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Casey Jones And Casey Heinzism - Story

Casey Jones

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DNatureofDTrain's - Casey Jones and Casey Heinzism

Disclaimer:I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals and places, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties, occupations and places of residence. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

PLR Tape -

by Casey Heinzism

I was in denial that this Casey stuff was real until year 1998 ...

When I did a past life regression hypnosis tape..

You are suppose to do the tape every night for 30 days and journal about dreams or thoughts etc..

I was on the 30th day and did not realize a mistake had happened. The mistake was that the battery went dead in my tape cassette player.

I was in hurry to get ready as I was going to the DMV for the first time to get my state ID and temporary license permit excited about driving..

I was nervous about how I would react to driving over railroad tracks..

I got all ready get to the DMV but I felt extremely spacey..

I did not understand why I felt so trancey and out of it...

basically, I was still slightly under hypnosis.. not realizing the cassette did not finish.

So I stepped up to my turn to fill out the form, and without thought went through fast and carefully filling it out.

Then looked up to make sure I got everything and had no mistakes.

I then was puzzled.I noticed I wrote my name was John Luther Jones Height 6 foot 4 inches.. Irish Man lived in Jackson, TN ... etc.. and my signature was even different... as at the bottom signed J. L. Jones..

I then asked for a new form as I tore off part of it sticking it into my pocket and ripped the rest into as tiny of pieces as I could stating I was embarrassed that I spelled my name wrong.

I then later that night came home told my friends about what happened.. and they encouraged me to go to the search engines and see if anything about this man came up.

That is when I went to AskJeeves and typed in John Luther Jones.. and up came the Casey Jones sites, and my reaction was instant and fast.

I ran to the bathroom and puked.. My throat felt tight and head hurt..

They all looked at the sites and in IM told and in my chat.. they told me

.. I have to read about it.. because this matches what I been telling them about the past life regression journal entries...

The train wreck, my name being John and them all calling me Casey.. etc..

So I started to read the long version of the real story of Casey I'd get through about 5 sentences then run to the bathroom and puke, and puke some more, and struggled to read the whole thing.

I had flashbacks, visions, and nightmares regarding his wreck had then started every night at 2:42 ... then 3:42 when the time changed.. over and over this kept occurring..

That is when I dug out my old exorcism notes and was bound determined to send Jones back to his grave or at least out of my hair.

Did not work.. Did not work. I was so mad I took the Past life regression tape out and thought I through it away to this day I do not know what tape I threw away..

But about 6 months later a reader told me it was my past life, and to go check the cassette player and see what part of the tape that I left off on..

That is when I found out the batteries went dead without taking me through the death scenario back into the current life..

That is what opened up those doors of hell ..

Then came the .. I am not Casey, I was not him .. self war..

As Chaca would impersonate Jones to try to help me through the forgiveness of his wreck and working through the issues in third person ..

Chaca's antics and tactics only further confused me.

He tried his best though.

Part of that dialogue is in the train of mystical magickal energies.. story...

The Train of Mystical Magickal Energies by DNatureofDTrain

I then by accident ended up on the Casey Jones group that had the museum owners and his descendants..

...and one of my friends accidentally emailed the museum owner asking if I was struggling with Casey past life things still....

Which totally outed me to the Casey Jones group...

And On the 100th anniversary of his wreck they stated..

... they did not believe I was him, but do believe.. I definitely have had connection and contact with his ghost.....

I am not out to change beliefs..

But, I do know my experiences with this and the alter personality thing is far beyond a ghost or a haunting...

Although, at times he does behave as if I am channeling him when I do automatic writing ...

I know some had even did readings for others relaying messages to them from Jones, and it was strange as before the reader typed them I heard his messages in my own thoughts..

Many have wanted to read those original Past Life Regression Journal notes. I burned them.. So I do not have them.

The original tape I brought at earthsongsbooksandgifts in Janesville, Wisconsin.

I still love that store. If most of my earnings was not in gift cards to another store I would still wander in there.

This is an amazon link to the same tape.

Past Regression Psychic Barrie Konicov

Past Regression Psychic Barrie Konicov

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