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Casey Jones And Casey Heinzism - Story

Casey Jones

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DNatureofDTrain's - Casey Jones and Casey Heinzism

Disclaimer:I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals and places, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties, occupations and places of residence. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

I do not want to talk

by Casey Heinzism "DNatureofDTrain"

- September 25th, 2017

March 4th, 2010



Been Offering.

I have been offering Mr. Jones his chance to talk, but at this time he wishes to say nothing.

...and "Reckons" we are all silly for writing journals on these "telegraph boxes"

I think he prefers the old fashioned way of writing.. but I will not be uploading hand written messages for him..

So if he has messages, and does not want to type I will re-post those trying to keep it in his words, but if I do not understand it I tend to change things.. his old fancy way saying of "ol korrect" to .. alright.. ..::shrugs::

But usually he is quiet at this time of the year. Maybe, he'll have some messages next week.. ::whispers March 14th 1863 was his b-day...


- Casey Heinzism


March, 25th 2010


Casey says,

"Thank you"..

Casey Heinzism says,

"For all those who wished Mr. Jones a Happy b-day on March 14th.

Mr. Jones states,

“ Thank you.” and nods in gratitude...

Normally at this time of the year his energy is very talkative and not as quiet.. .(to me driving me crazy.)

But, this is a good thing I hope,.. as Mr. Jones seems more calm and at peace than his energy has been within the last couple of years.

I however, can not convince him to take much part in his blog.. He just is not interested...

….But, he is having fun at times transforming my informal talk into very formal as I speak...

…...or playing Stick the off topic word, in their to see if I am paying attention to proof reading as I type along. He is just teasing me a lot is all. "

- Casey Heinzism


December 14th, 2013

At 4:55am

"Oh No"

Missed birthday

As soon as my headache eases up... I

will be updating this,,, and my other blogs, a lot will be transferred to my website.. as well..

For better loading reasons.. As far as Jones opinion these days..

He thinks most of the people in our time.. have heads full of chowder,,,


Casey Heinzism wakes up to low rumbling sounds...

"Oh no! I missed Casey Jones Birthday!::

::Casey gets out of bed, pacing side to side in a small panic::

As Jones replies,

"No, You did not miss it"...

"Yes, I did!",

Says Casey Heinzism....

"It's March 15th!.." ...,

says Casey.

Jones chuckles, and replies.. ,

"No, Sir..”

Casey says,”It's Today.”

Jones replies,

“Today is March 7th..

...Go look on the telegraph box, thing.."

Casey Heinzism wanders downstairs wondering why he cared about his b-day so strongly all of sudden... b-days do not mean much to either of them at this age...

Then surprised..

Casey Heinzism realizes the date is March 7th, as Mr. Jones said.. and wonders how it is possible.. Jones knew the date. and when he did not know...

Casey Heinzism then realized something.

Before he went to bed he was chatting with is friends from Singapore.

He asked them later.. What the date was. It was Casey Jones's birthday there.

He was fascinated by this..

(Authors note: Jones B-day is March 14th 1863..)


November 23, 2017

Why Jones refuses to Talk.

The main reason Mr. Jones refuses to talk is because we have been targeted by abusive people, in my life.

My first memory of this is when I got into a fight with my kindergarten teacher over the Casey Jones song.

My kindergarten teacher wanted me to sing the Casey Jones song with the class.. and it got to the verse in the song about the,

"Another papa on the salt lake line..".

and Mr. Jones within just blew a gasket.. He was peeved..

And I yelled at my teacher and threw a children's classical tantrum and stood in the hallway my back to the door and refused to come into the classroom when they sang the Casey Jones song I refused to participate at all .. until they cut out the verse later on ...

The teacher would ask me questions about him, and I'd answer..

..and if she was wrong I'd argue.. insisting I was right.

I was trying not to let on that I was him …..

but, .. I did not know how... so when she tried to get me to talk about Casey I refused.. and did my usual Standing in the hallway to protest my peers all thought I was silly as hell and thought it was cute and funny... Some days some of my peers would join me and stand with me in protest.

The poor Teacher did not have clue about Casey but the next day she stated that I was right that she found out that Jones's wife requested people to never sing that line....

If she dropped it I usually returned to class if not.. Down the hallway I fled out the door through the bushes to hide at the abandoned railroad tracks... behind Milton West school... Just standing around looking at the water tower... I found looking from to the tracks and water tower calmed me down.... So I often hid at this place to relax.

I tried hard not to let on that I was "Casey Jones" but..this would slip out.. People would call me a liar, and say to stop pretending. I could not understand why they did not know...

So to avoid any further confrontation..with my peers. I just limited my train talk to mainly ramble on about the dreams of the Rainbow Flying Train ..

...or in my story later called the Train of Mystical Magickal Energies.. ..

Many remember those train tales.. and found them interesting.. as I tried to explain that Heaven was better than our imagination..

It is sort of unusual to discuss Heaven in a public school, but we were the class that witnessed "The Challenger" space shuttle blowing up.

This is why heaven was being discussed

...after all I knew what heaven was like, and also in was in touch with Jesus or who I called Yahweh through my what I used to call my heart eye, and now I know is called the 6th sense and empathy, until around the age of 9 ..

(I spoke to him through my heart eye, and then I stopped talking to him then as I told him I could not talk to him anymore.

I wanted to be a Christian and they do not talk to Jesus.. they pray to him ...

I had new Christian friends that said it was not healthy to talk to Jesus and for him to talk back it was more safe to pray to him, or people will want to send you to the doctors and call you ill for it.

I thought this was wrong and they did too. But, I agreed it was best to stop talking to him. I still feel his presence and know he is always there for me. I did not want to go through again what happened to me when I was 6 yrs old.

He also understood I was starting to realize how dangerous it was for me if I was caught talking to him.)

The song incident also happened near the same week as my collections day incident.

I was severely bullied and harassed for my trains collection...

It was my turn to share my collection with the class. I gathered up all my trains in 6 garbage bags and struggled to haul them onto the bus myself and share them with my friends.

Some bullies were breaking peoples collections. Most of mine were plastic toys so I knew I could re-glue them together... but I decked out a lot of people that day. With my left fist.

Then I got up to share my collection and the other train collector I thought would be impressed was not.. He started to laugh,

"And stated those were baby toys."

He did not mean anything by it.. but children as they do caught on and repeated what they thought they heard and started to chant,

"Trains are baby toys.."

over and over. He laughed and told them they were silly.

I however cried and was very hurt by this..

He even apologized for it.. and tried to explain to me..

…..they are just kids they do not understand it.

To make me feel better he said to me.

Your Train collection is the best because you seem to really love it more, and love makes it better.

For weeks following,..... people kept telling me Trains were baby toys,

calling me the girl who loved trains..

in a taunting manner and making Choo choo and chugga chugga sounds at me as they elbowed, or picked physical fights with me.

I was not used to a lot of socialization so it did not take much to provoke me to cry, and in those days when I cried,..... I cried severely hard.

I of course would either take it and be nice, but then I eventually whooped their cabooses..

And the fascination grew about how I fought so well for a girl.

The boys replied I fought like a boy and were impressed, and many allowed me to hang with them..

The girls were mean to me because I was a Tom Boy always doing,

"Boy things."

I thought the whole girl verses boy things was just flat out stupid.

If a person chose to just want to do only girl or only boy things I had no issues with it.

I knew however I am suppose to enjoy and do both girl and boy things.

But I preferred to see myself as a boy, but my family seemed happier when I was a girl and I loved them, So, I tried to argue doing the girl stuff... but I did it anyhow for their happiness at times..

I did the girl stuff with them to make them happy.

I especially enjoyed making my foster grandparents, parents, and my other mom and dad happy this way.

But do to the Trauma of doctors that week and these incidences...

I gradually stopped talking about trains and Casey Jones..

I pretended not to like trains, for years but it always gave me away when I always said I wanted to work for the railroad when I grew up.

In Third grade I became known as Mother Nature, and started to talk and recite facts about saving the environment and shared my dreams, and did what I did not understand was channeling messages at times from Nature and Nature Spirits.

Also by this time what started out as normal subtle harassment and bullying started to grow rapidly do to bad actions by adults encouraging it.. into daily severe and life threatening incidences..As it all tied back to the Train and Jones incidences.

So from 3rd to 5th grade I basically locked up Jones and my love of trains so tightly that it triggered a serious deep depression as I was shutting out a huge part of my passion in life, and who I was .. Also trying so hard to suppress my obsession with trains as my 6th sense was opening more visions and dreams wise.. I did not understand why this was happening to me...

This brought out the serious nightmares of seeing train wrecks and derailments.. and triggers from Jones life..

I of course never pieced together the puzzle on any of this until I was an adult..

I did have a therapist when I was 13 years old..

I agreed for her to take me under hypnosis so she could talk to my spirit friend Chaca .

I was not taken so deep I was not aware of what I was doing at all times, I was just under enough that I felt comfortable and safe in channeling Chaca. It was very hard at first, I stuttered and my vocal tones fluctuated... As Chaca was able to clear speak and he explained to her that I was Casey in a past life.. and how the railroad energy and vibrations stimulate and overstimulate some V nerve that runs from the base of my neck to the bottom of my spine.. That can bring about Seizures, if over stimulated, or alleviate depression if stimulated

This lead to a valid medical therapy a friend of my therapist was doing called,

"Vagus Nerve Stimulation."

.. As he explained why I felt like I would literally die if I did not cross the tracks..

I was suffering from severe depression. Some was brought on by the fear that I was nuts or insane.. As I realized that no one else around me talks to Spirits, or has visions..

This fear lead to many bouts of self harm and many suicide attempts.. I was being told at this time by my teachers and peers. That I had schizophrenia, and I was not going to be allowed to work on the railroad or any job at all. I would only be locked away for life. In a mental institution. I would be a burden to society, and death would be better than the experiments and drugging they would do to me.

(This lead to many bouts of self harm and attempts of suicide that of course failed) ,,,

And no one around me seemed to believe that I really suffered from depression, and others kept on pushing the schizophrenic thing...

As I reached out for help over and over, but them not believing I was hurt or suffering only made it worse.

It lead to a fight between my parents and because they refused to get me into therapy until the school was involved... and they forced them to, threatening to get the state involved.

I was terrified of therapist, and doctors. I did not want to see a doctor or a hospital at all.

The reason I was so afraid of doctors is do to the horrible things done to me during Genetics testing, and multiple surgeries I had.. although I did not consciously remember those. I had the PTSD and fear of them.

The original doctors while evaluating me before my adoption and my sister were trying to figure out what was wrong with us.

I did not understand why anything had to be wrong with my sister and I. We were considered,

"to Happy for the traumas and abuse we have been through."...

Sure we survived Traumatic abuse but we were perfectly happy with our foster families and were excited about the possible pending adoptions.

They observed my sister and I talking. They knew I loved trains so they had my sister and I watch some train cartoons, and she loved bunnies so we watched bunny cartoons as well.

But one Train cartoon had a train wreck and this had upset Jones. So Jones spoke to my sister calling her Emma upset about it..

As my sister pretended to be Emma and consoled Jones telling him it was okay sitting their holding and hugging me, as often young children did to console each other. I did the same to her if any bunnies got hurt or during Bambi when the deer got shot..

The Doctors noticed us calling each other Emma and Casey and did not realize it at first...

They were extra curious.. But by observing how I played with trains. It did not take them long to piece together.. That Casey was Casey Jones.

My Sister warned me to never answer any questions to the doctors about Casey or about her as Emma, and we tried not to. She succeeded better than I had, as little is known about Emma....

She did not have the issue I would have. As much is known about Jones, and used heavily in media.

The incident with the teacher was brought up and known. So the doctors decided to approach me and bring up the song. They too sang the

"other papa" line.

I Yelled,

"My wife never had another man!"..

"She never cheated on me!"..

"Shut up!"...

Then I refused to talk.

The corrupt Doctors immediately realized in my head was the alter personality of "Casey Jones."

They continued to taunt and torture me over his life and things he did.. including the train wreck.

They wanted to get rich off me as their case. Get rich off my Multiple Personalities.. and off Jones, and I. They however really struggled to get Jones to talk or come out so they could study him.

I knew this and I started to have the strength to hold back talking, and then it got worse.. The doctors kept pushing and started to emotionally trigger and harass Jones.. It was so bad even that my mind had blocked it out.

But one incident, near the beginning that happened...

I remember is when they tricked one of my Caretakers...

They told her that I had ADHD and they were trying to study me.. They gave me three pills. Prozac, Riddlin, and I did not catch the name of the third one.

They had me sit down and watch 3 Casey Jones movies and discuss them, while at her place. We then returned to our others home and watched the last one.

My Foster family was out of town. I blew a gasket at the last video. Jones came out mad as hell,

"Yelling my hands was on the brakes and Train Whistle!

That is not how it had happened!"..

The movie said he had his hands on the Throttle and his neck broken...

This upset Jones so much that I took off into the woods crying and screaming.

I went up a tree it was after dark, police were called and could not find me.

The Sunset was still in the sky it was beautiful one... about 2 hours after sunset close to disappearing..

Finally, Just my grandpa alone came out..

I crawled down the tree to him and cried about what they said about Jones.

He hugged me and said,

"I know.. I know.. " and my sister was with him and hugged me as i walked back wrapped in a blanket it was freezing temperatures...

I then was very sick puking and vomiting.. Our Caretaker took me into the doctor. I had severely high blood pressure, they could not reach my foster parents for some reason and they were out of town.

So to save my life they admitted me under my sisters name, I died of high blood pressure and they brought me back.

This is where I met Chaca.

I remember shaking burning up as my skin was ice cold.. I remember coughing non stop really really hard, as my head spinned and mind replayed segments of the movies I was forced to watch.. as well as floated through Jones memories.. I just cried in pain, but finally started to feel like i was relaxing, from the endorphins of crying so hard.

I was not relaxing it was an illusion. The sensations just got worse and I cried and then blacked out..

By this time the black outs got worse and faster..

But I could hear the heart monitor beeping and stop and flat line...

And I heard the doctors stating I Died, as I found myself floating above my body slowly.. and then kept going up and up slowly and then fast...

I just remember a fog, flash of light and a blur, stars.. more fog.. then hearing..

Welcome Home.. and to this awesome place I can not even put to words. There was many beings their..

There was energy beings that were not human. They could change shape and form. One looked like a tiger and I loved tigers.. and was drawn to him. His name is Chaca.

The beings all said.. it was time for me to return back to the hospital and go to my Earthly home.

I did not want to go, and refused. They could not force me to go until I wanted to..

So, Chaca volunteered to come back to help me, and to protect me, and help me learn how to use my special abilities and energy, and to learn along with me.

That is when I felt like it was a high speed fast falling, and I was back into my body.. Felt like impact and like sticking my tongue on a 9 volt battery.. but in my whole body. I knew this sensation from my sisters and I doing this to freak out out foster parents and laugh.

When I woke..

I said,

"I was floating.. I was floating.."

Then I was subtly hushed and told to fall back asleep.

They encouraged me to sleep a lot for the next few days. Then I seemed to be fine.

I was told not to talk about what I saw when I died.. So when others die they can experience the fun of the surprise to themselves. It was not nice to spoil their surprise. I agreed, and it made sense.. Since people all argued with me about death and heaven anyhow...

By this time I got better and talked with only my Grandpa and Sister about Jones but it got less and less as we agreed do to the bad guys, the corrupt doctors, it was best I did not mention or speak of Casey Jones at all anymore, to keep Jones and I safe.

After all these people tortured the crap out of Jones by drugging us and literally torturing us. I do not remember all that was done.. But many things that were done to us match stories I have read about victims of the Mk Ultra and Monarch Programs. The doctors did discover my psychic abilities and they may have been intending to control me to possibly control those abilities. I do not know. They however severely targeted "Casey Jones" for his train wreck and made him confuse guilt and shame and would torture him for the wreck.

This is why Jones does not want to talk. Talk to anyone at all. Not unless I really really trust and know a person, or until a certain state of hypnosis is involved.

It is very dangerous to attempt to force Jones to talk.

But Jones needs to become comfortable with talking. So we can both heal. Until then.. Jones will keep refusing to talk, and we will be stuck in this cycle.

So I have over the years attempted to allow his energy out via other forms of media, in my artwork, my music... Even at times when my alter personalities step in and sing.. I was amazed to realized.. Wait.. Jones likes to sing,

"Wonderwall by Blue Oasis?"...

He actually does pretty good at this one.. I am surprised as Jones was tone Deaf in life.. But that did not stop him from playing tunes on his train whistles, harmonica, or tin whistle. He did have a love of music.

Many around me get annoyed as I constantly play and sing many Train Songs. One reason is to calm and sooth Jones. This is home to him. Even at his Casey Jones Home museum often Train songs are played...So this makes sense as to why it makes him feel at home.

My voice range is from a low E to a high B.. and I am a Contralto, I sang as an Alto and Second Soprano in local school choirs, and subbed in once for soprano at my sisters's school. I also have a head and a chest voice.

I see why Jones has taken to singing at times, as he can enjoy through my life, what his voice and ears would not allow him in his life.

For Jones,

I not only play train songs..

But I also play Irish songs.. It is funny how we both love even drinking Irish songs, and songs about the wars and funerals...

Although neither of us are for drinking. And Jones often stated he had teetotaler pride. In his eyes you were either a drinker, or a hard worker.. He Took serious pride in being a hard worker.

Many of his traits have bleed through in who I am and my own current life personality. If you are seeing Jones's personality traits coming out in me. This is a good thing, as it shows I am fully functioning as integrated. If you do not see the train loving, railroad side coming out, the singing of Train and Irish tunes, or my enjoying trains or railroad jokes. Be worried, very worried, as something is severely wrong then.. Making Jones hide..or I am severely depressed..

It is a normal thing to rant and complain about railroad issues as well and rant about the latest railroad related news mishap. For some reason the Powers at Be want both Jones and I to keep well informed with the railroad news.

I think this is partly do to one of my psychic abilities and gifts to at times.. although very very rare these days. To be able to use the information to prevent or change the outcome of how many deaths are involved in a railroad related incident.

So, I am sure this is partly to make sure I know my dreams and visions are well validated so if I do receive enough information and contacts, and can possibly take action to change things to a positive outcome I will be able to do naturally without hesitation.

It does not surprise me that what I sense most is do to equipment failures or human errors.. both which factored into Jones's death that night.


The challenge to get Jones to talk and to start healing.. Not from what he died from 100 yrs ago.. But from what people had done to him through me in the last 30 years, to torment him of his mistake from 100 yrs ago.

Until then. Jones does not talk. He may type at times amongst my circle of friends..

But few and far between. And he does relay messages to me to post for him on his Face book fan pages, he does enjoy the positive feedback from people on there.

There was more incidents that have happened to Jones and I...

There was even a time when Jones, Mother Nature, and Chaca publicly talked on a regular basis..

This is what helped form the original Peace Keeping Rails, as all were actively out taking turns in leading and suggesting. Although all of us did not always talk to each and all Rails members. They did a lot of typing and writing usually.

We all would be still comfortable with this if it were not for the MIB, and what they did to us..

We have no idea who they are.. So we called them, "The Men in Black".

- To be continued.

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