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Casey Jones And Casey Heinzism - Story

Casey Jones

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Disclaimer:I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals and places, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties, occupations and places of residence. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

The Men In Black and Casey Jones --

by Casey Heinzism "DNatureofDTrain"

I also later on in my adult years found out that this particular incident was higher ups investigating and just confirming that I was not pranking the railroad about my dreams.

The next group of follow ups were not, and are the unknown Men in Black.

The following day the men came back.

..They were a different set of men..

They did not close the door one of my friends followed and watched from a room across the halls..

It turns out they were taking me under hypnosis and I was not aware of it as other than brainwashing tactics I did not know anything about non cult types of hypnosis...

I admit I was fascinated about cult leaders, and wanted to learn all I could to try to help people from getting sucked into really bad cults.

Well.. They were taking me under as they kept questioning me about train wrecks...

Casey Jones came through and told them to stop it...

That is when whoever the hell these corrupt people that appeared good at first started to lay serious guilt on Jones for his wreck and question him....

I thought it was all a bad dream...

...or maybe effects from going off, harmful items of self poisoning, but I was clean off of them for months.

My therapist when I talked to her later said..

Those poisons were not the cause, they would be long gone out of my system and I did not show any signs of brain damage.

..By at least close to a half a year by this time...

..according to my friend they had me watch something on a screen and listen to a recording whatever it was I was terrified in response.

My friend who was familiar with hypnosis due to his families Illuminati Heritage background he was fuming pissed..

As he recognized what they were doing to me but I still had no idea..

He however grabbed me dragged me out of there into the room across the hall and locked the door and he mad his best attempt to completely pull me out of hypnosis and he calmed me down..

We then walked back to lunch I still was not all the way out but I was out enough to be aware of my surroundings...

I sat down to eat lunch as my friends asked me if I was okay all commented about me looking like hell...

.. There was a few more days of where they took me into another room in the school and my friend followed and watched and observed he had lunch hour at the same time. They usually timed this for first 15 minutes or last 15 minutes of class during lunch hour or pulled me out of PHY ED.

At the time in PHY ED we were just doing recreational non grading activities

.. and basically filling out worksheets about sports.

Do to my previous studies on cults and hypnosis...

We all had experience and knowledge in subliminals and brainwashing and used to write scripts for each other to record and whisper in our secret self hypnosis tapes we made...

It was then that he explained to my friends and I that someone got a hold of our triggers somehow..

We in the end theorized that they dug them out of the garbage, mine..

I could never throw a thing away without someone digging it out of the garbage..

So then the practice began of writing on tiny sheets of paper as small as we could, sometimes upside down and backwards, and then ripping them into tinier sheets and of folding them numerous ways to rub them so the smearing made it totally unreadable

...or local smokers would stuff them in their cigarettes to get a faster light.

A couple of more weeks went buy as daily these people pulled me out of study hall or class just before class was out during lunch hour, as my friends would come hunting.

For me as they knew I'd not skip my favorite prophesying in lunch we swapped notes, and were in the process of undoing all the dark programming we experimented with on each other which happened very fast for the others..

But was not going so well for me...

As they were finding things they removed back in and altered...

The reason for this was clearly solved...

As my friend witnessed these men putting in hypnotic triggers.. and to prove it to me..

After I told him that he was full of puppis and went to stomp off.. and taking off flying down the hall at full speed.

He used one..

"Casey Jones!,

"You are tied

(last word edited out)."

(these triggers will not activate unless you have previously worked my system or I would not state them, unless you got into it somehow.)

and I went from my hide speed fast walk totally stopped sliding to a stand still...

He then said,

"Casey Jones, You May Proceed."

Without thought my body clipped immediately into the fast walk, and I stopped and walked over to him and asked I was startled,

"What in the hell just happened?"

He explained that was the trigger he was witnessing those MIB using to prevent me from running away from them.

I still was in denial. He then yelled,


I turned around and Got into his face very hostile at first as I grabbed his shirt collar and firmly said,

"It's Mr. Jones...."

Jones realized the teen was not those men, and started to plead,

"Please do not let those men hurt me.."

I just in Casey Jones's persona broke down begging them all not to let those men take me anywhere anymore "I was sorry for the train wreck...

I did not mean to run the saw by.. "

and only one member knew who the hell Jones was, and his jaw dropped open...

Lucky for me He had knew who Jones was and my boyfriend did as well as they discussed this.

He pulled me out from under .

I was under but shallow enough that it was strange to witness myself behaving as another person whining and fussing....

and I told my friend to never do that again....

He said he would not.. But he said now do you understand why you have to stay away from these people?

They are torturing Casey, and it's hurting you.

This was surprising me after a couple of days earlier...

.. as my boyfriend at the time...

He came to me telling me a psychic told him I was having troubles crossing the tracks because I needed to deal with Casey's wreck I felt guilty and was punishing myself for his train wreck..

He said but Who was Casey Jones other than a locomotive engineer?....

I said I don't know I do not want to talk about him...

He and my other friend discussed this behind the scenes and already had in mind they wanted to try some things to see if I was, and to try to help convince me and help me if they could.

My friend said as he flipped through my railroad library books talking.

Paused and his face lit up.... He then asked,

"Can I see if you were any of these people in a past life? ... Drop you under and ask?"

As he knew who Jones was and happily grinned at the pictures of the Brotherhood of Locomotive engineers...

That was in the train book.

It did not state his nickname just his real name and under the pictures were numbers then names was on another page.

I had never read the names of any of them prior to this either. I was not interested other than I did love and have great respect for this railroad union, and still do.

He again asked to take me under. I agreed he could.

He then took me under but not to deep as I was watching myself respond.

As He asked,

"Which one of these men were you in a past life?.,

Point at his picture..."

I turned a couple of pages fast and quickly laid my finger under the photo.. then circled it with my finger.

Then I started to draw X's on top of it as he looked concerned and shut pulled the book fast, and closed it.

As he kept his finger in the book on the photo and then relaid it down.

He immediately brought me out and had me look at his picture..

I laughed and said I was not anyone in a past life maybe if I was it was train related..

...but not an engineer maybe something to do with the tracks..

... cause it is the railroad crossings making me ill...Not the Trains...

The trains were making me ill as well. I was just in denial, and to numb to tell.

He then brought up but your hands shake..

I said so its nerves I love trains I get excited to hear them...

He said look at how they shake as train was passing at that moment..

One shook more to the horn as the other shook equal to the trains wheels on the rails..

He then said the words to me..,

"One hand on the whistle and one hand on the brakes"

I took off down the hallway, to the bathroom and vomited......

No idea either why I was reacting so badly..

I figured maybe it was because when I in kindergarten the week I was harassed about trains got into a fight with my music Teacher over the Casey Jones song... as I refused to sing it.. Because I hated the verse about the other papa..

So I had thought... I got puking sick remembering that.. or remembering those doctors....

My friends theorized I was getting so sick from the Guilt of Casey's wreck surfacing but they said they were sure Casey would be over that so something was going on.

Usually between lives transition there is a form of spiritual counseling so the past life does not invade the next life, unless Mr. Jones specifically requested to go through this, as part of his challenges...

My reacting so emotionally to all of this alone was a major shocker, as many around this time described me as emotionless, stone faced, and fearless.

And something was....

These people who were sneaking onto school grounds sometimes sneaking me off school grounds doing this hypnosis puppis was making me confuse guilt with shame..

.....and further Hate Trains as well as Casey Jones, as they were literally torturing the hell out of me using the Railroad itself or using Trains to take me under.. as well as the tracks...

I do not like to state it.. But I have psychogenic seizures at the railroad crossings..

This is why I put off trying to get my drivers license and railroad job..

I do not want to be responsible for a wreck at a railroad crossing....

Whoever the hell those people were they nearly succeeded in destroying me through Casey...

I was close to killing myself because I could not take what they were doing to me.

In the end I think that was their goal to destroy who I am because I ran the Rails group of 275 teens in a town of 4,444 that was strong enough to Run two major illegal groups out of town...or at least underground to avoid us...

This sounds stupid or not like an accomplishment.. but these groups were among the worlds most violent and deadly gangs..

I have no idea who those men were

.. But I would not doubt if they were even part of that..

However they used Illuminati Codes, and the Skull and Bones and Masonry

Symbols in rings they wore..

I used to wear skull rings myself... at first I liked those men, and looked up to them..

...Until they started torturing the hell out of Jones....

For a long long time I really loathed and hated the Skull and Bones.

I had no trust in them at all as in my theory they were behind this Men in Black issue

... If they were it was a small group of Rogue Members..

I over the years met other bonesmen that were pretty good people.

I do have trust in the Illuminati the REAL ones..

There are over 200 fake groups good and bad using the Illuminati named not tied to the original Illuminati or Masons at all. Then there corrupt lodges here and there in most of the good ones.

I trust the real Illuminati as it was my Illuminati heritage friends who recognized what was being done to me.. and helped me out of it.

I now know through further research that if Bones men were involved in this.

They had their own agenda separate from what the Skull and Bones stand for and do.

I no longer view that organization itself as possible at fault.

I did find out the Wisconsin Central railroad company owner was a bonesmen and he was also the same railroad company owner in the Massive Lac Megantic Canadian Oil Train wreck.

My personal conspiracy Theory is they maybe possibly involved in this.

As this group was part of the conspiracy to merge all the railroad companies into one by bankrupting other railroad companies and selling them off to those involved in their plots.

The Men in Black..

At one point they showed me a railroad crossing signal... opened the box so I could see how it worked...

As they questioned me...

When I refused to respond they shocked me through the gate tripping off the signals hitting the rail .. or so it seemed. In this incident...

I was not quite sure how they were shocking me they dropped me deep under and used the not able to run trigger.

They were usually in groups of two to three, sometimes as many as 11.

They may not have ever really took me out of the school room...

But had me so deeply under hypnosis that they made me feeling and think they had but they did take me off school grounds once as my friend and others had secretly followed...

He threw stuff at them the used our group triggers and my track words, triggers to pull me out and told me to run back to school as fast as

I could and I did...

I was so hazed and sore I was in denial this was real at this point

... Not to long after that I developed boils on parts of my body.

The doctors said it was from exposure to high electrical current, and they could not understand why I was not aware of what happened.

By this time I was having trance responses at railroad crossings, visions and dreams were stronger...

And the worse response had gotten stronger ... Seizure like responses..

We could find any patterns or connection as to why I had seizure like responses at some tracks and not others.....

Not until my friend who new about Casey Jones decided he would do further research into who he was to see if he could find out why these men were treating me like him and what they wanted..

Other than them having fun making me sick and weak..

We still to this day do not know why....

My Friends and I mapped out the railroad tracks and crossings..

Down to the detail of what had gates, and others only bells or not what had bells. Also mapped out what had switches or double tracks within sight of the crossing.

First clue we found to the tracks I was having bad reactions to was there was switch within sight of the railroad crossing, Second commonality was the crossings had lights and gates..

... We also were curious and my friend tied this to Casey as well it was always the North Rail that shocked the worse or North Track....

With the exception of nearby bad tracks or train issues then it came from this direction.

Sometimes with or without a vision.

Casey's wreck was his trains running into another at the North Switch.. My friend said he believed that is why I was reacting to double tracks with switches in site...and it was the north track....

It was north and South Tracks that were trance-iing me into Casey's memories on my school route it was all East and West tracks..

Crossing them North I tranced into modern railroad events saw them as they were happening or about to... crossing the tracks south..

We discovered this on field trips.

I saw the past.. or present... If It was crossing the Tracks Twice...

Sometimes my Trances were so hard and long...

That I would remain in them until I crossed the tracks the second time then

I was jolted out of them....

This occurred a lot as the local railroad lines were under massive repair.

Even with no tracks there I was having horrible reactions.

We then realized it took about two weeks after the track was removed for my reactions to become tolerable.

But mostly I felt soft tingles or strong electrical shocks that threw me into a panic anxiety attack I thought I felt like I was dying, and often told people around me..

I am gonna die before I am 20 years old I am gonna die soon.

Some of this was what the men were brainwashing me into believing and people got mad at me for being so negative.

I felt like I was dying could not shake it...

I found myself getting sick about 8 - 10 hours within not crossing a railroad track....

I felt weak and like I was dying...

I then started to realize when I crossed numerous tracks and heard trains this feeling did not set in. I learned the stored track energy that by this time I called it "Track - Strength" or "T-S" would burn out faster if I was subjected to extreme stress, or throw the h track word to a physical feat I normally could not do.

I knew I was not gonna die but I could not shake the feeling, as I thought it was all in my head, and often would fall asleep, but

I did keep getting weak and struggling hard to function.

I also noticed within 2 hrs of crossing a track if I was not crossing it daily ..

I would end up passing out into a deep sleep for about 15 minutes or sleep through an entire class...

I would have black outs and not remember half of a school day..

I could not understand what was going on...

It was terrifying....

By this time my Peace Keeping Rails had fully formed...

Casey Jones as well as myself was actively in charge and running it.

...An unplanned happening of three illegal gangs, and 4 secret societies sided with the Peace Keeping Rails.. as a plan to keep me away from these strange men that kept taking me out of school....

I mad it clear that our Rails group has no tolerance of illegal activity and they had to agree not to retaliate against us if we turned them in.

I remember when they showed up my friends all working together to covered for me skipping out of class and helping me get out of school..

As I hid in the local places of sanctuary, or other places until those men left... They may have tricked the school into allowing them in but they did not have search warrants or jurisdiction to enter buildings off of school property unless someone allowed them in.

My boyfriend tried to pay off two ladies in the office to lie to them to say I was not in school I was home sick...

Later on those ladies thought those men were drug dealers and harassed about drug I was on....

As I was very very sick with cramps and vomiting yellow.

It is possible I was being drugged without realizing it too. This could have happened in numerous ways as well, as some days they had a lunch tray for me in there.

The Last I saw of them, The Men In Black, was I saw their vehicle sitting by a railroad crossing by the Milton House.. Their tires were slashed....

I was so delighted at the sight of this it confused my friends..

I also then was worried that they would try to tie this event back to my group.

But no one I was in connection with seemed to know who was behind this, and none of my connections were involved.

As they all agreed to not resort to illegal activity, and just to help me escape and avoid.

Rumors are the ones who did it was the same group of kids that vandalized railroad tracks behind the old Burdick corporation around that time as well. We do not know for sure.

I did not have any further encounters with them since...

At least that I am consciously aware of....

I love being alone.. But I do not want to be alone around schools or railroad tracks for this reason....

Whatever the hell these people did to me..

At this point in my life knowing what they did was well suppressed through hypnotic suggestion.

But I did know one thing.

Numerous people have spotted these men taking me off school grounds, and witnessed my being abused and tortured at the tracks or railroad crossing.

It was not until years later that I through dreams and nightmares started to recall, what they did to me or what bits and pieces my mind could remember of what they had done.

But this is not the first time I was literally shocked on the railroad crossing.

I was shocked on the tracks when I was 8 years old.

I was with a group of scouts.

=To be Continued.

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