how often he washes up how he does it.

Getting into all the detailed specifics….

As he looked at his Curator giving her the clear look of what a crab she really is he then returned to expression less 382 mode..

As he leaned his fist on his for head and covered his left eye… attempt to self soothe and with part of his arm to mentally block the thoughts of revenge to his care home workers who thought this was the only way to help him…

.. and also with the intent of just wanting money...

Both of Client's, Curator and Sister Val comment about how great this was going and how they were surprised about Client's cooperation....

Client said,

"I know I need and want help, you just are going for the wrong form of it..."

Sister Val says,

"Well. I am very concerned when you post some things on face book.. Like you are talking to the Geese and Cranes."

I reply,

"Really, part of those posts are my Mother Nature character.. From my Mother Nature US fan page.

Most know it is for fun, and I do talk to them.

But it is not like,

"Hi how are you doing?" is bird calls, animal vocalization...

I greet them back as they fly over looking for me

..Nothing wrong with that..."

Worker stated,

"lots of people do that or wave at them, that is fine. And Many people post crazy fun stuff on face book, we can tell mental health of a person by that usually."

Then Sister Val brought up mental health issues.. and stated,

"He has schizophrenia.. "

.."Yep he has schizophrenia and talks to the geese."

Client remained calm.. up to this point then was getting to agitated, and struggling to hold 382 mode.. and he had told her calmly but firmly,

"Stop lying and making up illnesses I do not have. I have enough of my own illnesses. I do not need anymore."

Client replied and stated he had Depression, Post Traumatic Stress and Dissociative Identity Disorder…

But all were usually mild to none as long as he had a positive outlet to express himself, and was not forced into doing anything he really really raily did not want to do.

His sister replying,

"You really really raily want to have help."

He replied and stated,

"I do want and need help.. but you do not have to tell me this… But the help you are pushing on me is not the correct style of help I need..."

At this point Client was so purely mad, that he started to wave his finger at his sister telling her to stop.

(He was also was self a PTSD healing tactic, to process, why he was getting so upset, and to remain calm.

This is a bit of self done EMDR a friend taught him, to do.

He usually did not remember what it was called could at times use it like a stop signal to keep himself on track.)

She freaked out and told him that was disrespectful to wave his finger at her, and how it is wrong for him to be disrespectful.. and against what he preaches.

Client stated,

"Clearly the way it works in my religion and in my tribe is when one disrespects one of us they show they have no respect or regard for respect and or for our religion and our tribals..

although..we will do our best to be respectful..

It is NOT held to being so, as by disrespecting us any one of us you give us full permission to be disrespectful back to you, and even retaliate by any means necessary by violating the highest code of respect.

However, my religion and Tribe will always do their best to keep their retaliation in a proper manner..

As what one does to others they do to themselves…

...But if we must seek revenge it is in silly harmless ways, or by out succeeding our rivals.

Sister Val was taken back in shock by this as well as his Curator.

Client then stated,

"You are disrespectful and insulting me highly pushing these mental health issues I do not have."

She said,

"You do have it…

Client says,

"I do not.. .."

Client kept waving his hand as he talked in subliminal ways.. at first trying to signal to drop the topic.

As he sighed stating the words,

"Stop it", in reverse.. making drop gestures with his hands... and said forwards,

"move on"

or whispered,

"just to get it over with...."

The social worker told Client,

"I know what you are doing? .."..

Client replied,

“oh sorry, should I stop? I am not meaning to it is part of my natural self defense mechanisms to disable the attack.”

He said in a whisper,

"No, Keep going,




Draw them out.”

So, Client being a smart Alex that he is..

Drew a circle in the air around his Curator's and his Sister's faces in the air and drew horns and a tail on it… demonic drawing..

The worker laughed.. and said ,

“the other way”

Client said,

"I know…."

Sister Val asked him,

"Why do you hate the topic of mental illness or label.?"

Client stated,

"It is focused on to much and most so called mental illnesses are not the main illness at all but is a mental symptom of another health issue or issues.. They are facing…

I believed the medical profession should update their terminology and I do not like how the labels forced the symptoms to always hold the illness label..

Especially Mentally Ill.. as illness implies, sick, crazy or disease, which is understandable in many areas but it not well understood even now when applied to mental illness.

The moment the mentally ill, illness, or mental health label is used on a person the outside world insults their intellect, their talent, and tries in all manners possible to discredit any talent and work they have done and they lock them out of work, or socially shun them when this should not be done.

This is when they all started to talk about how Client had very high intellectual abilities and was very smart..

Client shook head, "No" and rolled his eyes as he said,


Then waved off the topic clearly feeling patronized..

The worker then said,

"Sorry if this feels patronizing to you but it is true…"

Client stated,

".. I know…"

Client's sister said,


She said,

"No,.. No, with you why do you get so upset if mental illness or schizophrenia is applied to you…"

The worker was randomly stating,

"Good use of this psychological self defense, and that one. You are good at this I do not understand why you would be afraid of going in public?..You talk very very well and clearly."

Client did not understand most of these references, just looked curiously at the worker.

As Client resumed and kept waving his finger back and forth .. Focusing on it to keep calm…

He stated…,

"because when my sister found out she had schizophrenia.."

struggling to speak,

"Many people.."

does relaxing breathes.."

...and it was feeling like everyone was telling me to seek treatment as he had it too, all stating when one sibling has it they both do…"

"He was also at this time struggling.. as he was having visions and dreams and nightmares dealing with train wrecks, and felt like he was at times being physically shocked as he crossed the railroad tracks..

On the school bus we crossed tracks six times in the morning and four times at night..... some days it was eleven times and that is a lot.."

"This combination lead to a mental breaking down and self harm and cutting to ease the pain and feel better as well as punishment of his self for not being able to control his focus and his thoughts…."

...."As well as the decision that if He is going to be locked away for life and a burden to society that he just wanted to slowly die, and just fade into nothing, or go to Hell…

Since no matter what he did good or bad he could never escape the hell he was going through… as people kept blowing him off when he sought out help or downplayed it...

His Curator Said,

"That is not true"

with a big grin kept shaking her head,


Trying to convince the worker it was a lie…

Client replied stating,

"How in the hell do you know? Were you in school 24/7 with me?!..

Did you have cameras, did your fake hide friend spies you set me up with not inform you of this?…

You know those fake hide striking bulls that you set me up with to be my friends from kindergarten up until middle school when I formed my Peace Keeping Rail group. Suddenly all changed lunches and was paranoid..

.. cause I had real friends encouraging to help me, and not her encouraging further damage…"

His Curators jaw dropped and she went silent for a moment.,,

Client said,

"You want me on gov support?

Then go grab my genetics testing records right now, It says I was born with a heart Arrhythmia… tachycardia"

Curator replied,

"That is not for you to see"

Client said,

"Oh really I do not have legal access to my medical records?"

The worker stated,

"You do have every right to legally access your medical records."

Client said,

"Why you want to hide from me what I am and born as?

I said,

"I know I was born with both male and female parts. I know my chromosomes are XYXXXXX are medically undefined…

I know that I am transgender and transsexual and no matter if you call me male or female it does not apply,

As though I am inter sex condition...

Although I prefer to be called male or they are them, as no matter what gender I am in my alters are multiple genders and will never match my physical gender.

Jones prefers his male identity,

Mother Nature prefers female…

Although she would not care if I lost the tatas she knows you abused her alter nickname to convince the doctors to make me more female… and is not happy about that…

Client’s Curator and Sister Val sat their jaw dropped.

Client stated:

My issue with you all is you want to hide the truth to me then feed me .. a lie, then run around and say I am delusional or crazy. I have every right to know the truth, and I know my father was Amish and was raising me as Male and Boy, and my Mother was raising me as woman, as she understood I am what in our native path is called Two Spirits.

Meaning with female and male spirit, and with my DID it takes on a even more unique meaning.

Two bad you non natives take this to be a bad thing as us two spirits are meant to help intermediate and balance the energies in society of feminine and masculine…

I am also contrarian..

His sister interrupted and said,

"You do not have DID you are Schizophrenic..

Client said..,

"Excuse me? …

Why are you lying? …"

Then waved his hand gesturing,

"Come on, Come on bring it.. spill it…"

At this moment both his Curator and sister at the same time started to repeat over and over,

"You really really raily have schizophrenia you are schizophrenic"

Client replied, "How striking dare you use my peace keeping rails style of really really raily to try to drum a lie into my head.

You are purely gol darn insulting and are not part of my group and at this point will never be welcomed into my group or tribe.

As you are raaaaily pathetically unethical."

His sister then stated,

"I am your psychologist, and I have diagnosed you with Schizophrenia"

As she imitated clients arm crossing gestures and looked turning towards the worker repeating this to the worker with confidence as if he was.

Client was purely disgusted as he had said,

"What you just said is highly unethical,, and extremely.. ill-….

And the worker finished the word..


The Worker continued to state,

"You are his sister and you can not be his psychologist, and you can not diagnose her with an illness.

You can gather information and recommend an assessment. ..

but, that is the psychiatrist job..

Not yours. She had then said she needs meds,

she seriously needs to be on meds and is a threat to herself or others…

Client stood up and leaned forward at her signing his tribal sign stating,

"What in the strike is wrong with you?

Why are you making up such gol darn bull?…

Then stood back… did a war dance step then sat down, and stated firmly stop your crap.

Stop picking a gol darn fight you striking liar…

Then Client scooted back into his chair..

and crossed his arms, looking to the ground deep breathing and grounding his fuming energy...

Chaca stated,

"Do not throw that energy she is your sister.. good ground it.."

The worker said,

"382? .."

Client looked at him confused and then looked at him like WTF?. as he lipped it wondering how the worker knew of 382?.. …

He then leaned his hand on his forehead obeying the suggestion to focus on 382 as he had thought not a bad idea..

Focusing again on 382 mode…

he felt voided with..

No thoughts,

no feelings,

no emotions..

...sitting there like a train on a track.. as he let his Sister Val and Curator keep going on and on…

With their lies … in what even in 382 mode felt like forever, by this time also deeply trance-ing to escape the moment...

Finally the worker stated,

"I had heard enough.. far more than enough and said ..

Client, you are dealing with some depression and anxiety for sure..

Are you taking anything for the Anxiety….

Client replied..,

"Yes, Sir. I am taking Holy Basil, for my depression and anxiety, I am not taking it as often as I should be but I take it as needed when it really gets bad, I would take it more but can not afford to take it all the time, and it is best to give the body some breaks from it on and off as it is very powerful medicine."

The man then stated Holy Basil, that is a really really raily good med..supplement.

I know it has helped many locally.

But no one locally seems to have heard of it until recently when some famous local artists named, Casey Heinzism, posted it on his face book and recommended it.

Someone printed his post off .. it was a recommendation to me he mentioned drug and food interactions and how to approach it safely with a certified herbalist and doctor..

I was impressed.

He stated this Casey guy is well respected in the community, very highly highly regarded.

He may share some controversial experiences but he is said to rarely ever lie unless joking.

It is said that no one dare to question or challenge Mr. Heinzism he always wins.

Up until this moment..

This worker did not realize he was talking to Mr. Heinzism as he was talking to him under his legal name..

He asked Client if he knew Casey Heinzism.

Client stated, "Yes".

Worker says,

"he really likes to avoid people? Why does he.. I would like to meet him someday, he seems so wise and great. He asked how well do you know him?"

Client said to the worker after, "I personally really really raily know Mr. Heinzism.. ::smirking:: better than anyone else would.

Worker stated curiously and said,

"really? ...

Is it true that people can not question him?"

Client stated,

"No, you can question him, but I am really sensitive to criticism as long as it does not turn into criticism that is not healthy and constructive and into name calling and insults questioning him is fine but I do get fed up with all the questions all the time because of all the rumors surrounding me.."

The confused worker looking at client.. said,

"You just said I in first person…

I would love to meet him and talk to him but he tends to hide from everyone, he is very very wise, but very reclusive… And that is when Mr. Heinzism broke out in a summarized version highlighting his oh no a spider song and dancing…

The worker's jaw dropped he stepped back shooting straight up out of his chair.. and said,

".. ya ya ya you are Casey? You have to be him?

Oh my oh my God!

I can not believe I am really talking to Casey Heinzism?

But you are a woman but you are..

Wow… Your voice is better in reality than the recording it is wow…

He then said.. "Oh Crap.. You just made what I am suppose to do even harder, as I really like and look up to you…"

This is when Casey’s Curator and sister stated.. Oh Crap!…. in unison…

His Curator and sister said, as they echoed each other,

"Seriously do you mean everything you just said about Casey?

Do people really state this?

He said and they state he has connections so far in the higher ups I do not even know what they are…

Mr. Heinzism said.. Friends in the UN, friends in the FBI, and DOD..

Worker asked, "DOD?"

Casey replied,

"Department of Defense but that is just friends nothing to worry about, you can do your job, I will not hold that against you"

He stated you promise.. Casey said,

"Yes, I promise and then crossed his arms and nodded and made a V over his heart then tapped his fist over his heart and did the tribal salute..

At the worker, with a nod.

He then sat there a moment asked more questions about Casey’s health issues.

Casey talking about how he struggles to walk at times, talked… about his previous medical injuries and back and shoulder and collar bone bothering him now…

..he is a lightning strike survivor..

hurt back a month ago… He also has asthma. etc…

Worker asks,

"Do you have a nebulizer or an inhaler?"

I replied,

"No, I usually do not need it.

It is caused by scar tissue from electrical burns in my lungs.

Only time it really acts up bad is when it changes from snow to rain to rain to snow or when there is a lot of flying things in the air,

Bees, Lady bugs.. etc.."

The worker laughed,

"Have you been outside today?"

I replied,

"No, I just opened the door to feed my cats...

...but I hear the flying things bouncing around on the porch right now...

Worker stated,

"Did you go to the doctors for your back?"

Casey replied,

"No, he asked his family to take him but they said doctors can not do anything about it anyway..

So I just self treated..

I ordered shoulder and back braces from amazon I am wearing them now..besides I will not consent to half the tests the doctors want to do on me anyhow

..I prefer to research and self treat, I struggled with my crutches a few days and a lot of yelling but it was getting better

.. so I just did my own treatment on it.

I just recently been able to finally move around and stuff again still painful and fatigued at times.. but I finally could do things in the last couple of weeks other then sit at my computer and sleep.

I am still sleeping a lot though. or.. at least laying down a lot.

I do not usually sleep much. the only thing I struggle with still is washing my hair cause my arms pop out of joint... but these new shoulder braces seem to be helping that."

The worker then had stated to all there:

Would you like to know my final conclusion if he qualifies?..

Client: Immediately started to trance leaning his hand on his forehead going deep into 382 mode…

He said sorry about this next part as it is going to be a little bizarre,

but I have to make sure I get this message strongly through to her and them and all in there..

as he waved his hand turned to the client.

He stated in robotic voice:

You are perfectly capable of being independent if you want to be. You do not qualify to live in an institute or nursing home.

Casey ignored him…

He said well what do you think..

Then the man was texting.. he said oh right 382 has no thoughts, no feelings, no emotions.

He then repeated it again in old English…

As then Client turned looking at him laughing. Nodding his head in agreement.

Then resumed 382 mode.

He then said the same thing and said Mother Nature we know you are independent.. She said,

"of course human"

twirled her hair and stood back…

Casey then fell back into 382 mode and was starting to fall asleep.. Worker said,

"Stay with us.. ..Casey.. Stay with us.. Do not fall asleep."

He then played a sound on his cell phone,

Casey perked up and slapped the table.. and he asked Casey what the sound was.

Casey replied, "Alerter."

Then he heard a team of people laughing that is right and the worker said but it is button they push, I said some cabs have a button you slap....

The worker on the phone said,"yes.. Long Island Railroad had this... She is correct."

As Casey looked at him and the phone curiously...

Then resumed trance-ing deep into 382 mode...

The Worker went outside a moment and then returned sitting there..

The worker then said ..


Train! …


for a moment Client perked up put his two fingers in the air… and stated..

What do you want?

You want to know where the trains are?

Client said,

"Sir, Why do you keep stating Train, as this brought client out of full 382 and he looked at the worker curiously..."

Sister Val said,

"Now that reaction was sort of weird from nothing to this..."

The worker texted and then looked quietly a moment and then said,

"Yes, can you tell?…"

Client said Yes,.. he overlapped his fingers thumb up and then raised it to his third eye sticking his two fingers up again scanning location… stating.

Worker said,

"Good use of heart hands..."

... one is just entering five points railroad crossing in Janesville, as there is track work between Milton, and Edgerton WI..

...right now as he jumped and rubbed his chest..

.. and one idling in Whitewater

…He then said I am not focusing in as the track work can make me sick so I have to focus away from it..

Worker was quiet a moment then scratched his head

.. And they said..

That is right.. How did you know?...

Client stated,

"When it comes to trains I can feel it or just know sometimes. I am not even sure how."

They have to be asking my friend

M. H. Head of the local railroad subdivision..

Wisconsin and Southern Railroad company or as it is now Watco...

If so tell him Casey Heinzism said,"hi."

People on the phone said,

"Is she really friends with this man?".. one person replied,

"Fact Checked.. Yes, they do interact on Face book. Another replied maybe they talked about this already?

Man said no, they had not talked about trains for awhile other than Casey liking and commenting, all Casey did this morning was post a rant, and left."

The man then said ..,

"Train . Look at me… "

So Client looked at him… and said,

"Yes? He said you are perfectly capable of being independent if you want to be.. no matter what any of these people say…."

then another pause..

The worker then stated..,

"Do you want to be a slave to your family forever? You can if you want to be there is nothing wrong with that.."

Train said..,

"Slave.. I am not a slave.. that is a misunderstanding started because I used to do yard work, watch kids, feed horses.. all for no pay. ....

But doing something to contribute to society is a pleasure..

I do not understand why they complain that I do not do work for them anymore I offer and they say no that is so an SOS job…

Then when I am sick they want me to do stuff and I refuse… and act like I am faking..

I have fibromyagia and they are sure I have lupus…

they say the lightning strike scars on my tendons and ligaments caused it..

One moment I am fine next moment I can not do anything and I feel like I am stuck in a haze all but three four hours in a day or night… but that might just be my Dissociative identity disorder too."

… As his Sister Val interrupted stating to him to stop pretending that he had that disorder stating it is not real…

The worker said to his sister,

"You really need to go back to training…

He took her name, her school,

all her details said her credentials is not what she claimed it was.."

As Casey warned he would press charges if the verbal assaults and lies on his mental health did not stop, and stated he would go through tests to put them in prison or jail if he had to..

To make it stop… Both his sister and Curator looked extremely upset.

He said,

"I am serious these darn rumors are killing so many opportunities for me and it is not right…."

Worker Stated, "Have you ever thought of going professional with your subliminal skills?"

Casey replied,

"I have but I do not have any real training in that..

I just make subliminal recordings for myself.

The only one I really released public is the one I have for sale on my Patreon account."

DNatureofDTrain Patreon

Worker replied, "You seriously should do that, and what I witnessed here today, you are good at making people spill information and drawing them out.

What I just witnessed you just do is even faster than some well trained highly decorated professionals.

Maybe you can look into doing that as a job and teaming up with investigators or police.

Would you like to do that?"

Casey replied,

"I would like to do that...but I do not have the proper training or certification in that...

Although I know you do not need to be certified as hypnotist in this state.

I wanted to make sure I would not hurt cause harm, or break a person..."

The worker then stated,

"You know.. Some of your Dark Desires are not to bad."

Client said,

"What did you just say?…"

The worker, he said,

"Some of your dark desires are not to bad.. Would you like to play?"

Client said,

"said play? .. um like.."

he said,"role play.. 382…"

--To Be Continued..

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