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Casey Jones And Casey Heinzism - Story

Casey Jones

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DNatureofDTrain's - Casey Jones and Casey Heinzism

Disclaimer:I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals and places, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties, occupations and places of residence. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Interrogation By Rail

by Casey Heinzism "DNatureofDTrain"

- September 25th, 2017

Note: profanity was edited into more decent words for publishing.

September 25th, 2017


The worker replied,

"This is not a game?.. This is NOT a game.…"

He said..

"Who did this to you…"

I said,

"I don’t know…?"

He and my family argued with him about how this it not funny at all anymore and he needs to just stop and told me to stop playing the game..

I said it is no game… at this point it is real…

He asked if I wanted to show them I really am feeling this.

(by this time felt like I was out for blood, I was so mad. I knew this next segment would push them all, they had to finish what they started.)

I said,


He said..,

"I do not want to do this next part with you…

This is going to hurt.. they say it may hurt stronger than any other pain you have felt…"

I am going to ask you questions and

...shock your connection…

I looked down for a moment..

Knowing this is going to be very severe...

and said ok…

I really needed to prove to my family I am not making this up, and this is not a game.

He said,

"are you sure you are strong enough for this..?"

I said,

"Yes.. the pain is part of the programming…"

He said,

"It is going to be very severe intense and it will make you cry and scream…

...but I want to prove to your family you are not making this up and show them..

.. the truth.. he said,

"Sorry I have to do this too, he turned me facing them, and ordered my Sister Val and my Curator to look at my eyes…

..focus only on her eyes…. the rest of his face does not share the pain and truth his eyes do about him hurting.

Look at them deeply and closely…

And do not turn away keep looking….

You will not stop watching until I tell you this is over do you understand?

Or I will just end this and pull her out.

It is important for you all see the truth here…"

Worker asks,

"Are you ready? …

I am going to pull this a little bit so you can see how strong this feels to see if you are up to this…"

The Worker grabs both the train and tracks controls at the same time and jerks them up about a half inch…

I immediately feel shocked through my arms down my spine and jerk backwards in a half yell half scream and I focus hard on myself to catch my rapid breathing

.. I finally catch my breath and focus..

I knew I had to force at least 3-4 fast shallow breaths to regain control over my breathing after such pain, Chaca had trained me to do.

The Worker then jumps backwards and cried, and then moved forward as he points with his hand at where I am looking as he said resource point..

Keep looking back here to help yourself recover faster..

I do not have to tell you this..

You been through this many times.

I then say,

"You are right this feels stronger than the lightning strike..

.. and stronger than the tracks shock…

He then said..

...focus on her eyes to my Curator and Sister Val.. and said good..

Let’s begin...

Then the worker kept pulling back struggling speak... himself…

As the investigator and phone team said,

"Ask the questions now...

He said this is hard I never did this before…

Hold on I am trying to keep composure here..

As he wiped tears in his eyes..

I looked at him, and pushed him myself,

"I said do your job. It is okay, I do not hold this against you…

The phone team stated,

"You can not be soft with her you have to be cruel during this."

He jerked it harder and little further,

"Do my job?

Do you want this?

Do you hold it against Nazis for doing their job?

I reply some of them but not all of them..

I hate the concentration camp ones.

With each control jerk.

I scream and yell, and then breathe 3-4 times rapidly to catch my breath.

Sometimes blacking out.

Then focus hard to answer.

::jerks controls:: 30%

What happened here?..

What caused this scar here pointing at a cut on the vein…?

I said,

"Last year October or November I was scratching a rash on my arm and then my muscle spasmed in my fingers and dug in I was talking to my girlfriend and two other girls in chat then started to swearing mad as hell.. about being mad about.

::jerks controls::

again tell the truth what happened?..

I said this is the truth pointed at my scar promise to spirit to never cut again as a teen deliberately..

As I struggled to speak calmly between rapid breaths in response to the severe pain.

I said my promise to spirit.. he

::jerks controls:: 40%

::jerks controls:: 35%

Work states,

"The truth. I replied,

"This is the truth.."

I said besides to close to my track points that causes issues there I do not want that issue…

::jerks controls:: 20%

I replied,

"My tattoo to remind me of my promise to spirit…."

and he said,

"no" …

::Grabbed the controls as if going to jerk them..::

He said,

"I believe you... you are telling the truth.

I said,

"good because I really really raily am I against self harm… .

I am fine with role playings and fantasy but I am against self harm…

He said,

"Do not forget to offer this pain and suffering to ogune or oh gun

.. How do you say it

I replied like (oh gun) Ogun iron god..

I said,

"Yes.. he said offer this pain in exchange for strength to be independent and work hard..

I said, "yes sir.."

You will work hard ,..

::controls jerk::

slightly harder to 40%

Jones: Is struggling to stay at the Controls ready to pull the brakes as his train is jerking to different speeds, and the tracks Sparking.

He knows what is going on and knows he must ride this out.

Worker orders,

"You will become self sufficient and independent.

::jerks controls to low to very high::

This caused Casey to be to close to nearly passing out…"

Jones: pulled the brakes..and was very mad...knowing that engine damage was occurring..

Worker had Said,


Jones replied,

" I am not jumping leave me alone."

The worker said,

"Oh, Mr. Jones…

Oh, Engineer Jones."

.. Jones said, "What in tarnations do you want?...I am trying to do my job…"

The worker said,


I want you to do something for me…

It is 2:42..

No, Sir it is not 2:42..

2:41 Phone team laughs, and worker laughs, and looks around for a clock, and said there is no visible clock here.

How does he know?

Jones: I have my Waltham..

You are right it is 41.. but it about to be..

Phone team replies,

"Oh his pocket watch."

It is April 30th 2:42..

No, Sir it is September 25th 20 thousand.. thousand 2.. ..

I do not know how the hell you say it… is the 25th day of September in this year of 17 of 20 hundred…

Worker stated,

"Interesting, Dna has no idea what the date was other than it is September and a Monday."

Worker orders fast and firm.

"Jones.. Go back to April 30th…1900…!!"

Jones yells. "No!"..

The worker orders firmly and sternly,

"It is April 30th of 1900.!!"

Jones yells,

"No, I am not going there!.. Stop that Sir!…"

The worker said,

"JoOOoones,I heard about her.. from Tin ..."

The worker grinned, and said in an evil tone,

"She's got another papa on the salt lake line."

Jones replied,

"Sir, If it was not for non violent rules on this railroad, and would not cost my job.

I would teach you a bloody lesson,

I'd reach over grab you by the bloody shirt collar and bloody your gol darn bloody nose!

Jones then yells, "Didn't anyone teach you any manners!

Leave my wife out of this you bloody hide hide hole!"

The worker replies and sings,

"Headaches and heartaches and all kinds of pain ….

pain .. pain.. pain.. (hypnosis cue to amplify, and trigger this pain.)

Are all apart of the railroad train…

Tales that are earnest noble and grande.. are part of the life of the ..

Jones you are now at April 30th 1900…

Worker imitates Johny Cash as he sings,

"the Raaaaaaaaailaroooada man…"

I laughed and said that is a really good.

Johnny cash impression that is awesome…

He said it was wasn’t it… gave an evil grin..

As he then..pulled out a pen with a light on it

.. and started to click it in a train like rhythm moving it slowly towards me.

I rolled my eyes.

Then he gave an evil laugh and a grin.. as he then yelled.

Super 8… Super 8 Super 8

(a hypnotic cue to feel the Super 8 Train crash, aimed at Dna..)

And Jones, April 30th.. Jump.. we are gonna hit something Jones..

As he swung the Light pen at my face pen once from right to left

...He said no reaction..

The one team member said the picture is backwards..

Do it the other way..

Swings the pen left to right at my face....

Jump with me…

Worker yells,

"Super 8 super 8 super 8"

You always get your way!

Code Green!

Then jerked the controls from low to full throttle…

Then I heard Jones still yelling that is not funny, Sir...

I then heard him yelling,

"I gotta stop this train!..

I by this time saw a huge fireball and my vision was totally black..

I could not see anything but I could tell I was in the engine cab with Jones.

I mentally imagined myself in the Engine Cab,

...and threw my Train controls in neutral, I and chased Jones attempting to grab his hands, but I could not see I could only feel and hear him.

As Jones was yelling, "Stop! stop! stop! stop!.. Move the train ahead! move! move! move it now! move it! move! move! move! move! darn it! Darn it! move gold darn it move!…"

I heard my voice screaming like a train whistle..

and I felt impact..

... felt like I sat in a dark void in the dark barely able to hear what is going on…

As I said,

"Jones.. Jones.. Imagining trying to grab his hands and make him look at them..

They are messing with you we are in 2017 you are not at the wreck and

I imagined holding his hands saying look at your hands Jones..

Then I grabbed the controls, and said listen for the brakes..

Gently Tapped the Brakes.

Jones it is alright Jones..

You are not at the wreck you did not just wreck.

Jones carried on crying,

"I did not mean to wreck the train, do not hurt me, please do not hurt me, don't beat me for it please, please...

I finally got a hold of his hands, and said,

"Jones.. you are at the controls, the train is still rolling..."

I held his hand as I was in squat in front of him..

I kept going,

"look at your hands..

you are here..

you are ok.."

19 yr old runs to the doorway, yells,


Are you okay?! Dna!



Worker, Sister, and Curator all yell Just go! To the 19 year old telling to her go and she sits on the couch in the next room watching closely.

Hearing the 19 yr old brought me back.

When I came out of the black out in a squat with my hands crossed over my head… and then looked around confused..

And I said.. "you just successfully sent him back to his wreck didn’t you ..

I hardly was aware of it..

How bad did he react?

I looked at my Sister Val, Curator, and the worker and they all had tears in their eyes … all were crying pretty hard.

The worker then focused on my eyes as he flashed a pen with a flashlight back and forth across my eyes in different ways until my eyes were twitching in a certain manner.

He said at,


As he did this to my right eye."

He then went to do the same at my left eye, and said.

Is she blind in her left eye?

No response at all..

His left eye is not responding at all to this light.

Can you see this?

I replied,


The worker replied she is not moving his left side of his face either when she talks.

The investigator stated,

"When Jones goes down he claims to be paralyzed temporary in the left side of his face and body..

Slightly or Full

I think it is sort of like hysteria...

Give it another moment."

The worker kept shining the light in his eye.. and waited..

Then he stated,

"oh okay.

He is reacting now...

but.. I have seen this before in people who ended up blind three months later, or end up dying from a stroke..

She may only have three months to live if she has an untreated stroke..."

No response at all from Casey,

Oh Here we go...

As the worker then resumed..

Flashing the light moving it at his eyes in different ways reading of numbers when they twitched at a different point.

The team looked it up, as the one man on the phone team stated.

You will never believe this but this eye pattern is very, very common in retired locomotive engineers.

Worker said,

"No reaction in the front or straight down..."

She said she survived multiple lightning strikes she should react to this.

Another on the team said,

"no, she was struck from the side in all her stories or it ran onto her from strike on the side. "

He said oh that makes sense.

A Man on the phone team said,

"Did you hear me?.. This is very common in retired locomotive engineers"

..Casey said,

"What? Retired locomotive engineers are you serious?.."

The worker said,

"Casey just heard you. How can she hear you the phone is very low?"

The Phone team man stated,

"Yes, because of the fear of headlights or lights on the trains as they pass the adjacent tracks, or sidings..

Casey said the fear of collision..

The phone team man replied,


Casey said,

"as the trains pass each other on switches, sidings.."

The team member said it is also common for train wreck survivors to have reactions to watching a train coming directly at them, or head on..

Casey Said,

"I do not react to it.."

The team member stated,

Fact check: False..

The one team member said,

"You do not?

What about when riding with the van full of kids by the Milton house? ..

Casey said..,

"oh yeah I looked at the train approaching the crossing and shook and passed out a moment.."

The kids were worried.. asking me what I saw or what happened to me to react this way..

His Curator, and Sister Val, stated I do remember the teens being all worried that day, trying to get Casey to talk about it. He would not.

The team member said she really is having PTSD from this...

The social worker then shines the light at those twitching points then draws an x over them and line down it..

.. the twitching immediately stopped...

The worker said,

"Who did this to you?"

I said,

"did what?

He said,

"who wired you up to the tracks and shocked you like this..

I said,

"I don’t know.. he said put your arms back down on the table..

He said,

"look into her eyes.."

Curator and Sister Val gestured they did not want to.

The worker orders,

"Do it now!." ..

as he continued,

"Do you still think she is playing?

Do you think this is a game?

I want to know who did this to you…?

Who programmed you.. I said I programmed a lot myself..

I did it to myself..

To survive the hell I am going through.

He said,

"You did not program Jones,

and you did not shock yourself like this on the railroad crossing, and the tracks.... who did this?…

Who wired you up to the railroad crossing and tracks and shocked you?

As the worker..

::jerked the controls::

She is not making this up they found evidence of this.


They left the wires and control mechanism behind..

Curator and Sister Val, said that never happened.

How could it?

That is not true.

Casey cried,

"Yes, this really happened to me."

Curator and Sister Val started to cry some...

As they realized he was telling the truth.

Police on the phone said,

"Yes, it is documented that someone tampered with the tracks and railroad crossing, it was wired funny with controls that if lowered would shock.."

Jones was always there before the programming they thought they made him.

::jerks controls a little::

As he yelled,

"Who did this?"

jerked again faster,

who did this ?..

and jerked it high and then low..

This knocked me and Jones out for a moment...

I am sorry I am getting carried away but it is important to tell us all who did this…

I do not remember.. I do not recall..

I really do not remember!

The worker asked,

"Mib as in one word that rhymes with rib who is mib.."

Worker asked,

"The ..Is that your other Caretaker..?"

Phone team members says,

"It says in her writings her other Caretaker and some doctors were involved with a high blood pressure incident..

I replied,

"No, mib is what I abbreviate for

Men In Black, They were men in black suits.

They claimed they were sent by my family or my therapists to test me.

They came during state testing week.

So when I told my family about it.

They just thought I was being paranoid of the state testers."

The worker asked,

"Was it your family?"

I stated,

"No, my family had no clue of this nor the other family,

My therapist did not know either.

Many in the community helped me hide from them.

They used to arrive in a black SUV.

It seemed to have no plates.

Last I saw the vehicle was at the railroad crossing near North Good rich park and the Milton House in the mid 1990s with it's tires slashed.

That is the last time I knowingly had encounters with these people directly.

My friends in the DOD and FBI told me there has been numerous types of abuse on a state level by private investigators, and thought that may have been it.

They did verify they questioned me once about.

Weyawega, WI train wreck.

Just to be sure I was not being used in a prank.

Worker again asked,

"Did your other Curator do this to you?

You can tell us, she died of an overdose you know."

I yelled,


died of an overdose?"

I know she died in a nursing home but had no idea it was an overdose.. but it was very hush hush about how.

She would not want us to ask How.. so I did not.

You really did not know?

Odd, as you posted about dancing to that song in memory of all those who died in an overdose the night she died.

I did not find out until days later no one knew how to contact me,

as I removed all my contact information to stay away from those people making threats in forums..

You know, your family and their friends was behind that.

I suspected they were as when I told no one at all what my chromosomes were it was either my family or the doctors that leaked that publicly, then family got all mad that I spoke about it publicly later...

So they outed me to that site..

..then they need to hush about it being public...

Are you sure your family is not behind programming and shocking you.

If they are they were manipulated or tricked into it...

... like they did to my other Curator.

Did she do this to you?

I said,

"No, .. but once some doctors made her make me watch Casey Jones movies and gave me three pills before it stating it was for my ADHD...

one was prozac, riddlin and something else.

They tricked her…

Said I had ADHD, and they wanted me to focus.

They also wanted Jones to talk to them.

He refused, and do to this he rarely wants to talk to anyone.

I caught my breath and then continued,

"Do to this I ended up in the hospital with high blood pressure under my sisters name.. and died, and was revived...that is also when I met Chaca..."

The worker asked,

"the doctors name.."

I said,

"I don’t know.."

Worker stated,

"You will remember when to remember.."

..."What is the doctors name…?"

I replied,

"I don't know"

::Controls were tapped for a small shock::

As he the worker stated,

"You will remember when to remember."

(a cue that is used to make mind control victims remember their handlers.)

What is the doctors name?

::controls pulled to produce a shock::

I replied,

"I don't know.."

:: jerked the controls down to 5% to full creating larger shock::

As he repeated multiple times before and after.

You will remember when to remember. You will remember when to remember. You will remember when to remember

::Controls pulled from 5% to full Three fast times::

Casey and Jones both knocked out and came too.. as Casey stuttered,

"Doctors name stuttered here.. edited out for subjects safety.. nn n n nn n n nn n nn …"

Worker asked,

"At what hospital.. Casey replied,

"Genetics Testing center.. Edited out… Hospital Name.

People on the phone team replied,

"holy Crap! .. There is n s! …

And he is very connected!"

He said,

"You will remember to forget to remember..

I said no.. that one does not work..

he said like a duck in the noose..

I replied he will hang himself..

Chaca: Said,

"He is already dead.."

Worker replied,

"Is your original handler dead?"

I replied I don't know.

He was the little brother of my doctor.

I said,

They thought they could make money off my multiples..

If they could force Jones to talk but he only talked to my sister and grandpa…

No one else.. he tried to talk to others and tried to find a way to go back to Tennessee but people just yelled at us to stop the act and stop playing saying he was not John Jones.. Casey Jones…

I am John Luther "Casey" Jones…

The look on his Curator's and Sister Val's face was jaw dropped..

You say that as if you are saying the truth….

I then kept looking back and forth between two spots..

He said to my sister do you know about EMDR she said yes.. he said look what he is doing..

resource point… as he pointed with his pen, and Vantage point.. Do you see this?….

Phone team stated a different word he could not catch, was to soft.

He said whatever the terms are you know what I am meaning…

He said this is very good it shows she naturally knows how to recover and process well..

Which she does as most people would not last what we are putting her through right now…

He said her skills to bounce back and switching alters is unusually fast and absolutely amazing…

Who are the Mib?

::controls jerk::

Mib you mean men in black?

that is what it means?

Yes, it is abbreviation from Men in black..

Who is cha cha?

Sounds like shit the chatters in Paltalk call him

::Controls jerk::

who is he?,,

My guardian and spirit friend..

Chaca .. Shock .. Ah .

. Shock Cahn na tay.. means Yellow cloud of the south.. his name is Mayan…

They go quiet..

..and one man on the phone team yells Chaac the Mayan Rain God!…

I reply,


but I do not believe he is the rain god I think he is named after him.."

He said it sounds like shock. ..

I said the word shock came from the word Chac meaning cloud…

::pulls the controls::

And then the worker asks,

"What were the mibs names.?"

I reply,

"I don’t know…

He then jerks controls fast repeating it five or 6 fast times..

Chaca steps in…

This is Chaca she is telling the truth, she has no idea what these men's names were they never told us

Steps out..

Casey and Jones are both stunned...

Do you really guard her?

Chaca: Yes, I do. but I also have to let her fall on her hide and learn from her mistakes.. as I had to with thirty three.. let him talk…

I am not suppose to be verbally speaking through him..

I am only allowed to write and I have to obey his will.

I help him manage his track energy and protect Jones.. and just help distract him at times to keep him on the right track..

I have to step out…

steps out..

Does Chac really help you?

I reply.


Does Chac really help you?

::pulls the controls at a faster interval::

I yell,


::pulls them again::

Casey has,

"no response.. just hard stare.".

Chaca: Throws his controls panel, and controls, in neutral for a moment to prevent severe damage..

As he does it two more times…

Jones? why didn’t you jump… pulls controls..

Chaca switches the controls and control panel back on.

Casey pleads,

"Stop it! stop it! stop it! I can not take this….

I said to leave Jones alone he has no tolerance to this

Red flag..

..this shocking.. this.. this.. this is over…."

As Chaca whispers.. this is chaca.. you really need to leave time in between pulling the controls it is damaging..

..similar to breaking the clutch… you do not want to break this…..

He said..

You are right Chaca..

Then the worker argued with the investigators about being concerned about burning the clutch..

He said I do not care what it is but with any type of engine stopping and starting it over and over is not good for it… ..

and I know there is hydrolics involved this is not good for that..

Jones stated going from a stop to sudden full throttle causes damage and derailments…

Phone team man says,

"I told you you should have left the Jones questions to the end."

He said the questioning shocks is over… the team wanted to push further..

The worker stated,

"No .. you are not paying me for this.. I am already over my time and I am hungry for lunch…"

He said no,

"we can not push any further she already said the safe word…"

..."They say it is unusual for you to give in so soon…" stated to Casey as he turns to the phone team and says,

"Well we did just kill her.. and she has not eaten much all day or yesterday is not feeling well…"


.."No she said the Safe Word it is very important we respect this or no one maybe able to work with her.."


He then slams the phone down a moment….


As he was quoting the rescue file…

Self Designed to help him recover from harsh hypnosis and mind work sessions.

How did you get a hold of this file?…

This is locked on my computer…

He said I am stating what the investigators are saying…

I do not do anything illegal what in the hell are they investigating?…

He said not what you did.. but what is being done to you.

He said,

"I walked in here believing your friend wolf, Chac, or your alters or you were a threat yourself…

.. or maybe that you were suicidal.."

He grabbed the controls are you suicidal?

::jerks the controls::

No, I am not suicidal..

::jerks the controls slightly higher::

Do you want to die?

::jerking controls again slightly higher::

Casey: I just did..

::Jerks to full level.. then pulls down a notch::

Worker: Do you want to die?..

::jerks controls down to 35%::

Casey: "no…"

Worker: Do you want to die..?

::Jerks controls down to 15%::

::Then again to 10%::

Casey: I said no if I wanted to die I would beg you to turn the connection up like you were and keep it going up to burn my entire system which would lead me most likely into a heart attack or a stroke and kill me..

or shut the controls off to stop my heart when you did that I could not even step back into my body until you turned them on….

I could not reach it went right through it but I could reach you ok.

I keep telling people that work with me you can not shut me off to the train or the track energy or it will kill me and no one listens and people keep turning it off one of these times I am not going to be patient anymore..

In fact this it the last striking gol darn warning if anyone turns them off again.

I am walking..

I am not returning I am not coming back…

::he pulls the controls down a little to 5%..::

Please don’t…

I am serious I am not coming back.. ::pulls them down up a little and then again…

by this time it is 5% he grabs them… ::

I said if you want to kill me, go ahead but make sure you let my family and fans know I love them and I am fine in the beyond…

but there is so much I want to gol darn striking do in my life so many places I want to go but I am gol darn trapped, no money, and no one will take me anywhere or go against the words of my family.

Everyone does what my striking family wants and not what I want… and my family interferes with every friendship and relationship they can..

including this trying to break me and Ms. wolf T. H. up… if you kill me send her help she will end up in the hospital too and I do not want to lose or leave her…..

I do not fear death.

I have courage, It is a good day to die.


He pulled the controls down to off and them jerked them back to 20% and locked

compartments in my arms up…

The worker stated,

"I got the key… I got the key.. I got the key with a little bit of sunlight…"

The phone team said,

"Do not give it to her. Keep it.."

-To Be Continued...

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