A Conductor am I

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DNatureofDTrain's - A conductor am I Shocking multiple true stories, of lightning strikes.

by Casey Heinzism "DNatureofDTrain"

1 Lightning Struck

2 Spirit Said

3 Nap on Deck

4 Unwanted Company

5 by the mound

8 smoke alarm Zeus

7. Modem, Yahoo, Grandpas

8. Telephone Zap

9. unknown

10. Hallway wall

11. Modem At Parents

12. Grandpa Thunder Visit

13. Bedroom At Grandpas

14. Vents in the Floor

15. Sprayed out of the outlet.

16. Lightning burn Under Gut

17. Lightning Splash on Back

18. Lightning Zapped toe

19. Huge Fireball

The official ebook ended at 19 but here are some more stories, or ones that happened aft it was published.

20. Lightning Fireball on ceiling

23. fire ball at mywindow june

21. Burns on back during video

22. video taking bolt wave

23. fire ball at mywindow june

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