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About the DNatureofDTrain site:

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DNatureofDTrain's Home station is founded and managed by: Casey Heinzism "DNatureofDTrain"

Dedicated to: Kristina Wesley, Mistress Valkyrie, and many other loving friends, pets, and relatives living and passed on.

About the DNatureofDTrain site:

Dear Friends, and Members.

Welcome to DNatureofDTrain's Home Station: This Site has been up and operating with yahoo since year 2000, and had ran on three other servers since 1993. (xoom, aol, about, yahoo, homestead, geocites, geocities yahoo, and partly on webs and freeservers, and thankfully hosted by Fuzzy.)

And the most common asked question is.. WHAT IS DNATUREOFDTRAIN?

DNatureofDTrain is a nickname I came up for myself, standing for the work I do. My two most common nicknames were Train Lady, and Mother Nature, and Dana... Dna ..+ Nature... +Train .. = DNatureofDTrain. I feel in the end that I love this name even more so then my real name. I believe it expresses truely who I am, and how I am always seem to be moving in some form or some way. I hope you enjoy my posts, stories, works, and expressions. Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you will also join my communities. New Friends and members are always welcome.

The other nickname Casey Jones, Was given to me by my Sister originally, because I nicknamed her a name with Smith, she thought Smith and Jones then thought of Casey Jones, because like Casey I am known to go very fast to get to places early or on time, and for my die hard love of trains. I was going to drop the use of this nickname after some strange things started happening, My Grandpa's last request of me the day before he died was he requested I continue to use this nickname, and to tell his story. So I post a link to the Museum site, in honor of both Casey Jones and my Grandfather.

Casey Jones The Real Story- Watervalley Museum (This is an offsite site link) and it not part of my site. Note: Water Valley Casey Jones Museum has a new link please update your link to this,


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